I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1216

The Wangu Pagoda in Heavenspan Garden is very extraordinary. Inside, it forms a world of its own. The universe is reversed, the sun and the moon are at the top of the talisman, one thought is one cycle, one dream is one life.

People who are cultivation inside are in a state of suspended animation and cannot be easily awakened.

For Heavenspan Garden, the real heritage level dísciple is cultivation in the Wangu Tower.

It’s just that what they didn’t expect this time was that none of the dísciples that came out after the opening of the Wangu Tower was a heritage-level dísciple!

“Great Elder, our two cultivation base strengths can be regarded as the best among the same generation, right? You talk like this, do you want to learn from us?” Mu Zhu expression said weirdly.

Be aware that nowadays a group of Elders in Heavenspan Garden, the highest cultivation base is the emperor.

Although wood and bamboo are dísciple, they are not weaker than any Elder in terms of cultivation base.

Now, Great Elder talks like this, in normal times, it is looking for a fight!

“cough cough! No big or small! I am Elder!” Great Elder is very embarrassed. He is old, his blood energy is not strong, and his strength is no longer Peak. If he really fights Muzhu Get up, I guess I can’t beat.

“Okay, the matter is set, you go down and prepare, and you will leave tomorrow.” The man waved his hand, then looked towards Jiang Chen, and said: “You stay, I have something right. You say.”

“Dísciple farewell.”


After that, everyone left, the Great Elders also left, and there is nothing left in the Elder Palace. Get off Jiang Chen and the man.

“Boss, what’s the matter?” Jiang Chen asked.

“About your previous lives, I would like to ask.” The man stared, and before Jiang Chen could speak, he lightly said: “My name is Hongyun.”

“En? What then?” Jiang Chen blinked his eyes with a dazed expression.

What is your name and what does it have to do with me?

I only know that you are a thigh, I just hug you!

However, seeing Jiang Chen’s bewildered look, Hongyun couldn’t help but feel a trace of loneliness in his eyes, and sighed: “You haven’t come back after all.”

“Yours It means…I should know your name?” Jiang Chen was stunned, looked up and down Hongyun, and asked tentatively: “How many lives do you know me?”

“I Then I know which life you are. “Hongyun rolled the eyes.

Jiang Chen has reincarnated too many times. I am afraid that few people in this world can figure out how many times Jiang Chen has reincarnated.

When Hongyun met Jiang Chen, it was tens of thousands of years ago.

At that time, Jiang Chen seemed to remember previous memories.

But see you again this time, but I don’t remember anything.

“The Paragon Temple has a way to get you back to your past memories. That is the foundation and means you left behind.” Hongyun said, the expression was very serious, and said: “But you said , Before as a last resort, don’t let my Paragon Temple help you find your memory.”

“It seems…that life, you know that you will lose your memory in the future.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, his expression changed slightly, and his heart fluctuated.

He doesn’t quite understand, what is the relationship between his life and the Paragon Temple?

What kind of inner means did he leave to himself?

“I see your situation now, and it’s not as a last resort…” Hongyun whispered: “lively dragon and animated tiger, there is no danger.”

“I… do I have to wait until I’m dying before Paragon can help me?” Jiang Chen said angrily.

Hongyun hearing this, nodded, said: “That is what you told before.”

“I do it! What do I want to do in my life!” Jiang Chen’s face went dark , Immediately wondered, and said: “You left me just to tell me about this?”

“I want to tell you, Great Thousand Worlds is big, tangled and complicated, powerhouse as clouds , But you don’t need to be afraid.” Hongyun said: “In this world, my Paragon Temple can’t give you, but your life, my Paragon Temple says no, then no one can take it away.”

“Oh? So amazing?” Jiang Chen squinted his eyes, naturally he didn’t believe it!

Great Thousand Worlds is so vast, where’s the courage of Paragon Heavenly Hall, say this remark! ?

Even if Paragon Temple is strong, it is not invincible in Great Thousand Worlds, right?

But looking at Hongyun’s expression, it shouldn’t be like lying!

“Okay, trust you for the time being.” Jiang Chen whispered: “Then you tell me, what is my name in the life you knew me?”

“Heavenly star. “Hongyun said.

When these words came out, Jiang Chen suddenly understood something!

Heavenspan is the Academy under the seat of the Paragon Temple, and the people in the Paragon Temple know him as a heavenly star.

This is understandable, why the Fleshy body of Heavenly Star will be placed in the dojo of Heavenspan Court!

What makes Jiang Chen unable to understand is that such an important thing is not well placed in the Paragon Temple, but it is left in the Heavenspan Garden.

If it is gone or destroyed, the loss will be great!

“Right! Have you ever heard of a place, above the sky!” Jiang Chen pointed to the top of his head, frowned, and said: “I have integrated the fleshy body of the heavenly star, and now I have Some incomplete memories.”

“Above the sky!?” Hongyun’s expression changed drastically. He hurriedly covered Jiang Chen’s mouth and said: “These four words, don’t talk about them everywhere! It’s a taboo !”

“I’ll wait to talk about it, it’s okay, but your identity is different, how many people in this world are staring at you!” Hongyun said solemnly.

“I can’t say it?” Jiang Chen was shocked, what is it? Is it in Great Thousand Worlds?

Or, is it in another Great World?

Haoyu is vast and boundless, the place that cultivator can explore today is the Great Thousand Worlds.

Someone once went to explore the depths of the starry sky, but what they saw was darkness without a trace of light.

Therefore, many people think that Great Thousand Worlds is the entire world, apart from this, there will be no more worlds.

But now…

Jiang Chen always feels that he still knows too little!

“there is always someone stronger, this is not nothing serious.” Hongyun said meaningfully.

Immediately, he walked out of Elder Palace, pointed to the distance, and said: “In the deepest part of the starry sky, what’s there, do you know?”

“I heard that, yes It’s darkness.” Jiang Chen followed, squinted, and said: “Where is the end of the world?”

“There is no darkness, where is the light, and the end of darkness is the beginning of light.” Hong Yun said: “It’s just that in this World, no one can cross the darkness, so no one knows what kind of scene is behind that darkness.”

Speaking of which, he A hint of jealousy flashed in his eyes, saying: “In the darkness, there are mutilated palaces and shattered worlds, as well as immortal corpses. There are…like a prehistoric battlefield, buried with unknown secrets.”

“Perhaps…you know.” Hongyun said.

However, Jiang Chen has forgotten the memories of previous lives. What can he know? !

However, after Jiang Chen heard this, there seemed to be something in his mind, like a chain broke!

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