I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1196

Jiang Chen thinks very clearly, now that the trouble is so big, someone will definitely kill him intent!

Now in the inner courtyard, with Jiang Chen’s cultivation base, it is really difficult to maintain self-preservation.

Never mind the average person, but now those who want to kill him and want him to die are all Peak Tianjiao who can enter the dojo.

In front of these people, it is really difficult for Jiang Chen to cross several levels.

It’s not that Jiang Chen doesn’t have enough confidence in himself, but that as time goes by, the characters he encounters become stronger and stronger.

He must be treated with caution!

Nowadays, there are not many people who can compete with this group of arrogances in the inner courtyard, especially those in the dojo!

And Jiangdong Tianhe Soul Mo Yuan is one of them!

“Call all the evil races over here.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “You have seen my situation, and you two can’t keep me.”

“Your blood essence…I think they should promise to protect you.” Soul Mo Yuan said.

Be aware that Jiang Chen’s blood essence is now the Evil Race’s Life Protecting Talisman!

Just tell the evil clan dísciple in the inner courtyard, those people will definitely help Jiang Chen.

At the same time, the soul Mo Yuan also understands at this moment, why the Jiang clan values ​​Jiang Chen so much, perhaps because of his blood essence!

Of course, he didn’t know that Jiang Chen valued Jiang Chen not only for his blood essence!

“You’d better not leave the dojo right now. You can’t do anything here. Even if they want to kill you, they dare not do it here.” Jiang Dongtian reminded: “If you leave the dojo, now we Two…I’m afraid it will be hard to keep you.”

“I know.” Jiang Chen nodded: “Now, you should hurry up to contact other evil dísciples, and be strong!”


“I will go now!”


Soon, Jiang Dongtian and soul Mo Yuan are leaving, ready to go Contact the most Peak dísciple in the inner courtyard.

As for Jiang Chen, he stayed in the dojo.

But he didn’t continue the comprehend Grand Dao Law, so he sat cross-legged quietly and did nothing.

After all, with his current cultivation base, within the body cannot accommodate that many Grand Dao Law.

Although it is partly sealed, if there are more Grand Dao Law within the body, I am afraid it will not be sealed!

“Boy, showing off one’s ability, you are destined not to live long.”

“I have to admit that you are really strong, at least the extraordinary natural talent, rare forever, but It’s a pity…you shouldn’t show it prematurely.”

At this moment, many people are looking at Jiang Chen, with the killing intent ups and downs in their eyes. Cover up.

Jiang Chen doesn’t care about this.

He ignored these people and focused on the statue in the ancient temple.

Look at this statue again, the familiar feeling rises in the mind again.

This feeling is very strange, like seeing a long-awaited relative!

And this so-called relative is like a part of yourself, like your own blood, like your own meat!

“Could it be…”

Suddenly, Jiang Chen thought of something, his expression changed, he really wanted to get close to the ancient temple, and take a closer look Look at that statue.

But with his current cultivation base, he can only walk around the periphery of the dojo, and a few steps forward, the pressure here is not something he can handle!

“Shishiwuchen is back!”

“hahaha, it’s just right! He comes back, and the token will be taken back. This kid can’t keep the token without it. Here!”

After half a day, someone exclaimed, with a hint of excitement.

Jiang Chen hearing this, was also taken aback for a while, didn’t expect Wuchen to come back so soon.

Immediately, Jiang Chen came to the peripheral zone of the dojo, looked towards Shi Wuchen outside the dojo, and asked: “You token, can I use it for a few more days?”

“sorry, I want to replied the field and continue to comprehend.” Shiwuchen lightly said: “Give me the token back.”

“You are the dísciple of the quadrupole, right? I give you the same Things may be useful to you.” Jiang Chen was very direct, forcing a strand of blood essence and sending it to Shi Wuchen, saying: “Jiang Dongtian and the soul Mo Yuan are taken, you will know after you take it.”

oh?” The style of dust-free is really random, and it can even be described casually.

He didn’t seem to doubt Jiang Chen, more like he hadn’t thought about whether this drop of blood essence would harm himself after taking it.

next moment, I saw that he directly took blood essence, and suddenly wisps of black mist appeared on his body!

At this moment, Shi Wuchen’s seemingly random expression finally showed a trace of mood swings!

“I understand.” Shi Wuchen didn’t say much, and asked: “With your cultivation base, staying here is useless, why should you continue to stay?”

Jiang Chen hearing this is also very direct, with a hint of helpless shrugged, and said: “There are many people here who want to kill me.”

As soon as this word came out, Shi Wuchen couldn’t help but stunned.

“How long did you enter the dojo and anger so many people?” Shi Wuchen asked.

“It’s not to anger them, but they are jealous and jealous.” Jiang Chen raised his head and sighed, stroked his own hair, and sighed: “Jiang Chen is not born by nature, and the road is forever. Long night.”

“What do you mean?” Shi Wuchen became even more daunting.

“To put it simply, after I entered the dojo, I have now comprehended the five Grand Dao Laws.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile: “They worry that when I grow up, this world will not Their part!”

“Oh…I understand, I want to kill you in the cage.” Although Shiwuchen is casual, it’s not stupid.

Immediately, he took a deep look at Jiang Chen, lightly said with a smile: “You…really can’t die, for any evil race.”

“So, you have to protect me.” Jiang Chen said.

“Well, it is necessary.” Nodded and said.

After that, the Shi Wuchen expression became gloomy, a terrifying imposing manner broke out on his body, and his eyes were full of killing intent!

He looked towards the people in the dojo, and then slowly spoke, coldly said: “If you want to kill him, kill me first!”

“Shi Wuchen! Here I want to kill him There are so many people, you are the only one who can stop it!?”

“The style is dust-free, you are not invincible in this inner courtyard!”


Many people responded, but Shi Wuchen didn’t say much. Instead, they pointed to their side and said, “Why am I afraid? If I don’t accept it, come out to fight.”

“Don’t be too arrogant, who can enter the dojo in this inner courtyard, who is not a goddess and enchanting evildoer, although he will be a little jealous of you, it does not mean that we are afraid of you!”

“Shi Wuchen, He realized a Grand Dao Law in 5 minutes. What good is it for you to grow up with such a person?! The world is so big, I will chase after it. If he grows up, this world still has our share!?”


Faced with these words, Shi Wuchen began to become casual again.

He doesn’t care about shrugged, and jokingly said: “has anything to do with me? He is strong and he is strong. I am weak and I am weak. I don’t care.”

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