I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1205

What Elderly said is already obvious. Heavenspan Court wants to shelter Jiang Chen!

But what puzzled Jiang Chen is that Commoner said Elderly why not directly, but instead said in a roundabout way.

is it possible that, what else does it mean?

“Academy is only responsible for cultivating dísciple. If the dísciple in the Academy thinks it is strong enough, or thinks that the Academy can’t teach him anything, then you can leave and leave the Academy.” Elderly lightly said .

After that, he looked towards Jiang Chen again, after looking up and down, frowned, and asked: “Do you think there is anything else that Heavenspan Garden can teach you?”

When these words came out, Jiang Chen was also stunned for a long time.

He thought about it for a moment, and then bitterly laughed and said, “In fact, the people who come to Heavenspan Garden basically have their own forces and their own cultivation path. Heavenspan Garden really has nothing to teach them. “

“And then?” Commoner Elderly asked.

“Come to Heavenspan Court is nothing more than cultivation resources that’s all.” Jiang Chen said truthfully.

“Yes, so what?” Commoner Elderly continued to ask.

“Heavenspan Yuan Ming knows this situation, but is still recruiting dísciples, not to really teach them cultivation, but…want to consolidate his own background and inheritance.” Jiang Chen said.

Commercial Elderly hearing this, I also ordered nodded, Jiang Chen said this is quite right.

“However, Heavenspan Court will not treat all persons equally. We will only be responsible for those true patriots and the dísciples who will stay in Heavenspan Court in the future. As for other dísciples, just leave if you like to go out of Heavenspan Court The door, even if it is dead outside, we will not interfere.” Commoner Elderly said.

Speaking of this, Commoner Elderly stared at Jiang Chen closely, as if waiting for an answer from Jiang Chen.

At this moment, Jiang Chen can be regarded as completely understand.

He looked at Commoner Elderly and asked: “If I promise you, I won’t leave Heavenspan Garden in the future, will Heavenspan Garden protect me?”

“Of course Elderly said with a smile: “With your innate talent aptitude and Paragon Dao fruit, my Heavenspan Court naturally wants to keep you. However, we will not force it to stay. It is up to you to stay. “

“It’s okay to stay, but I have a problem.” Jiang Chen frowned, not knowing how to speak for a while.

However, before Jiang Chen could speak, the Elderly expression of Commoner condensed, and lightly said: “If you become the dean of the Heavenspan Court, in the future, even if you are enemies of the world, Heavenspan Court will Stand on your side.”

“You…know who I am!?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen was shocked. He knew Commoner was Elderly impossible for no reason. Say something like this!

Then, the only possibility is that Commoner Elderly clearly understood the identity of Jiang Chen!

“Whether it is the Great Thousand Worlds, the Six Worlds, or the Ancestral World, the essence is the same. There is no distinction between high and low, the living beings in the world, only the obsession that’s all in the heart.” Elderly said.

“Since Senior knows who I am, I have thought, if one day, Heavenspan Court will become an enemy to the entire Great Thousand Worlds because of me, what will be the consequences?” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “What if Heavenspan Court is destroyed?”

“That is the end of the life of Heavenspan Court.” Commoner Elderly said, looking very open, looking far into the sky, and sighed: “Flowers are blooming. , After all, the curtain will come to an end.”

“It’s just that when the flowers bloom, if they can bloom, that’s not bad.”

“Senior’s thoughts, I temporarily I still can’t understand it, but…I think I should stay.” Jiang Chen lightly said, feeling that staying in Heavenspan Court is also good.

If you can really become the dean of Heavenspan Court, it does not mean you have the entire Heavenspan Court!

At that time, Jiang Chen has a power of his own in Great Thousand Worlds!

But Jiang Chen also knows very well that there are too many arrogances in the Heavenspan Garden, and there are many evildoers. Although Jiang Chen has the Paragon Dao fruit, he may not be the dean!

Be aware that those who are cultivating in the Wangu Tower are the real pride of Heavenspan Garden!

“The world is so big, there are many people who own Paragon Dao fruit, maybe in Heavenspan Garden!” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

If you meet Tianjiao who owns Paragon Dao like him, then Jiang Chen’s Paragon Dao won’t be considered an advantage!

Even if both parties have Paragon Dao fruit, Jiang Chen may not be able to cross-level battle!

“Senior, I still want to ask clearly about something.” Jiang Chen lightly said, staring at Elderly, and asked: “Which point does Heavenspan Court value me?”

“This…” Commoner’s Elderly expression suddenly became weird.

I saw him constantly looking up and down Jiang Chen, until a long time ago, he seemed to take a breath, whispered: “I value your shameless……”

“Eh ……” Jiang Chen was stunned immediately.

This…Is it really because of shameless that Heavenspan Court valued it?

Is this inappropriate?

big brother, I always thought that what you value is my Paragon Dao fruit.

“You are the first person who dared to bribe Elder in the inner courtyard!” Elderly said in an annoyed manner: “Your face is bad enough.”

” This… situation is forced.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“These are not important. The dean is planning to retire and is now looking for a successor. There are many people who want to become the dean of Heavenspan Court. If you want to stand out, you need to work hard. Your current strength…difficult.” Commoner Elderly said.

After all, he patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder, lightly sighed, and said: “Come on, the road ahead is still very long.”

Finally, Commoner Elderly left and Jiang Chen stood On the mountain, there was silence.

He knows that Heavenspan Court definitely values ​​him not only because of his shameless.

Among them, there must be hidden secrets!

But Jiang Chen can’t figure out what is on his body that deserves the attention of Heavenspan Court.

Is it because he comes from the Six Realms? Are the creatures of the ancestral world?

Just when Jiang Chen was puzzled, in the deepest part of Heavenspan Court, in a pavilion by the lake, Elderly Commoner was standing respectfully here.

Before him, stood a young man.

“He agreed?”

At this moment, the young man asked, his expression calm, but a ray of light flashed in his pupils.

“Reporting back to the dean, he promised to stay.” Elderly said, with a hint of doubt in her eyes, she asked: “The dean, the inner courtyard dísciple that many, the inside of the Wangu Tower Each dísciple is out of the ordinary, why do you only value him?”

“It’s not that I value him, but someone wants him to be the dean of Heavenspan Court.” This young man said with a bitter smile: “Well, I have been sitting in this seat for so many years, and I wanted to leave.”

“Someone wants him to be the dean? Who is it?” Commoner Elderly frowned, and then the expression changed , Fingered the top of his head, and asked tentatively: “Is it them?”

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