I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1201

When I first entered the inner courtyard, I wanted to act in a low-key manner, but I never wanted to enter the dojo once, and actually caused such a big trouble.

Of course, Jiang Chen didn’t expect that his previous Comprehend Laws will appear continuously in the dojo!

If he had known this, he would never have entered the dojo so early.

And now, all these dísciples in the inner courtyard want to kill him nine out of ten, and Jiang Dongtian alone cannot protect him.

Jiang Chen can only find another way, otherwise he is destined to be unsafe in the inner courtyard!

“This is the Elder Palace, right.”

After ten breaths, Jiang Chen came to a palace in the inner courtyard.

This palace is very magnificent, with gilt bricks and tiles, ancient wood carvings, with a hint of simplicity and vicissitudes in its glory.

This place is where Elder rests in the inner courtyard.

After Jiang Chen came here, he bowed slightly outside the door, and said lightly, “dísciple Jiang Chen, come to meet Elder in the inner courtyard.”

“What’s the matter?” Palace There was an Elderly voice from within, but there was a hint of irritability and disdain in the voice.

After all, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base is really too low, and it can be regarded as “unique and unmatched” in the entire inner courtyard.

For the inner courtyard dísciple of this kind of cultivation base, if he doesn’t know Jiang Chen’s battle strength, who will give him a good look on the inner courtyard Elder?

“Elder, dísciple just entered the inner courtyard. I don’t understand some things. I would like to ask you Elder to give me some advice.” Jiang Chen said. When the voice fell, I saw him wave his hand, like a hill. Rare treasures of large and small materials were sent into the palace.

For a while, there was no sound in the palace.

Until more than ten breaths later, someone in the palace spoke again with a strange voice, saying: “After so many years, you are still the first person to come here and openly bribe me!”

“This is a bribe, dísciple has something to ask for advice. Since it is for advice, the Elders are willing to give advice, then these rare treasures are the intention of dísciple, how can it be regarded as a bribe.” Jiang Chen is righteous. Said.

“The skin is thick.”

“You can be considered a talent if you can say that bribery is so righteous and reasonable.”


In the palace, a few Elder didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. They had been Elders in the inner courtyard for so many years, and they met Jiang Chen for the first time.

Did you dare to bribe at the gate of Elder Palace?

“Come in and talk.”

After a few breaths, someone spoke and asked Jiang Chen to enter the palace.

However, Jiang Chen did not go in.

He still stood at the door respectfully, smiling, and said: “In fact, it’s nothing, but dísciple has recently encountered some troubles that may endanger my life, so I want a few Elder help me.”


“Death fights are not forbidden in the inner courtyard. If someone wants to kill you, we can’t intervene.”

“Yes, it’s hard to meet your request.”


Several Elders started talking one after another, really embarrassed.

In this regard, Jiang Chen also laughed a few times.

The rare treasure sent in just now has not been returned, which means this matter is feasible!


It must have been missed!

next moment, Jiang Chen waved his big hands one after another, and the rare treasures of heaven as big as hills were sent into the palace.

In enough time for ten breaths, Jiang Chen has given out ten rare treasures one after another, all of which are high-level, and there are tens of thousands of them!

A piece of rare treasure is equal to a source crystal. Jiang Chen’s shot this time is equivalent to giving out tens of thousands of source crystals!

What is this concept! ?

Be aware that even if it is a Holy Son of an extraordinary power, it is impossible to come up with so many source crystals!

“The dísciple outside the door, what is your name?”

“Boy, you bribed so…If I don’t promise you…”

… …

At this moment, all the Elders in the palace are surrounded, saying this, while sharing the rare treasure.

For them, apart from the dean of the Heavenspan Court, they have the greatest rights!

Now, as long as the dean does not speak, Jiang Chen’s gifts can be accepted.

Furthermore, there are so many Elders in the inner courtyard, and you can save Jiang Chen’s life for any reason!

Even if there are regulations in the inner courtyard, Elder is not allowed to intervene in the dísciple’s affairs, but you must know that these rules were originally set by them like Elder!

at worst, change the rules!

“dísciple Jiang Chen, I hope a few Elders will take care of me in the future.” Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

“Little things.”

“Jiang Chen, hold these tokens. Each token represents me waiting for Elder to visit. With these tokens in hand, yours Behind you are all the Elders standing in our inner courtyard!”

“As long as there is no big disturbance, you will walk unhindered in this inner courtyard!”


For a time, only eleven tokens flew out of the palace and landed in front of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen looked at it piece by piece, these tokens are all engraved with the names of these Elders!

“Holding these tokens, is all Elders coming in person?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Of course.”

“From now on, walk unhindered will do.”


After receiving confirmation, Jiang Chen stood Outside the palace, salute the group of Elders inside the palace slightly.

After that, he left.

He walks very smartly, especially at that pace, which is called not recognizing one’s family!

“This kid is Interesting.”

“Well, people can’t live with money? Besides, I wait for the cultivation base. If I want to improve, I need a lot of source crystals. Since the kid gave out so much without blinking… it means he has more!”

“He is not dead, I am not afraid of no money…”


The group of Elders in the palace are very happy.

At this moment, after Jiang Chen left the Elder Palace, he planned to find a place for cultivation. After all, the dojo is still closed and cannot enter.

Even if you can get in, Jiang Chen’s current cultivation base and comprehended rules are useless.

However, not long after he left, a teenager stopped him!

The imposing manner on this person is very powerful, and the cultivation base has reached the High God!

“Jiang Chen, you are now a great celebrity in the inner courtyard!” The boy’s eyes condensed, and the killing intent in his eyes rose and fell!

Jiang Chen hearing this, jokingly laughed, and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“Come and ask you to borrow something!” This boy while speaking, moved towards Jiang Chen slowly Go.

“Oh? What to borrow?” Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes, of course he knew what the other party was going to borrow. This was to borrow his life!

However, Jiang Chen was fearless. Before the boy came to him, Jiang Chen waved his hand and hundreds of rare treasures fell in front of the boy.

“Are you going to borrow money? Are these enough? No need to pay back.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

At this moment, this boy was a little messy in an instant.

He came to kill Jiang Chen, not to ask for money!

But, seeing so many rare treasures, he was also moved!

Furthermore, he and Jiang Chen have no grudges, just jealous of Jiang Chen.

“lacking hatred and enmity, I don’t have to kill him, even more how some people in this inner courtyard want his life.” The boy thought, and then took away the rare treasure. The killing intent disappeared in his eyes, and he smiled awkwardly, haha ​​said: “Jiang Chen Fellow Daoist, you who know me, you are the rare treasure of these talents, I’m not welcome. When I get rich, I will definitely pay you back!”

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