I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1197

When everyone heard the words of “Dust-free”, many people’s expressions were very natural and didn’t feel strange.

After all, they all know what Shi Wuchen is like.

But Jiang Chen didn’t know. He was also curious at the moment. He couldn’t help asking: “You really are so casual?”

“Since the comprehended law of fate, I have become like this , Everything revolves.” Shi Wuchen said.

“Uh…the law of fate…everything…” Jiang Chen also froze for a long time, then smiled bitterly.

Three Thousand Great Dao, how many avenues are unknown?

Today, if Shiwuchen had said the law of this condition, Jiang Chen would really be unbelievable that there is such a law among the Three Thousand Great Daos…

“With your cultivation base, what are the comprehended rules?” Jiang Chen curiously asked.

“The law of peace, the law of sleep, the law of quiet……” Shi Wuchen said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, the scene was messy.

Big brother, what are the weird laws you understand! ?

Ann? Is it An Ran’s An?

Sleep…Isn’t it sleeping?

Jing…I can see that whatever you encounter, you are quite calm…

Jiang Chen really wants to tell Shi Wuchen, these rules you understand are Is it really useful when fighting?

“These laws of mine are very strong.” Shi Wuchen explained: “Three Thousand Great Dao, every Grand Dao Law has its own meaning.”

“Oh… my cultivation base is still low, I don’t understand this.” Jiang Chen whispered.

At this moment, Jiang Dongtian and the soul Mo Yuan are back.

They only brought one person, a dísciple of the Taixu clan, Taihao.

This person is also a famous powerhouse in the inner courtyard, and it is even rumored that his battle strength is not weaker than Long Xuanji!

“In the next Taihao, I have seen the highest worship!” Taihao directly salutes Jiang Chen, with a very humble attitude and a low posture.

Jiang Chen smiled and waved, and said nothing, after all, Jiang Dongtian and the others should have told him before coming here.

Afterwards, Jiang Chen handed a ray of blood essence to Taihao, saying: “Follow me in the future, fine blood vessels are enough.”

“Many thanks, the highest worship!” Taihao Hao was very excited. He had heard about it before, and now he got a ray of blood essence from Jiang Chen. The excitement in his eyes is hard to conceal!

However, Jiang Dongtian and the others are not worried or worried. After all, as long as Jiang Chen is still in the dojo, no one dares to do anything to him!

“The closed day of the dojo is coming soon…”

But at this moment, Long Xuanji lightly said: “Once the closed day opens, the dojo will be closed for ten days. …These ten days…”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Dongtian’s entire group was a little messy.

They count the time, isn’t the closed day of this dojo today? !



At this moment, there was a roar of one after another in the dojo.

After that, in the ancient temple, the one after another law emerged, some soft, some violent, and some exuding obscure aura.

Under these laws, everyone retreated one after another, afraid to stay in the dojo.

“What is going on?” Jiang Chen asked.

“There are ancient prohibitions in the dojo, which will be closed for ten days every once in a while.” Soul Mo Yuan said, “Quickly come out! The prohibition in the dojo has been opened, you must not touch it. Those rules! Otherwise no one can save you!”

Jiang Chen was also shocked at hearing this, and hurriedly stepped out.

However, when he first walked out of the dojo, there was still a law that touched him!

At that moment, Jiang Dongtian and the others felt cold and thought Jiang Chen was dead!

Be aware that once an emperor touched these laws, the result disappeared in an instant, body dies and Dao disappears!

However, next moment, everyone’s faces changed!

Just because Jiang Chen didn’t do anything at all, those laws drifted past him like phantoms, and did not cause any harm to him!


“What’s the situation? How can the prohibition rules in the dojo be invalid for him!?”


Everyone is puzzled, even Jiang Chen is a little puzzled.

But, at the moment when he was puzzled, he suddenly felt like there was someone watching him!

Suddenly turning back, Jiang Chen felt that he might have hallucinations!

Because he saw the statue in the ancient temple, it seemed to shake slightly!

Moreover, the eyes of the statue seemed to have been opened in that moment, and their eyes met Jiang Chen!

“Am I… thinking too much?” Jiang Chen secretly thought and did not say the matter.



And at this moment, all around one after another terrifying imposing manner broke out!

I saw twelve Tianjiao coming out of the dojo, surrounding Jiang Chen at this moment!

The killing intents emerged one by one, and rune and law were entwined and transpired on them!

“That…I will leave it to you.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, shamelessly hiding behind Jiang Dongtian and the others.

“Twelve…we don’t have to shoot, just leave it to Shi Wuchen.” Jiangdong Heavenly God looked weird, looking towards Shi Wuchen with a casual and casual look, and said: “Maybe I can’t beat it. , But surely it can be blocked, right?”

“No problem.” Shi Wuchen is nodded. When the voice fell, he waved his hand, and a piece of Profound Light fell down and Jiang Chen and The others are all over!

Profound Light has turned into a realm, the realm is full of brilliance, and more dust-free Comprehend Laws are rising and falling!

For a while, Jiang Chen’s expression was a little trance, his heart suddenly became peaceful, and even a trace of sleepiness appeared!

Moreover, Jiang Chen can still feel that the power of his within the body is surging from time to time, sometimes falling to a trough, sometimes it can even be described as a waste person!

“The law of peace, the law of sleep…” Soul Mo Yuan shook his head and said with a black face: “Shi Wuchen! What is the use of these rules that you have understood!?”


“It’s useful.” Shiwuchen said with a smile: “They came into my comprehension, and they were either drowsy, or lost fighting intent, or they would be affected by the law of my condition, battle The strength suddenly goes down, it depends on fate…”

Jiang Chen was sleepy on the side, but after hearing this, he was also shivered!

He had to admit that the rules of the dust-free comprehension, although wonderful, but… really scary!

At the same time, a group of people who led the Foreign Domain looked ugly. They more or less knew the law of cleanliness.

“Shi Wuchen! How long can your field last!? Can you hold it!?”

“We are waiting here, and wait until your field disappears!”


The style of dust-free hearing this is also very casual. He pointed to Jiang Dongtian, the soul Mo Yuan and Taihao, and said: “I can’t hold on. And they.”

After that, Shi Wuchen broke his fingers and counted, lightly said: “It’s not a problem to persist for ten days, ten days later…the dojo will open again.”


“The style is dust-free! You want shameless!? Anyway, you are also a strongman in the inner courtyard, dare you dare to fight directly!?”


At this moment, many people directly yelled and cursed, without the powerhouse style!

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