I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1209

Jiang Chen was blocking the door, behind which stood a group of evildoers coming out of the Wangu Pagoda, each with a strange expression.

Especially those who have a much higher cultivation base than Jiang Chen. They are all guessing at what point Jiang Chen is better than them, and they are actually valued so much by Heavenspan Court.

Some people even saw a group of Elders hiding in the dark, but they didn’t take any action when they saw them, which made the group of enchanting even more confused.

“This group of Elders clearly sees everything in their eyes, but hides in the dark. What is going on?”

“is it possible that…this Is the kid valued by the people above? I will be in charge of Heavenspan Garden in the future!?”


Many people have a shocking expression. If this is the case, then nothing can offend Jiang. Chen!

“Don’t seal it, can I swear, can’t it work?!”

“Oh, what a crime! I’ve taken it, I swear!”

Three days later, the group of people inside finally couldn’t help it, and they all compromised.

In the end, the group of Tianjiao in Wangu Pagoda all swore that they would not act on Jiang Chen, and they would unconditionally shelter Jiang Chen.

“You can’t do this a long time ago.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen is standing outside the Ancient Pagoda, watching the enchanting group of people around him, and jokingly said: “From now on, this Heavenspan Garden I want to walk unhindered, don’t you have any comments?”



A group of people immediately became speechless, especially among them Several emperors of China, their faces are in a mess!

They have been in retreat in Wangu Pagoda for many years. They thought that after they came out, they would be able to rampage in Heavenspan Garden and even dominate.

But who would have thought that in this session of the Heavenspan Garden dísciple, there was such a scourge as Jiang Chen!

It’s better now, even though their cultivation base is monstrous, but under the oath, they dare not disobey Jiang Chen.

With such a group of evildoers behind, this Heavenspan Yuan Jiang Chen can indeed walk unhindered!

Now, Mo said that Long Xuanji and Kong Lingqiong, even the group of Elders in the inner courtyard, Jiang Chen didn’t pay attention.

“Invincible loneliness, you don’t understand it.” Jiang Chen sighed, looking up at the sky at 45 degrees, with a lonely expression on his face.

“It’s so cheap!”

“Where did this kid come from!? The methods are really thief!”


Many people are slanderous in their hearts, wishing Jiang Chen chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.

“Senior Brother! You guys are finally out!”

“Jiang Chen!? You are here too! Exactly!”


At this moment, a few people rushed over not far away. When they saw a group of evildoers coming out of the Wangu Tower, they were all excited.

After that, they told what Jiang Chen did in the inner courtyard, thinking in their hearts that this group of evildoers should be able to suppress Jiang Chen.

However, after a group of evildoers heard these words, although they were angry and covered in killing intents, they just stood still and did not dare to do anything to Jiang Chen.

“cough cough, do you guys still want to kill me?” Jiang Chen said contemptuously, and then the corners of his mouth turned up slightly, revealing a wicked smile, pointing to a group of evildoers behind him, and said: “Now, they listen to me.”


“Jiang Chen! Even if you have Paragon Dao fruit, these Senior Brothers are all evildoers, they Can acknowledge allegiance to you!?”


Several people didn’t believe it, and even asked about it.

However, the faces of a group of people who came out of the Wangu Tower became darker and darker, especially those emperors who really wanted to slap these people to death.

Which pot should not be opened and which pot should be mentioned! ?

“Shut up! I am waiting for whoever I am willing to follow, but it is not your turn to intervene!”

“get lost! It is normal to be suppressed and killed by others because of my poor strength. , No wonder the others!”

Several evildoers scolded out angrily, which stunned those few people.

“I’m going…what happened?”

“His…the evildoers who came out of the Wangu Tower all followed Jiang Chen!? This…out of the major The event is here!”


These people left, and then this news spread throughout the inner courtyard, and finally the entire Heavenspan Court knew it.

And Jiang Chen, who was the party involved, wandered around in the inner courtyard with such a group of enchantments at this moment.

That pace, that expression, there is no one else, it’s almost impossible to go to heaven!


“Isn’t this Jiang Chen Fellow Daoist? I asked you to borrow a little rare treasure, and I will pay you back today. This is interest!”


“Yo, Jiang Chen brother, long time no see, come here, I have a good medicine pill here!”


That’s it, Jiang Chen walked around in the inner courtyard, not only took back the rare treasure and source crystal that had been given away before, but also took a lot of “interest”.

“I said kid, you plan to let us follow you like this?”

“We have to cultivation, don’t delay our time!”


One day later, a group of people couldn’t stand it anymore, Jiang Chen took them everywhere to pretend to be forceful, and never stopped.

Even, this kid actually went to Elder Palace and showed off one’s military strength in front of a group of inner courtyard Elder.

That almost did not blow up a group of Elders in the inner courtyard!

Jiang Chen bribed them before, but now it’s better to come directly to show off one’s military strength.

Before changing, these Elders estimated that a slap would kill Jiang Chen.

But now, the evildoers behind Jiang Chen are extremely powerful, even if a group of Elders in the inner courtyard join hands, it is estimated that they cannot stop the evildoers!

“Inflict evil!”

“I knew this, he should stop him when he was sealing the seal!”

“There is no face! When I waited for the dignified inner courtyard Elder, I was actually ashamed by this kid!”


At this moment, Jiang Chen doesn’t care about others’ eyes.

He likes to walk unhindered like this, which makes him feel invincible.

“The dean…that kid is too capable of making trouble. He went to the Elder Palace without saying anything, and showed off one’s military strength in front of the group of Elders…”

In the depths of Heavenspan Garden, in the pavilion by the lake, Elderly, the commoner, stood respectfully in front of the dean with a strange expression and a trace of anger in her eyes.

Be aware that Heavenspan Court has very strict rules, but after Jiang Chen’s trouble, all the rules are broken!

“Heavenspan Court’s rules have been in place for a long time, and it’s time to change the rules.” The dean lightly said: “Times are changing, people are changing, and rules cannot remain the same.”

“But…what would the other dísciples think if the trouble went on like this?” Elderly frowned: “Heavenspan Court has strict rules, but treats all dísciples equally. Now this Jiang Chen… Others think we are here. Cover him.”

“Yes and how? It’s just being childish, what can you do?” The dean curled his lips, pointed to the top of his head, and said: “Someone is here, the Peak of the four major Star Domains in a few days Academy is about to go to war.”

“In the past, people will not be sent down in the Star Domain Academy battle. Someone has come this time… Is it because… Jiang Chen!?” Commoner Elderly exclaimed. It was stared wide-eyed, and asked: “Is Heavenspan Court planning to let Jiang Chen play, right? His cultivation realm…”

“Each Academy sent three dísciples, according to the above Meaning, Jiang Chen is also included.” The dean faintly smiled and said: “Maybe this time in the Star Domain Academy battle, my Heavenspan Yuan can amaze the world with a single brilliant feat……”

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