I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1215

Everyone was dumbfounded, and for the first time I heard someone say shameless so fresh and refined.

But Jiang Chen doesn’t care at all. For him, as long as he has the strength, everything can beautify it!

“The three of you are called here this time, I intend to let you participate in the Star Domain Academy battle.”

After a few breaths, the man opened the mouth and said: “This matter It’s important. If it can win the first prize, Heavenspan Court will have the right to enter the Daqian Mine.”

“Star Domain Academy battle? This…Is there enough strength for me?” Mu Zhu asked, seemingly worried.

When these words came out, Jiang Chen was dumbfounded.

He roughly knows the strengths of Mu Zhu and Lin Hao. They become emperors when they are young, and they are full of confidence. But now… he is worried about his strength!

Could it be said that this Star Domain Academy battle is stronger than the young emperor! ?

“This time is different from before. Now Great Thousand Worlds doesn’t know what’s going on. Many hidden Tianjiao evildoers have appeared, especially this year’s Star Domain Academy battle. As far as I know, several academies have sent a secret level dísciple.” The man said solemnly, looked towards Mu Zhu and Lin Hao, bitterly laughed: “You two…I’m afraid it’s hard to win the title.”

” …What use is there for us to compete? There is no hope at all.” Lin Hao sighed.

For the battle of Star Domain Academy, Lin Hao and Mu Zhu know something about it.

That is the entire Great Thousand Worlds, the battle between the major Academy dísciples!

Only those who enter the Academy’s dísciple are eligible to participate.

As for those sect, Major Sect, the dísciple of the family, are not eligible to participate.

This is also true. This battle is not only for the opportunity to enter the burial of Daqian, but also for the strength and face of the major academies!

Although Heavenspan Court dominates the Eastern Star Domain, it is the first Academy of Eastern Star Domain, but looking at the entire Great Thousand Worlds, Heavenspan Court is not the strongest.

The Hon Hai Academy in the north, the Risheng Academy in the south, and the Daewoo Academy in the west, these academies are all above Heavenspan Garden.

In addition to these three academies, there are also many academies that are not weaker than Heavenspan Court.

Moreover, I don’t know what happened this year. Many academies have called out the dísciple, which is still in retreat, and asked them to participate in the Star Domain Academy battle.

This is a rare thing!

Be aware that those dísciples of the foundation level are generally in retreat and are impacting Transcendent Realm!

This and the others, the status of the Academy is not weaker than Elder, or even the dean.

I want to please them, unless there is a major event!

“I think…maybe something went wrong in the Daqian mine burial.” The man said solemnly: “There are rumors that a Supreme Treasure was born in the Daqian mine burial, which is called immortal medicine, which can make people Continue your life, without Samsara Reincarnation, you can live a second life, even the third life!”

“immortal medicine!? Does the legendary thing really exist?” Mu Zhu cry out in surprise .

Although Great Thousand Worlds is big, there are few immortal medicines!

Even, most people have never seen immortal medicine in their entire lives!

And that kind of medicine is absolutely priceless!

Especially for some elderly Transcenders, it can not only restore them to Peak state, but also allow them to transform and live a second life!

And as long as you live long, you have the opportunity to impact the higher realm!

So, for those Transcenders, immortal medicine is absolutely precious!

“Divine Dragon immortal medicine has always been controlled by Dragon Race, Vermilion Bird immortal medicine is controlled by Phoenix Race, apart from this Black Tortoise immortal medicine is controlled by evil races, except for these three immortal medicines. The fourth immortal medicine has never appeared,” the man said.

Speaking of this, he was frowned, touched his chin, whispered: “The dragon, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise are all made in four directions. Now if they are also to have one immortal medicine When he was born, it was… Tiger?”

“Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, Vermilion Bird…White Tiger?” Jiang Chen stared at him, his heart itching.

He has also heard of immortal medicine, but he has never seen it.

Furthermore, like this Supreme Treasure, even if Jiang Chen encounters it, it is difficult to get it!

But, it seems different now!

If you can enter the Daqian mine burial, you will have a chance to get that immortal medicine!

Of course, these are all rumors. They are all speculations. Whether immortal medicine was born in Daqian’s mine burial is still uncertain.

But one thing is certain, there is definitely a major event in the Daqian mine burial!

If not, the background dísciple impossible of those students will be born one after another!

“Your Excellency, the two of us went to participate in the Star Domain Academy battle. Obviously, there is no hope of winning. Then… This time the Star Domain Academy battle, are we… out of play?” Lin Hao Sighed.

“You only need to help him clear the obstacles, this time Star Domain Academy battle, whether Heavenspan Yuan can win the championship, it all depends on him.” The man looked towards Jiang Chen with a hint of expectation in his eyes meaning.

Jiang Chen hearing this was messed up immediately and couldn’t calm down.

What are you kidding?

that many Tianjiao evildoers, do you pin your hopes on my little Divine King?

“With your battle strength, the emperor is indeed invincible, but the highest battle strength in the Star Domain Academy battle this time is extraordinary.” The man explained: “And you, Just stick to the final, when the time comes, even if the opponent’s cultivation base is high, they dare not bully the weak in front of the world, the realm will be somewhat suppressed.”

“At that time, you will Defeat the opponent with the thunderous method, so that my Heavenspan Court can win the first prize.”

“But the premise is…before entering the finals, you can’t make a shot or expose your battle strength, otherwise…”


After hearing this, Jiang Chen understood it.

This man made him pretend to be a grandson before entering the finals!

“I’ll wait to pave the way for him? But…what if we can’t make it to the final? When the time comes, he still has to let him take the shot.” Mu Zhu said with a bitter smile: “It’s not me waiting I don’t believe in his strength, but…”

“It can only be so, do everything, and the rest is the fate.” The man sighed.

At this moment, Jiang Chen doesn’t matter. After all, this man didn’t have to win the championship. This made him a lot easier.

When the time comes, just do your best.

However, Jiang Chen is very puzzled. Other academies have a foundation level dísciple. Why is there no Heavenspan Garden?

“What about the dísciple of Heavenspan Garden?” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“This…is still in the cultivation in the Wangu Tower.” Great Elder said: “The Wangu Tower is extraordinary. The cultivation inside is tantamount to sleeping or suspended animation. The external force can’t wake them up… …”

“If they are forcibly awakened, they may be robbed, unsure, and the Dao Foundation collapsed.”

Speaking, Great Elder expression gave a weird look at Muzhuhe Lin Hao, whispered: “This time the Eternal Pagoda was opened, I thought I could come out a few dísciples, didn’t expect … just came out two boys who just entered the emperor.”

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