I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1213

The group of evildoers who came out of Wangu Tower are completely convinced at this moment!

In the realm of Divine King, it is enough for an emperor to recognize his strength like this, which is enough!

“Where did Heavenspan Court find such an enchanting evildoer!”

“With him, how will we mix in the future? Don’t say it’s in Heavenspan Court. From now on this world, this Among the same generation, I don’t have to wait anymore.”

Until now, they didn’t understand why the group of dísciples in the inner courtyard wanted to kill Jiang Chen.

Just because, once this guy grows up, how many other people of the same generation can be his opponents?

Lean to one side!

“Jiang Chen, Lin Hao, Muzhu, the three of you are coming to Elder Palace.”

Suddenly, a slightly older voice sounded.

This is the voice of the Great Elder in the inner courtyard!

Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment, secretly thought that this time let him go to Elder Palace?

Could it be that this is to be liquidated by him! ?

“I’m not going.” Jiang Chen yelled.

Are you kidding me, I took a group of evildoers from the Wangu Tower to show off one’s military strength at the gate of Elder Palace before, now let Jiang Chen go to Elder Palace?

Jiang Chen think, this is definitely not going to go, maybe people will be gone!

“I can’t help you!”

At this moment, I saw a palm protruding from the Elder Palace, like a five-finger cage, moved towards Jiang Chen suppressed!

Jiang Chen is impatient, within the body divine force is steaming up, Shrink The Land Into An Inch is running to the extreme!

However, this palm seems to have spirituality, and it is like that layer of shady that cannot be escaped. No matter how fast Jiang Chen is, it is always difficult to escape the range of this palm.

In the end, Jiang Chen was caught, as if pinching a chicken, and pinched into the Elder Palace.

At the same time, the two young emperors who came out of the Wangu Pagoda, namely Lin Hao and Muzhu, also arrived.

When they saw Jiang Chen who was suppressed on the ground, their expressions became very strange.

I saw Jiang Chen being suppressed on the ground, shaking his limbs, struggling constantly, and screaming in his mouth!

That respect for the Elders is completely absent from him!

“You old bastard! I have taken my rare treasure, and now suppress me! Don’t take you like this!”

“Let me go!”


After hearing this remark by Jiang Chen, the faces of a group of Elders are not to mention how ugly.

big brother, can you tap it? Not to mention the blatant bribery, now he is still shouting in Elder Palace!

It’s not ashamed, we still dislike it!

“Reporting back to Honorable Lord, this person is Jiang Chen…… Are you sure that the person you are looking for is him?”

At this moment, Great Elder looked towards great hall A man directly above.

The man sat on the throne with a calm expression, but when he looked towards Jiang Chen, there was a hint of joking in his eyes.

I saw him nodded, said: “Let go of him.”

“This kid is very stubborn. If you let him go, he might make a moth!” Great Elder I hurriedly persuaded: “Let him lie on his stomach like this.”

“Great Elder! People told you to let me go! Do you dare not listen!?” Jiang Chen yelled, and you could see The man who sits on the throne is not simple!

“Boy! Shut me up! This is Elder Palace!”

“You have collected my rare treasure!”

“Hear It’s rude!”

“You have taken my rare treasure!”

“You…in other words.”

“Then you Let me go…”

At this moment, Jiang Chen is also angry, being so suppressed by others, I don’t want face! ?

Anyway, there is no face, so everyone will lose face!

“youngster, they are too easy to break, they are Elder, shouldn’t you respect them as a dísciple?” the man sitting on the throne asked, his voice calm, but there was a hint of his mouth. Smile.

“Respect shit! They took my rare treasure! I bribed them!” Jiang Chen yelled.

“Boy! Shut up! Don’t talk about it again!”

“This kid, there is no door to your mouth!”


“Jiang Chen! How did you talk to the Lord!? He is the Lord of the Paragon Temple, please pay attention!”


However, that comes from The man in Paragon Temple hearing this, but smiled and waved his hand, and asked again: “Do you think Heavenspan Court values ​​you, so you can respectless of the law and of natural morality here?”

According to the general situation, Jiang Chen has to be humble, right, at least he should save face for Heavenspan Garden.

But who knows, Jiang Chen directly nodded and said: “That’s it, what’s the matter?!”

“Are you not afraid that Heavenspan Garden will abandon you?” The man asked again.

“What are you afraid of!? There is only one fate, it is not extraordinary, after all, it will not escape Life and Death Samsara, it should bloom if you live!” Jiang Chen said resolutely.


The voice fell, and a rumbling sounded, and the man stretched out his hand and waved it, and then released the restriction on Jiang Chen.

Afterwards, he patted his hands, nodded and said: “That’s right, I, the people of Paragon Temple, should have such courage.”

“Honor… What you mean by this is…”

“I will go!? No way?!”


At this moment, the entire great hall, except Apart from Jiang Chen, Lin Hao, and Mu Zhu, everyone else was shocked!

They know what the Paragon Temple is. According to legend, it is the place to cultivate Paragon!

Everyone who comes out of the Paragon Temple is Paragon. Anyone thrown out can dominate one party, Only I Am Supreme!

Now, what the man said, the meaning is very obvious!

He admits it!

Paragon Temple, this time I came to Heavenspan Garden, I was here to recruit Jiang Chen!

“Jiang Chen, would you like to join Paragon Temple?”

At this moment, this man’s expression is very solemn and serious.

After all, the recruitment of Paragon Temple is a very sacred thing!

However, Jiang Chen didn’t even know the Paragon Temple. At this moment, he tilted his head and asked: “What benefits can I get in the Paragon Temple?”

” ……”

At this moment, this man was a little confused.

You need to know how many people want to enter the Paragon Temple, but haven’t even seen the gate!

Now, he speaks in person and invites Jiang Chen, but the other party asks this question! ?

“Jiang Chen! The Paragon Temple is the Peak inheritance above the Heavenspan Garden. Even the evil race you know cannot compete with the Paragon Temple!”

“Also Don’t agree quickly! This is how many people yearn for something even in dreams!”


Several Elders were in a hurry and spoke quickly.

In this regard, Jiang Chen frowned, and asked: “What do Paragon Temple value me!?”

“This is the meaning of the Palace Lord.” The man lightly said: “But …I also value you very much now.”

“Let’s talk about the benefits first. If there is no benefit, I will not go.” Jiang Chen said straightly.

“What benefits do you want?” The man asked with a smile, feeling Jiang Chen quite interesting.

“The Paragon Temple has it, and I want it!” Jiang Chen squinted, and he was testing whether Paragon Temple really values ​​him.

If it is generally valued, Jiang Chen really does not want to go!

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