I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1200

The Peacock King clan and the evil clan do have a bloody feud, but this does not mean that Kong Lingqiong will be someone else’s thug because of this.

Just like now, Kong Lingqiong wanted to make a move, but after the previous battle, he also understood one thing.

On heads-up, he is better than Jiang Dongtian, soul Mo Yuan, and Taihao!

But now that the three of them work together, he can’t take any advantage!

Even if the war starts again, both sides will definitely be seriously injured.

When the time comes, in case someone wants to attack him, Kong Lingqiong is afraid that he will not be able to stop it.

So, he thought about it for a while, there is no need to fight to the end with the three of Taihao for a Jiang Chen.

“There are not many evil races, but the Peak forces of Great Thousand Worlds are many. Today, he killed so many people at once. If those forces join forces to investigate this matter, I am afraid that even Heavenspan Garden will have difficulty Keep him.” Kong Lingqiong said with a sneer: “You don’t need me to act, some people will come to kill him!”


“Kong Lingqiong, you are afraid I don’t know how many evil races I’m waiting for!”


The complexion of Jiang Dongtian three people is gloomy, but there is a hint of arrogance deep in the eyes!

Be aware that although there are not many evil races, every evil race is very strong!

It can even be said that there are few Transcenders of Great Thousand Worlds, and half of them are from evil races!

This is how the evil race dare to be so arrogant in Great Thousand Worlds!

Kong Lingqiong didn’t say much about hearing this, and didn’t even want to discuss it again.

I saw him looked towards Long Xuanji and asked: “When will I see Sir Long?”

As soon as this word came out, Long Xuanji’s face turned black!

Because he just got the news not long ago, the ancestor of Dragon Race, Sir Long, personally ordered that the entire Dragon Race shelter a Human Race!

And that Human Race… is Jiang Chen!

Before Long Xuanji approached Jiang Chen, she recognized Jiang Chen’s identity!

While he was waiting for Jiang Chen outside the dojo, he didn’t want to take action against Jiang Chen, but wanted to ask Jiang Chen and Ancestral Dragon what is the relationship.

If the relationship is good, he can also associate with Ancestral Dragon through Jiang Chen, and he can also get a lot of benefits for his Dragon Race lineage!

But what made Long Xuanji didn’t expect is that Jiang Chen made such a big noise here!

Now, some things are more troublesome!

“Now…you’re afraid you won’t be able to see Sir Long.” Long Xuanji’s face was very ugly, and she pulled Kong Lingqiong aside, lightly said, “Zu Sir Long ordered me to wait for Dragon Race shelter a Human Race!”

“Oh? Did you give an order not long ago?” Kong Lingqiong frowned, wondering: “Does this have anything to do with my ancestor Sir Long?”

“Of course!” Long Xuanji turned black, pointed to Jiang Chen, and said: “The person Sir Long wants to protect is him! And you just wanted to kill him!”

“You said…Can you still see Ancestral Dragon now? If this matter is known to Sir Long, it is estimated that the entire Peacock King clan will not be able to protect you!”

As soon as this is said, Kong Lingqiong is Stunned on the spot!

He lost his mind and didn’t know what to say for a while, let alone what to do.

After a few breaths, he calmed down, with a weird expression, and asked: “Since you already knew, why didn’t you tell me just now!?”

“I have time to say Did you do it as soon as you came up.” Long Xuanji curled his lips and sighed: “Now you should think about how to please him.”

“I am the direct descendant of the dignified Peacock King family. It is the Number One Person in the inner courtyard of Heavenspan Garden, and then I will inherit the position of Holy Son in Heavenspan Garden! My status and strength, let me please a middle main god?” Kong Lingqiong said solemnly, with arrogance in his heart, why would you bow your head!

However, Long Xuanji told him very clearly that if he can’t resolve his previous grievances, and if he can’t please Jiang Chen, even he, the Oriental Star Domain Dragon Race Holy Son, will be hard to see Ancestral Dragon!

“The Peacock King family wants to see Sir Long this time, why?” Long Xuanji said solemnly: “How important this matter is, you should know in your heart! Now, you have offended Jiang Chen, if so Not seeing the ancestor Sir Long is tantamount to you alone, breaking the major event of the entire Peacock King clan!”

Kong Lingqiong hearing this, his face pale instantly!

He knows very well what the Peacock King family wants to see Ancestral Dragon this time, it is related to the survival of the Peacock King family!

Now, if because of his behavior, the Peacock Kings cannot see Ancestral Dragon, then…

“You can think of a way! It’s not working…I Kneel down and admit your mistakes!” Kong Lingqiong sounded transmission secretly. Of course, he couldn’t be heard by others, otherwise his face as Number One Person in the inner courtyard would be gone!

Even the face of the Peacock King clan will be damaged!

“What can I think of? I was here before waiting for him to come out, and I want to get a relationship with him. Now that you are doing this, I guess even I will be counted!” Long Xuanji Said angrily.

When the words fell, Long Xuanji and Kong Lingqiong glanced at each other and smiled bitterly.

At this moment, Jiang Chen is protected by the three of Taihao, and each of them is nervous and dare not be careless!

Because these people all around still want to kill Jiang Chen!

“Oh… I thought about being low-key, but never thought… the strength is not allowed.” Jiang Chen sighed deeply, stroked his hair, and said quite narcissistically: , How come the evildoer said.”

“cough cough…I said you recognize the reality, the current situation is very bad for us!” Jiang Dongtian couldn’t stand it anymore and pointed to the all around People, said: “When you look at them, one by one, you are all with a killing intent. I want to kill you alive!”

“Isn’t you here?” Jiang Chen said with a smile, his face relaxed.

The voice fell, he looked towards Shi Wuchen, and said: “Kong Lingqiong can’t make a move, your domain can rise again.”

“sorry, the previous domain was It is difficult to regain the field in a short time.” Shi Wuchen said.


At this moment, Jiang Chen, who originally seemed very relaxed, immediately became a little messy.

What a joke! ?

I thought that there is no dust, and once the field is opened, this tribulation can be avoided.

I never thought…

“A real man, can bend and stretch, right?” Jiang Chen expressed a positive expression, not allowing too much and the others to react, directly silhouette flashed, moved towards Rushed away.

And this time, Jiang Chen directly put down his words: “If you are not afraid of me and then set up Formation, you can come and kill me!”

As soon as this word came out, it was originally going to be chased. The silhouette of the killer stopped immediately!

After all, after Jiang Chen’s Formation was set up before, many people were suppressed and killed!

“This guy, the cultivation base is not high, why is the power of the array arranged so great!?”

“Formation has extraordinary accomplishments, and you have to be careful when you fight this person! “

In the end, Jiang Chen just left, and no one dared to chase him down.

I thought the certain death situation was resolved easily.

But everyone knows that as long as Jiang Chen is still in Heavenspan Garden, there is a chance to kill him!

And Jiang Chen knows this very well!

So, he is going to do something now!

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