I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1208

Some people are angry, others are puzzled, and more are unbelief.

They all know how strong the dísciple in the inner courtyard is, and the one with the lowest cultivation base is High God King.

And Jiang Chen, a kid who just entered God King Realm, can kill other inner courtyard dísciples?

“believing or not with you, but if you don’t let you come out, this is with me.” Jiang Chen jokingly said, continuously blessing the seal between words.

This made the group of people inside look anxious. According to Jiang Chen’s sealing speed, even if they joined forces, it would be difficult for them to rush out of the Pagoda.

Of course, there are some people who are not in a hurry. After all, it takes a lot of divine force to cast the seal. They don’t believe that Jiang Chen can keep the seal like this.

However, three days later, a group of people in Wangu Tower were completely dumbfounded.

Just because Jiang Chen has been sealing up, he hasn’t stopped for three consecutive days.

His divine force within the body seems to be inexhaustible!

Until this moment, someone had a dark face and said angrily: “How can I let us out?”

“Oh? Compromise?” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile “It’s very simple. You swear by your souls. You can’t do anything to me after you come out. If you don’t… Let’s just consume it like this.”

As soon as this word came out, there were a few angry voices. Came.

Especially those emperors, how could they suffer such “insults”.

The dignified emperor actually wants to swear to a Divine King, isn’t this cracking a joke!

I’m afraid I will not agree to whoever comes.

“Boy, you have to think clearly, if this matter is known by the inner courtyard Elder, they can’t get around you!”

“If the dean knows about this, I won’t drive you out Heavenspan Court!?”

Faced with these words, Jiang Chen laughed again, and also laughed out loud.

The laughter was so loud that it fell in the ears of everyone, but it seemed to be mocking them.

“It’s been a few days, and such a big thing happened in Wangu Tower. Those Elder and the dean, if they wanted to intervene in this matter, they would have intervened long ago.” Jiang Chen said.

As soon as these words came out, the expression of a group of people in Wangu Tower also changed.

They realized that Jiang Chen had been blocking them for several days, and no Elder had come to solve it!

So, the problem here is big!

“He…Does Heavenspan Yuan value him very much?”

“This kid must be out of the ordinary, maybe he is valued by the dean, otherwise a trifling Divine King, dare to be so impudent in the inner courtyard!?”


Under all kinds of speculation, someone finally compromised.

Someone spoke directly and said: “There are so many people here, even after I swear, you can’t let me go out alone, right?”

You know, Jiang Chen sealed it But the entire Wangu Pagoda gate.

In the eyes of ordinary people, unless it is undo seal, how can individual people go out.

Once the seal is released, everyone in the Wangu Pagoda must be able to go out.

“As long as you swear, I can let you out.” Jiang Chen said.

“Can you come out alone as me? How to make me believe!?” The man frowned, feeling Jiang Chen a little unreliable.

Be aware that the seal technique is different from Formation. It is impossible to open a corner to let people out.

If you want to untie the seal, you must untie it all!

“You can try, I promise not to lie to you.” Jiang Chen’s eyes are brilliant, and he is very confident of his seal accomplishments.

After more than ten breaths, someone finally couldn’t help it and made a soul vow in front of Jiang Chen.

At the moment when he made the soul vow, everyone saw Jiang Chen connecting his hands with the seal, and the seal talisman turned into thin threads, and then fell on that person’s Body.

Immediately afterwards, the thin thread pulled abruptly, and it actually pulled the person out of Wangu Tower alone!

“Boy! You have a seed!”

After this man came out of the Wangu Pagoda, he stared at Jiang Chen with a killing intent.

But due to the oath, he dared not do anything to Jiang Chen, so he could only stare.

“There is no way, to protect yourself.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Afterwards, Jiang Chen looked towards the others in the Wangu Tower and asked: “What about you? Do you plan to stay there for a lifetime, or make an oath?”

“I dignified the emperor , I swear to you Divine King, my how to save face!? If you don’t shame us, just your cultivation base, I can suppress you by turning my hands!”

“Boy! Don’t be too much! Let us go now, and we will not be blamed for what happened before!”


For this, Jiang Chen was too lazy to speak, and began to seal the seal again.

At this moment, the people inside are completely anxious!

“Because you have a bad attitude towards me and are very disrespectful, now I have changed my mind.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “Before you want to come out, you just need to make an oath, don’t do it to me, now… I have to add conditions!”

“What I came up with, not only can’t do it on me, but also wait to protect me! Of course, it is not long, one year will do.” Jiang Chen said.

“What are you talking about!? Courting death is not a success!? I really thought it would keep us here for a lifetime!?”

“You are courting death!”


Many people shouted out, feeling that Jiang Chen was humiliating them.

In this regard, Jiang Chen raised his brow, shook the head, and said: “I have changed my mind again, two years!”


“Shut up! Stop talking! Go on, I will protect him forever after I go out!”


At this moment, many people hurriedly persuaded him. .

Moreover, someone directly swears to agree to Jiang Chen’s request.

If there is a first, there will be a second, and if there is a second, there will be a third.

In this way, after more than ten breaths of time, sixteen people made a soul vow and walked out of the Wangu Pagoda.

As for the rest, the cultivation base is generally in the Divine Emperor, and there are also several emperors.

These few rely on their own cultivation base profound and are unwilling to bow their heads to the Divine King Jiang Chen!

And they also believe that it will not be long before the Elder of the inner courtyard and even the dean will come forward to solve the matter!

“I’m not in a hurry, you guys are not in a hurry, then slowly consume it.” Jiang Chen lightly said, simply sitting down cross-legged, and then lying down in Jieyin…

This laid-back and unrestrained posture almost didn’t vomit blood to the popularity inside!

And those who have come out of the Wangu Tower, are standing beside Jiang Chen at this moment, having unspeakable bitter suffering one by one, don’t mention how awkward they are.

They thought that after coming out of the Wangu Pagoda, they didn’t talk about dominating the inner courtyard, but the inner courtyard must also call the wind and summon the rain.

But who would have thought that others would be blocked.

The most important thing is that they were forced to make an oath. Not only were they unable to do anything against Jiang Chen, they had to protect Jiang Chen for two years!

What does this mean?

Meaning that in the past two years, they will be Jiang Chen’s free fighter and bodyguard!

“Ten days…None of Elder in the inner courtyard came, and the dean did not show up.”

Ten days later, someone sighed and felt even more jealous of Jiang Chen. .

After all, there was such a big noise here, and as a result, none of the upper levels of the inner courtyard appeared. Many people naturally guessed the hidden reason for this!

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