I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1206

Heavenspan Garden is the first Academy of Oriental Star Domain.

Since the establishment of Heavenspan Court, it has been in a brilliant state and has never been lonely.

In Heavenspan Court, although there are many cultivation base profound elders, as well as deans of cultivation base deep and unmeasurable, but with these people alone, do you think that Heavenspan Court can stand tall? ?

Obviously it is impossible!

Every Great Influence dare not come to Heavenspan Garden to pick quarrels and stir up trouble. It is not because of the Great Elders of Heavenspan Garden or the Dean, but because there is another one on Heavenspan Garden. Even more terrifying forces!

That power is rarely born, and even few people in this world know the name of that power.

Anyone who knows is somewhat afraid of that power, even afraid of it!

At this moment, Commoner Elderly is very depressed. Why does that force value Jiang Chen so much?

What about Jiang Chen’s talent? Before he grew up, he was an ant after all.

And now the dean, but a long-standing power, looking at the entire Eastern Star Domain, how many people dare to challenge him?

It’s good now, that force actually wants to abandon the dean and replace it with another person!

“You only know that there is a power, but you don’t know the name of that power.” The dean lightly said, a trace of reverence and yearning flashed in his eyes, and then bitterly laughed: “With my cultivation Base achievement, you can’t enter the gate of that force.”

“After all, I just show them that’s all.”

As soon as these words came out, Commoner Elderly’s expression Changes in an instant!

He really can’t imagine that what kind of background the power is, he can actually let Dean Heavenspan Yuan be a gatekeeper! ?

Does it mean that if you want to enter that power, the cultivation base must be transcendent? !

However, although this world is big, how many people are there in Transcender?

is it possible that, the creatures in that power are all Transcender! ?

“Dean, is that force really that terrifying?” Commoner Elderly asked.

“What do you think of the forces named Paragon?” The dean said: “That kind of forces are by no means ordinary. They only listen to their names and not see themselves.”

“But you have to know that the name alone can shock many creatures, even Transcender, dare not impudent half a point in front of that force!”


“That Force…what is it called?” Commoner Elderly asked.

“Paragon Temple.” The yearning in the dean’s eyes grew stronger.

A long time ago, when he stepped into the Heavenspan Court, by chance, he learned of the power of Paragon Temple.

He inquired all the time, and didn’t know how terrifying that force was until he became the dean of Heavenspan Yuan!

He has always wanted to enter the Paragon Temple, he wants to be a part of the Paragon Temple, even if he just shows the gate to the Paragon Temple, he is happy!

Now, his cultivation base has reached this level, but he has never stepped into the gate of the Paragon Temple!

Even, the people of Paragon Temple, just treat him as a gatekeeper that’s all guarding Heavenspan Court!

“You have to be so strong to have such arrogance.” The courtyard sighed, not to mention how envious Jiang Chen was in his heart.

Be aware that this time Paragon Heavenly Hall personally made an order to focus on cultivating Jiang Chen!

For any creature, this is a Supreme glory!

“Dean, I have never heard of Paragon Temple, but after hearing what you say, I can also think of the foundation and strength of Paragon Temple.” Commoner Elderly said.

However, just after these words were said, a cold glow burst out of the Dean’s eyes, with a look of contempt, and said coldly: “Can you think of it? Oh, you are not worthy, you even I don’t even have the right to think about it!”

“Eh…” Commoner Elderly was immediately confused, and her heart was even more chilled.

He only realized at this moment how terrifying the Paragon Temple is!

“Go on, look at Jiang Chen carefully and help him if necessary.” The dean waved his hand, not wanting to mention it again.

Finally, Commoner Elderly left, and the dean stood quietly in the pavilion, looking up towards the sky, a trace of loneliness flashed in his eyes.

He really wants to enter the Paragon Temple!

“If one day, give me a chance, I will go in to the death!” The dean said resolutely.

At this moment, outside of Wangu Tower.

Jiang Chen has always been curious about what place Wangu Tower is. Now he has come here. One is to see what Wangu Tower looks like, and secondly…I came to step on it!

Jiang Chen knows very well that he killed that many people before. Some people have a deep relationship with the people in the Wangu Tower. Very good!

When Wangu Tower opens, someone will definitely come to trouble him!

Then, since he knows that someone will come to make trouble, of course Jiang Chen must prepare first!

“This place has been created by Power of Heaven and Earth, and it has become a realm of its own. It is too difficult to set up Formation here.”

After half a day, Jiang Chen looked sad. Thinking of arranging Formation, covering the entire Wangu Pagoda.

When the time comes, anyone who dares to trouble him can’t get out of this Wangu Pagoda!

But now…

“Formation can’t be arranged…that can only…”

Finally, Jiang Chen eyes shined, his eyes are on Above the gate of Wangu Tower!

Since the Formation can’t be arranged, then…seal the door of the Wangu Tower!

If people can’t get out, they won’t be able to trouble Jiang Chen!

“hehe, don’t blame me for this. I also want to protect myself.” Jiang Chen sighed slightly, and then came to the gate of Wangu Pagoda, connecting the seals with both hands, one rune and appendix took out !

The rune and the appendix fought in front of him, and along with the weird trajectory, they turned into a seal rune!

As Jiang Chen’s printing speed is getting faster and faster, the seal rune falls like stars, densely packed on the gate of Wangu Pagoda!

One day later, Jiang Chen frowned and looked towards the gate of Wangu Pagoda that had been sealed for three levels. I always felt that the seal was not strong enough!

After all, the people who can enter the Wangu Tower are the real Tianjiao evildoers!

Those people are cultivating in the Wangu Tower. At a glance, the ghost knows where the cultivation base of those people is now!

“For the sake of insurance!”

In the end, Jiang Chen stayed up and down, standing in front of the gate of Wangu Pagoda, and continued to condense the seal!

“This kid… can really do it!”

“tsk tsk tsk…If I read it right, the seal on the Wangu Tower already has an 8-Layer, Moreover, the sealing methods are special and profound. Even if I want to untie these seals, it will take ten days to half a month!”

“Look at him like that…I want to continue to bless the seal.”

“Ouch…13 layers are sealed!”

“He is still adding!”


Not far There, a group of Elders in the inner courtyard stared at Jiang Chen secretly. When they saw Jiang Chen’s continuous condensing seals, all of them looked strange.

Even the commoner Elderly who was hiding in the dark was dumbfounded, secretly thought, is this planning to seal all the creatures in the Wangu Tower?

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