I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1217

There seems to be a tremor in my mind, like Splitting Heaven and Earth Apart, a cloud of mist is cut open by a beam of light!

At this moment, Jiang Chen applied for a trance, and a picture appeared before his eyes.

That is a dazzling Star Domain, vast and vast, connecting the heavens and Great World!

There is an old tree standing in the starry sky. There are stars twinkling on every leaf. It is a world!

At the top of the ancient tree, there is a road full of holy light, moving all the way towards the sky above the so-called sky.

On the trunk, there are creatures walking and climbing, moving towards the road full of holy light.

Along the way, there are also various creatures, coming out of their own world and moving forward slowly.

That road seems to lead to a higher level of the world, and all creatures want to step into it.

But, suddenly the picture turned, and I saw a creature walking down the holy light road, covered in mist.

As he appeared, the whole ancient tree began to tremble, and then the creature swept across with a sword, cutting the whole ancient tree into two ends!

For a while, among the leaves on the ancient trees, countless creatures rushed out of the world, and a roar and roar sounded, and moved towards the man who was shrouded in mist to kill!

This battle was fierce, but until the ancient trees completely collapsed and all the worlds died out, the creatures shrouded in mist never died.

He glanced at the corpses over and over again, and also scanned the world turned into ruins, and the broken trunks, and finally turned into a mist and disappeared.

With the ebbing of time, the place turned into a dead silence, with star debris everywhere, and the body of the supreme powerhouse lying across the icy starry sky.

The once shining world turned into a vast expanse of darkness.

I don’t know how long it took, a light rose from the depths of the darkness.

Then only saw a man stepping out of the darkness, his appearance was vague and unclear, but the light of the whole body flickered, seeming to be above this World!


In the end, Jiang Chen only heard a long sigh, and then the man crossed the dark zone and came to Great Thousand Worlds!

At this point, everything is gone.

And Jiang Chen was stunned, not knowing what to say for a while.

Is the creature shrouded in mist the man who crossed the Dark Starry Sky?

Or, are these two different creatures? !

If it is not the same person, where does the mist-shrouded creature come from? From above the sky?

Where is that man? Where did it come from? From another world? Not above the sky?

Jiang Chen is very puzzled as to why such a picture appeared in his mind.

Could it be that he witnessed everything once! ?

“At the end of the world, that dark starry sky… A long time ago, there was an ancient tree, where there was a big Heaven and Earth, and there were many worlds.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “Unfortunately, In the end they all disappeared and were destroyed.”

“You…really know!? What else do you know!?” Hong Yun asked hurriedly.

Be aware that there are too many legends about the dark zone at the end of the world, and even Transcender wants to pass through the dark zone.

However, since ancient times, no one can do it!

Someone walked back halfway, only to see the endless darkness and the remains of stars, as well as the corpses of various creatures, nothing else.

Some people have not looked back, and have never returned until now. Perhaps they have really crossed the dark zone and entered a new world.

Or maybe, died there.

Of course, if only this is the case, then the dark zone is simply not enough to be remembered by the world.

“According to legend, on the other side of the dark zone, there is another world. A creature came from that world and called himself a fairy!” Hongyun said: “Perhaps… another in the dark zone One end is the legendary Immortal World.”

“If the other end of the dark zone is Immortal World, then…above the ancient tree, where is the end of the road full of holy light? ?” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

Immediately, he shook the head, said with a bitter smile: “I don’t remember all, I only remember these.”

“It seems…that was a big bust, really It’s related to you.” Hongyun stared at Jiang Chen with expression grave, said solemnly: “In this world, there are some things you can do without scruples, but there are some things, you must be vigilant!”

“What What?” Jiang Chen curiously asked.

“The hunter of reincarnation, and the forces behind it.” Hongyun said: “The forces behind the hunter of reincarnation, some call it Samsara Palace, some call it a forager, and some say it is true The inheritance of the ancient Difu.”

“This…so much involved!?” Jiang Chen was shocked.

If the Samsara hunter has something to do with Gudifu… Then this matter…

Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s expression changed a lot. He thought of someone who hadn’t appeared for a long time. Mu Youde!

That guy is definitely related to the ancient land!

If Mu Youde is really from the ancient land, then… Is Jiang Chen in danger? ?

“Mu Youde, the thief and Taoist priest, used to take away my fleshy body from previous lives…Could it be…he already knew everything about me?” Jiang Chen felt cold, if he was really like him. Guess that, then what exactly does Mu Youde want to do? !

At the beginning, with Mu Youde’s strength, it was enough to suppress and kill Jiang Chen!

But he didn’t do that!

Could it be said that Mu Youde’s plan is far greater than the killing of Jiang Chen! ?

“Hopefully, I have thought about it.” Jiang Chen sighed. He didn’t want to be enemies with Mu Youde.

Although Mu Youde is very pitted, but the two have a deep relationship along the way, and it is not an exaggeration to call a brother.

“There have always been stowaways in the world, and you are the most famous one…” Hongyun expression curiously said: “If you encounter a Samsara hunter, remember one thing, you must run, even if it is If I can beat the opponent, I have to run!”

“Why? If I can beat the opponent, why should I run?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Once you fight against Samsara hunter, your breath will be locked, when the time comes…This world is so big that there is no place for you!” Hongyun said solemnly: “Even if it’s me Paragon The Temple of Heaven, may not be able to keep you.”

“Is the Samsara hunter really that terrifying?” Jiang Chen didn’t believe it, after all, he had encountered Samsara hunters.

At that time, Samsara hunter didn’t feel very strong for Jiang Chen.

But Jiang Chen knows that as a Transcender Hongyun, there is no need to lie to him!

“I know, if I meet in the future, I will run immediately.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

“That’s it, you prepare, the battle of Star Domain Academy is about to begin.” Hongyun said lightly.

Jiang Chen hearing this, he clicked nodded, and he wanted to leave Elder Palace, but he didn’t take a few steps, and there was another trembling sound in his mind!

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