I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1207

There are still three days before the opening of Wangu Tower.

In these three days, Jiang Chen has never rested for a moment, standing at the gate of Wangu Pagoda, constantly placing seals.

“Nine thousand more seals, even the emperor can’t break it, right?”

“tsk tsk tsk…this kid is really ruthless!”


A group of Elders in the inner courtyard are stunned. Jiang Chen’s seal is too fast, and the seal is also very powerful. With more than nine thousand seals superimposed, it is not the Divine Emperor. Even the emperor can hardly break through!

Even if it’s Transcender, it’s probably a headache for a while.

But it is strange to say that a group of Elders in the inner courtyard watched in secret, and did not take action to stop Jiang Chen.

Just because every time the Wangu Pagoda is opened, it means that the upper level of the inner courtyard will undergo major changes!

You must know that all the dísciples that come out of the Pagoda have gone through an eternal dream, and their cultivation base is so high that it is already unpredictable.

If these dísciples come out and want to stay in Heavenspan Court, then they must not be regarded as ordinary dísciples, even Holy Son.

Under normal circumstances, those with the cultivation base profound, if they are willing to stay, will be named Elder.

However, the number of places for Elder in Heavenspan Court has always been limited. If a new dísciple becomes Elder, then Elder must abdicate.

But, who wants to abdicate! ?

As a result, although this group of inner courtyard Elder is very dissatisfied with Jiang Chen’s practice, no one has stopped it.

Even they are still thinking, if the dísciple in this group of ancient towers can’t come out, how good is it?

People like them can still be the Elder in this inner courtyard, so comfortable.

However, they all know that these seals are temporary, and the dean will still come forward when things get up.

“I really hope this kid can seal all the people in Wangu Tower.”

“Yes, oh…”

Time passed slowly, until three days later…

At this moment, above the gate of the Wangu Pagoda, the seal technique weighs 13,600!

Moreover, every seal is so powerful that it is simply difficult for ordinary people to break through!

And now, with these three thousand six hundred seals, even if Transcender comes, it is estimated that there is enough to drink a pot.



After ten breaths, a tremor rang from the Wangu Pagoda, and then the gate of Wangu Pagoda was opened. .

In an instant, I saw a fiery red silhouette rushing out of it, with a whistling voice: “So far, the inner courtyard dísciple, who dares to compete with me!?”


However, just as he finished speaking, he slammed his head on the 13600-weight seal!

The bump was so muffled that even the boy’s forehead was swollen!

“Fuck me!?”

At this moment, the boy was dumbfounded. He looked at the door, and then his face turned black.

“Whose special seal is here!?” The young man shouted angrily, then lifted his palm, and the power of the Divine Emperor erupted!

I saw him throws a punch, strikes were on the seal, and suddenly there was an explosion!

However…it’s useless…

This fist is like throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea. It didn’t make any waves!

“What is yelling doing? I thought I was invincible?”

At this moment, another young man appeared in the gate of Wangu Tower.

He took a provocative look at the fiery young boy, then frowned and looked towards the gate, said solemnly: “Seal?”

“Oh, you are great, come here. “The red young man looked contemptuously, pointed at the gate, and said: “This seal is not ordinary, and I don’t know who is so wicked!”

“trifling seal that’s all.” Later The boy looked aloof, both hands forming seals, and said: “Don’t you know what I am best at is sealing?”



The voice After falling, I saw the boy pushing out with a palm, and rune and talisman were sublimated brightly. This is to undo the seal with “smart” force.


It’s useless.

Although he has unlocked a layer of seal, there is still 13550 9th layer left!

Also, Jiang Chen stood outside the gate and felt that the seal had been broken. He immediately shot and added another layer…

“Could it be Heavenspan Yuanxin According to the established rules, when I want to leave Wangu Tower, I must break the seal first?”

“Damn!? What’s the situation!? So many seals!?”

“That Damn it!”


With the ebbing of time, more and more people walked out of the Wangu Tower, but they were all stopped The person at the gate.

Some people keep making moves, and some are cracking the seal.

However, until a day later, their mentality exploded!

36 Wanguta dísciples, bombarded the seals here for a day, the result is that the seals seem to be endless, and you can’t see them until now!

“Let me take a look at the illusion!”

At this moment, a young man performed a secret technique, and one vertical eye appeared on his forehead. Then the big runes burst out in his eyes, like a Profound Light!

Profound Light rushed through the seals, and then…he saw Jiang Chen outside the gate who was repairing the seal…

“Fuck me!”

At this moment, the teenager cursed directly, his face was dark: “I’ll just say, the seal we broke this day is less likely to be five-six thousand heavier, but the seal hasn’t moved. It turns out that someone was outside giving us it. Make up the seal!”


“No way? Is this going to seal us in Wangu Tower?”

“Inner courtyard Elder Don’t you care?”

For a time, a group of dísciples in the Wangu Tower were completely confused.

Who is it? So wicked, we broke the seal inside, and you made up the seal for us outside! ?

“The kid outside! I know you can hear it, so I quickly removed the seal! Otherwise, when we come out, I will kill you!”

“smelly brat! You ate the leopard gall! Now! Do you know who we are? Quickly undo seal!”


At this moment, many people shouted out, including the Divine Emperor and even the emperor !

However, Jiang Chen smiled softly and said: “You want to kill me, I can let you out?”

“Fellow Daoist, it was your first thing I promise you that as long as you undo seal, I will never do it to you after I come out.”

“This Fellow Daoist, we are lacking hatred and enmity, why are you sealing us here?”



Many people are puzzled. They have entered the Wangu Tower for a long time, and before entering, they did not offend Jiang Chen, and even a group of people did not know Jiang Chen!

Since I don’t know each other, where is the grudge?

“Speak frankly with you. I killed a lot of people in the inner courtyard. Some people have a good relationship with you. I am worried that you will avenge them after you come out.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “So …For the sake of my life, you can’t come out.”

“Boy! Who did you kill!?”

“On your cultivation base, you can kill in the inner courtyard. Who?”


Many people asked hurriedly, and even more people were confused, not believing that Jiang Chen has that strength, after all, in their eyes, Jiang Chen is only God King. Realm that’s all.

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