I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1203

Paragon Dao has achieved the position of Divine King, which is rare in ancient and modern times!

At this moment, a group of inner courtyard dísciples rushed in, wanting to suppress and kill Jiang Chen when his breakthrough foundation was unstable!

In this regard, Jiang Chen smiled contemptuously, and with a big wave of his hand, one after another Profound Light and the law burst out, like a thousand swords flying out!



one after another muffled sound came out, I saw rays of light ten thousand zhang rushing into the sky, as if to cover this a side World average!

Blood spattered wherever he went, and there was a sound of skeleton breaking!

People who are all around stared wide-eyed, their eyes are full of horror!

I saw the group of dísciple rushing over to the inner courtyard. They were only suppressed and killed by Jiang Chen, without leaving a living!

“Does the gods have no power to resist in front of him?!”

“Too strong! Paragon Divine King fruition, even if the Divine Emperor comes, Don’t be afraid of him three points!?”


The exclamation sounded one after another, and even a group of Elders in the inner courtyard were moved.

This is simply a unilateral massacre!

“Jiang Chen! You killed so many inner courtyard dísciples. If you dare to leave Heavenspan Court in the future, you will definitely die!”

“The power they are in will not let you go Yes!”

Someone scolded them with a killing intent in their eyes.

But, they are just nothing serious, let them take action to deal with Jiang Chen, this is simply impossible, they dare not!

“Come here, kill him!” Jiang Chen is very straightforward. By now, he can no longer receive it!

even more how, Jiang Chen has always understood one of the simplest truths, Slayer, kill it!

“Don’t think you are invincible in the inner courtyard! Kong Lingqiong and Long Xuanji can still kill you!”

“You have made friends with the evil race, and Kong Lingqiong is where The Peacock King clan has a deep hatred with the evil clan! Do you think Kong Lingqiong can let you go!?”


Jiang Chen hearing this, smiled gently.

He admits that Kong Lingqiong is really strong. He was able to fight against Taihao alone, Jiang Dongtian, and Mo Yuan with the power of one person!

But, so what! ?

Today, if Kong Lingqiong dared to come, Jiang Chen wouldn’t mind fighting with him!

“Jiang Chen Fellow Daoist and I have no grudges, don’t talk nonsense!”

At this moment, Kong Lingqiong appeared not far away with a black face.

He feels bitter, secretly thought these inner courtyard dísciples can really cause trouble!

Be aware that Kong Lingqiong is now anxious to please Jiang Chen, and take this opportunity to meet Ancestral Dragon of Dragon Race!

Now, let him act on Jiang Chen, this is simply impossible!

“Kong Lingqiong, as the Number One Person in the inner courtyard, are you scared!?” someone asked.

As soon as these words came out, Kong Lingqiong’s face instantly became gloomy.

He admitted that Jiang Chen is very strong, and now he has achieved the Paragon Divine King status.

However, for his Number One Person in the inner courtyard, if he really fights Jiang Chen to life and death, it is not certain who will live and die!

“Kong Lingqiong, if you want to make a move, I can accompany you!” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows: “The previous account should be counted!”

Kong Lingqiong Hearing this, my face is even more ugly!

Even if he is better than Jiang Chen now, he dare not do anything to Jiang Chen!

Even more how, Kong Lingqiong now believes that once he and Jiang Chen start a battle, they will win by five to five points. He is not at all sure that Jiang Chen can be suppressed!

“It’s all misunderstandings before. I only aimed at the evil race that’s all, not at you.” Kong Lingqiong hurriedly explained, but looking at Jiang Chen’s fighting intent, he knew it would be the same. useless.

“It seems that I have to find an opportunity to chat with him alone.” Kong Lingqiong secretly thought, and then left without saying a word.

“Kong Lingqiong is really afraid of Jiang Chen?”

“Impossible! Neither of them has ever played, how could Kong Lingqiong be afraid of Jiang Chen!”


Many people are talking about the strange expressions.

They know that Kong Lingqiong may not be afraid of Jiang Chen, but there is absolutely fear in his heart!

After all, the battle strength of a Paragon Divine King is not what most people can imagine!

“Jiang Chen! You are not invincible in the inner courtyard! If the Wangu Tower is open and the people inside come out, you may not even be able to stay in the inner courtyard!”

Time, Wangu Tower is indeed going to open.”


Many people are excited, especially when they think of the group of Heavenspan Garden dísciple in Wangu Tower, they all have their eyes It is full of excitement.

Jiang Chen was also taken aback. He had never heard of such a place in Heavenspan Garden.

“Wangu Pagoda is the most special place in Heavenspan Garden.” Jiang Dongtian came to Jiang Chen’s side and slowly explained.

It turns out that in Heavenspan Court, the dísciple with the highest status and status is not the inner courtyard dísciple, but the group of people who can enter the Wanggu Tower!

Some of those people have been in Heavenspan Garden for a hundred years, and some have been in Heavenspan Garden for thousands of years, or even ten thousand years!

And those people, all talented, looking at the entire Eastern Star Domain, few can match them.

They were cultivated to the end in Heavenspan Court. Because of the aptitude innate talent, they entered the Wangu Tower.

Cultivation in Wangu Tower, like a ferry, has experienced the condensed experience of eternal years, which can be called a daily change!

There used to be such a dísciple that came out of Wangu Pagoda. Once it was born, it swept all the dísciples in Heavenspan Court, and then defeated all the Great Elders in Heavenspan Court!

In the end, he became the strongest Elder of Heavenspan Court, and until now, he has become the dean of Heavenspan Court!

As for the dean of Heavenspan Garden, it is the Eastern Star Domain, even the entire Great Thousand Worlds knows him!

After coming out of the Wangu Pagoda, one day changed, and it only took five days to become the emperor, and then it took another three days to directly achieve the extraordinary position!

This cultivation speed is a miracle among miracles!

Of course, it’s all because of Wangu Tower!

“It means that Wangu Pagoda is about to open, and the people who cultivation in it will come out?” Jiang Chen asked.

“That’s right.” Jiang Dongtian expressed concern, and said: “Wangu Tower opens every ten years, and it closes every ten years. Every dísciple that comes out of Wangu Tower will undergo an amazing transformation! “

“And before you killed that many inner courtyard dísciple, some of them have something to do with those people in the Wangu Tower.” Jiang Dongtian lightly said: “If they knew it, you would kill That many people, those people will not let you go!”

“Oh? Really?” Jiang Chen stared up and looked up towards a high mountain deep in the inner courtyard.

There is indeed a tall tower there, it should be where Wangu Pagoda is.

“Great Thousand Worlds is really amazing, unpredictable, maybe my road in Great Thousand Worlds has just begun.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

“Are you…aren’t you afraid?” Jiang Dongtian frowned: “You have never seen how terrifying the people coming out of the Wangu Pagoda, I advise you to be the best…”

Until Jiang Dongtian finished speaking, Jiang Chen chuckled slightly, and said: “He who comes, fight. If you come to kill, kill him!”

Jiang Dongtian hearing this, expression Weiwei After a change, he looked at Jiang Chen’s face and suddenly felt that the boy in front of him seemed to have changed.

As for where it changed, he couldn’t tell.

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