I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1204

Everyone dispersed, leaving Jiang Chen alone on the mountain.

He wants to be quiet.

Since entering Great Thousand Worlds, Jiang Chen has done a lot of things, but after all, some things are forced.

Now, he needs to set a goal for himself, how to go next, where to go, these need to be considered clearly.

Jiang Chen knows very well that the water in Great Thousand Worlds is very deep, deeper and more muddy than what you see in front of you!

Hundreds of people stand in great numbers, each Great Sect force traverses one side, the emperor is in charge of a generation, and Transcender is in control of the world.

Under such a big environment, if you take a wrong step, you may fall into the state of consigned to eternal damnation!

Jiang Chen has thought about it for a long time, and forgot his background in Great Thousand Worlds.

In addition to the big evil races, there are also a group of people from Heavenspan Church, and the long song who is fighting in the southern Star Domain.

Apart from this, Jiang Chen couldn’t think of other people.

“Not enough! Not enough!” Jiang Chen sighed.

The evil race is indeed very strong in the Great Thousand Worlds, but if it is the enemy of the entire Great Thousand Worlds, the evil race It shouldn’t be done.

Now the evil race pleases Jiang Chen, but it’s for his blood essence that’s all.

If one day, the evil race and Great Thousand Worlds are really enemies, the evil race will inevitably abandon Jiang Chen.

Without the support of the evil race, Jiang Chen’s background will be greatly reduced!

“We must find stronger and more reliable forces!” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

However, although Great Thousand Worlds is big, how many forces dare to openly expose the creatures of the ancestral world? Not to mention being an enemy of the entire Great Thousand Worlds!

Jiang Chen thought for a long time, and finally shook the head with a wry smile.

He knows that if he wants to make some changes and find new forces, he can only do it after he merges with Nian Changge.

After all, the long song is now in the southern Star Domain, but it is very popular, and I must be familiar with it. Someone must help him behind him.

If not, just by reading the long song and the group of undead ghosts under him, it is simply impossible to cause such a storm in the southern Star Domain!

“Boy, looking at your sad face, is there any trouble?”

Suddenly, an Elderly dressed in a commoner appeared next to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn’t even notice the silence!

However, Jiang Chen didn’t even care, and didn’t even have to worry about anything.

Because, the person who can enter Heavenspan Garden is either the Heavenspan Garden dísciple or the high-rise building of Heavenspan Garden.

And the Elderly in front of him is obviously not a dísciple, so it must be the top of Heavenspan Garden.

The high-levels of Heavenspan Court never work on dísciple.

“Somewhat annoying.” Jiang Chen lightly said, then smiled and said: “Senior, what are you doing here? Are you here for me?”

This commoner Elderly Hearing this, did not speak, but stood side by side with Jiang Chen, looking into the distance.

Until the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, he pointed to a tall tower in the distance, and slowly said: “There is the Wangu Pagoda, up to ten thousand years, down to ten Years ago, the strongest batch of dísciples in Heavenspan Court were all cultivation in it.”

“I heard.” Jiang Chen lightly said, curiously asked: “Senior, this Wangu Pagoda is really so Miraculous? I heard that the current dean has made this achievement precisely because of Wangu Pagoda.”

“Indeed, the current dean has such an achievement because it has a deep relationship with Wangu Pagoda. “The relationship.” Commoner Elderly clicked nodded, his eyes fell on Jiang Chen, and smiled and asked: “You just broke through to God King, and it is a rare Paragon Dao fruit in the ages. What can annoy you? Now , You should be happy.”

After that, before Jiang Chen could speak, Commoner Elderly squinted his eyes and asked: “Are you worried that the people from Wangu Tower will come to target you after they come out? “

“Why should I worry about them? If I dare to come, I will dare to kill.” Jiang Chen stared, now he doesn’t need to fear those of the same generation.

The Paragon Divine King’s fruit position is powerful and powerful, and even Jiang Chen himself doesn’t know what his current battle strength limit is.

But there is one thing that Jiang Chen can be sure of. Nowadays, ordinary gods can simply not hurt him, and he can also suppress the gods at his fingertips!

Even, even those gods with monstrous talent level and other gods, Jiang Chen dare to say that they can’t survive three moves in their own hands!

As for the Divine Emperor, Jiang Chen has never competed with the Divine Emperor, but it won’t be much worse if you want to come.

As for the emperor, this Jiang Chen never thought about it.

After all, the people of the same generation, at this age, are almost impossible to step into the realm of emperors!

“This time Wangu Tower is open, there should be many people coming out, when the time comes…Someone will come to trouble you.” Commoner Elderly joked, “Who let you kill that many inside? As for the courtyard dísciples, those dísciples are supported by Great Influence.”

“So what? They have power behind them, and I have them behind me.” Jiang Chen is very confident.

Although the evil race will not be enemies with Great Thousand Worlds for him, it should be no problem to deal with several forces for him.

Furthermore, all the evil races should already know about Jiang Chen’s blood essence.

Presumably, those evil races must come back to please him in order to purify the ominous matter within the body.

“The evil race is indeed very strong in Great Thousand Worlds, but you have to know that some forces are above the evil race. If you provoke those forces, the evil race will not dare to help you. “Comer Elderly said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, couldn’t help but froze for a while, even more shocked.

Be aware that there is a Transcender in every evil race!

And Transcender is the greatest battle strength of Great Thousand Worlds!

Even if there are individual forces that are stronger than the evil race, it can’t be said to be superior to the evil race.

“Senior, what on earth do you want to say? And…is the word overriding used wrong? Even if the power is stronger than the evil race, most of it is slightly stronger, how can you override it? ?” Jiang Chen asked in confusion.

Buyi Elderly hearing this, smiled, and said: “There are some forces that are not what you can imagine, especially this.”

Speaking, Buyi Elderly pointed Pointing to his feet, he said: “Do you know why other forces don’t come to get involved in the affairs of Heavenspan Court? Do you really think the rules of Heavenspan Court?”

“Could it be…” Jiang Chen expression one Ning, obviously understands the meaning of this commoner Elderly!

What are the rules? If you don’t have enough strength, all the rules will be cloud and smoke, all nonsense!

Then, the reason why those forces dare not break the rules of Heavenspan Court, there is only one possibility, Heavenspan Court is stronger than those forces!

And, definitely not a little bit stronger!

At this moment, Jiang Chen seemed to understand something, and asked: “Senior, those extremely powerful forces that you said are superior to the evil race, among them is Heavenspan Court? “

“Of course.” Commoner Elderly nodded with a smile, said: “Up to now since the establishment of Heavenspan Court, no one has dared to break the rules of Heavenspan Court, and no one dares to come to Heavenspan Court to deal with Heavenspan Court. dísciple.”

Speaking, Commoner Elderly smiled at the shoulder of Patted Jiang Chen and said: “The world outside is big and beautiful, but…If you are not prepared, it is better to stay in Heavenspan Court. , You can think of this place as your own home.”

“Senior…you mean…” Jiang Chen stared at Commoner Elderly, but was not sure if he was right.

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