I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1214

Jiang Chen does not know where the Paragon Temple is, but from the attitude of the Elders in the inner courtyard, it can be seen that the Paragon Temple is very strong!

But what about strong?

If you can’t give enough benefits, just hang a name, Jiang Chen will not bother to enter the Paragon Temple.

“As long as you are strong enough and what you want, I can give you what you want.” The man had a positive expression and asked, “So, do you think you are strong?”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows. With his current battle strength, not to mention the same generation, even the older generation would be afraid of him!

Especially after the achievement of Paragon Divine King dao fruit, coupled with the fleshy body fused with heavenly star, its battle strength becomes even more terrifying!

Now, this man actually asks him whether he is strong?

Hey, are you blind? !

“The Great Thousand Worlds is not as big as you can imagine. You are so-called strong right now, but you think that’s all. Compared with those unearthed and rare gods in thousands of years, you are not What is it,” the man said.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen was immediately upset.

What is immortality, rare for thousands of years? What does it mean?

“I said I am strong, that is strong!” Jiang Chen stared at the man, and asked: “Don’t say anything else, you will suppress the realm to the Divine Emperor, and see if I don’t beat you. !”

“Oh? Why not the emperor?” the man joked.

Jiang Chen hearing this, he was immediately confused.

He knows that his battle strength is still worse than that of the emperor.

This is also the case, he will say that this man will suppress the realm to the Divine Emperor.

“The real Tianjiao, the real evildoer, the Divine King can overwhelm the emperor, but you…not yet.” The man shook his head, if he looked at Jiang Chen deeply, and asked: ” Do you know why my Paragon Temple values ​​you?”

“Let’s not talk about it. At least I don’t believe what you just said!” Jiang Chen said coldly, feeling that the other party was insulting him!

Divinity King Realm, overpower the emperor? Jiang Chen does not believe it!

Not only Jiang Chen, but the people present, no one believes it, all thought this man was suppressing Jiang Chen’s arrogance!

“The two dísciples in front of me are both the emperor’s cultivation base, right? So, I will suppress the cultivation base to Divine King, and then fight with them. If I win, you will come to Paragon obediently Heavenly Palace, if I lose, what do you want, my Paragon Heavenly Palace will give you everything, including what you think in your heart.” The man said.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen’s expression suddenly changed!

You need to know that what Jiang Chen is thinking about, and most importantly, is to retrieve his own memories, clearly understood to understand the original truth!

But, he has never said this to anyone!

And how did this man from Paragon Temple know?

The most important thing is that by listening to his tone, Paragon Temple can help him retrieve all his memories!

This…it is thought-provoking and confusing.

“Okay! Just as you said! I really don’t believe it, Divine King has the ability to overpower the emperor!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

“Muzhu, it’s you,” said the Great Elder of the inner courtyard.

However, the man shook the head and said: “The two emperors go together, I will suppress the realm to Divine King, one against two is fine.”

“This… …Sir, isn’t this inappropriate? In case…”

“Sir, the cultivation base is too far apart, you are one against two……”


Everyone persuaded that if you want to know the power of the emperor, it is destroying heaven extinguishing earth at every turn. They are worried about this man’s accident!

In this regard, this man was very calm, took a look at Jiang Chen, lightly said: “I will give you a lesson, let you see how big this World is.”

“Senior, please enlighten me.”

“Then I will be welcome.”


Immediately, Lin Hao and Mu Zhu He bowed his hand to the man, and then he had to walk out of Elder Palace to fight outside.

After all, the Elder Palace is too small to open, and they are worried about ruining the Elder Palace.

“Right here, you can do your best, I guess…within three moves can suppress you.” The man waved his hand, indicating that he doesn’t need to change the emperor.

Lin Hao and Muzhu hearing this, immediately stunned.

The two looked at each other, and both saw a trace of anger in each other’s eyes!

They became emperors when they were young, proud and arrogant, now this man this remark, isn’t he humiliating them? !

God King Realm, one against two, within three moves, suppress them! ?

“Senior, you are careful!”


Next moment, I saw Mu Zhu and Lin Hao directly take action, within the body divine force riot , And the Grand Dao Law order turns into chains, like clouds and mist, moved towards the man suppressed!

“1st move, come on!”

At this moment, this man loudly shouted, pushing his hands horizontally, he couldn’t see any Grand Dao Law power, but he used the purest The divine force strikes come out!



Under the two explosions, everyone was horrified to discover that the power of pure divine force is not in Grand Dao. Under the Law!

After the two explosions, the rules that Mu Zhu and Lin Hao had hit were shattered, and both of them were shaken back a few steps!

“2nd move, open again!”

Without waiting for the reaction of the two, the man struck out two palms again, like a mountain, and strikes on them!

However, Lin Hao and Mu Zhu are also emperors anyway, and at this moment Law Body Protection and Magical Powers are displayed. The whole person is like a War God, steaming with fiery divine light!

“3rd move, open!”

But, just in a flash, the man hit two palms again!

These two palms are unremarkable, but they are full of pure divine force!

Lin Hao and Mu Zhugang resolved the 2nd move, and before they could react in the future, they were crushed to the ground by the palms of these 3rd move!

At this moment, the audience is silent!

Even Jiang Chen was dumbfounded, and his heart was horrified, like the waves undulating, unable to calm down!

He looked at Lin Hao and Mu Zhu who were suppressed on the ground in a daze, and he doubted his own strength!

“What I said is true. The real tianjiao can beat the emperor in the realm of Divine King. Now you are credible?” The man stretched out his hand and moved the wood and bamboo to the forest. Hao helped him up, and then looked towards Jiang Chen with a smile.

Jiang Chen came back to his senses, staring at the man, without speaking for ten breaths.

After more than ten breaths, he asked: “Are the people in Paragon Temple so strong?”

“They are all like this, some are stronger than me.” The man said.

The voice fell, Jiang Chen expression changed, and then, with everyone’s dumbfounded expressions, he rushed directly to the man’s side, holding his arm, and said: “Thigh! Please hug! !”


Everyone was speechless. Before, they didn’t want to join the Paragon Temple, but now it’s good, just start to hold the thigh?

Even the man smiled bitterly, and said: “Perhaps…my Paragon Temple values ​​your shameless strength.”

“In the face of strength, you must What face!? When I am strong enough, all my shameless behaviors are a kind of cultivation!” Jiang Chen said without blushing and breathing.

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