I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1219

Jiang Chen was thinking about Mu Youde before. He never thought that there would be news of Mu Youde when he looked back.

However, Mu Youde is in the Western Star Domain, far away from the Eastern Star Domain, and it is impossible to determine the exact location of Mu Youde.

If you rush to find Mu Youde, I am afraid not only you can’t find it, but it will also cause a lot of trouble.

even more how, now he is about to participate in the Star Domain Academy battle, Jiang Chen has no time to find Mu Youde.

“You help me release the news, just say that I am in Heavenspan Court.” Jiang Chen said.

“Nowadays, many people are speculating about your identity. After all…you have no roots and no bottom, you suddenly appeared, and many people are suspicious of you.” Crown Prince said.

“So what? Your evil race is willing to die?” Jiang Chen joked.

Speaking, Jiang Chen forced out a few strands of blood essence and sent them to Crown Prince and the others, saying, “Is this stuff enough for the evil race to protect me?”

“Of course, you are an invaluable treasure to our evil race, how can my evil race leave you alone!” Jiang Zixiu hurriedly took the blood essence, expression very serious.

The same is true for Crown Prince. As an evil race, he knows the ominous matter within the body. Nowadays, apart from Jiang Chen’s blood essence, nothing else can solve it.

If Jiang Chen is dead, the evil race will most likely end up!

“Then I will help you release the news. By the way, let the elders in the clan come over and protect you secretly.” Tai Hao said.

“en. “Jiang Chen nodded, and then asked about Jiang Liu and the others, but there was no definite news.

In the end, Jiang Chen left and came to a mountain alone, calmly and prepared for the battle of Star Domain Academy.

Time passed until two days later.

On this day, Hongyun came, called Jiang Chen, Mu Zhu, and Lin Hao, and then went directly to the Void with his Transcender cultivation base!

From the East Star Domain, all the way through the void, about 5 minutes of time, a few people walked out of the void and landed on a huge square.

Looking at it, all around stood full of various creatures, with emperors sitting in town, and Transcender standing in the air overlooking.

Jiang Chen looked very carefully. The creatures in this square, in small groups, or a pile of four or five people, have a flag in front of him with the name of Academy written on it.

“They are all emperors!?” Jiang Chen was shocked, looking at the dísciples of the Academy, without exception, the lowest cultivation base is the emperor.

And he, the Divine King, is standing here, just like those Transcenders, and he is particularly eye-catching!


At this moment, I saw Hongyun wave a big hand, and one shot was carved with the flag of Heavenspan Court in front of him.

Afterwards, he rose into the air, overlooking everything here.

After all, it is Transcender, and it is different from ordinary people after all.

They are aloof and remote, overlooking everything in the world, few things can make them move.

But this time is obviously different!

Be aware that in Great Thousand Worlds, the well-known Transcender can be counted with one hand, but today’s Transcender in the dojo, Jiang Chen, roughly estimated that there are at least seven or eight!

This means that for the Star Domain Academy battle at this time, many Transcenders have appeared!

“This is the central Star Domain, which belongs to the Holy Emperor Dynasty. The place where I am waiting is the square within the Holy Emperor Dynasty.” When Mu Zhu talked about the Holy Emperor Dynasty, his eyes flashed with respect. Meaning.

Great Thousand Worlds is divided into four Star Domains, but where the four Star Domains connect, there is a special place, and this place is the Central Star Domain!

And the Holy Heaven Dynasty, by the strength of oneself, monopolizes this place, and even allows many Peak forces to come for worship.

The background of this dynasty is no longer what most people can imagine!

Especially the Shengtian Academy established by the Shengtian Dynasty, which is said to be the strongest among all academies!

“The emperor of the Holy Heaven Dynasty, according to legend, is the most promising person to break through the Transcendent Realm world and achieve immortality.” Lin Hao said: “As long as the Holy Heaven Emperor is still there, then this Holy Heaven Dynasty It will not collapse!”

“It can be said that one person really supported a dynasty!” Mu Zhu said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, he couldn’t help but raised his head and glanced at Hongyun, secretly thought that the Paragon Temple is stronger than the Holy Heaven Dynasty.

Hong Yun seems to be aware of Jiang Chen’s eyes and thoughts. At this moment, he looked towards Jiang Chen, indifferently smiled, with a sense of confidence in his eyes.

“It seems that Paragon Temple is not weak…” Jiang Chen whispered.

And at this moment, one after another noise came from a distance.

Everyone heard the sound and saw, only three people wearing black robes moved towards the square.

Before them, someone blocked, but they simply couldn’t stop the pace of these three!

Because, among the three, there are actually two Transcenders!

Two Transcenders made their way. How many people dare to stop in this world! ?

“Divine Court in the dark night! Don’t go too far! Today is a battle between the Academy!”

“Only people from the Academy are eligible to participate! Divine Court in the dark night belongs to sect The forces are not eligible to participate in this Star Domain Academy battle!”

Several guards were blocking in front, but they also kept backing away, and did not dare to obstruct them.

In this regard, the two Transcenders were full of contempt, and with a wave of their big hands, they directly moved their hands and flew the guards of the Holy Heavenly Dynasty!

“My Holy Son has also been to the Academy before, so naturally it is from the Academy.” One of the Transcenders said: “Let’s participate in the Star Domain Academy battle, why not?”

“Cut, what break the rules, I am going to participate in Divine Court in the dark night, how can you guys!? Let the Holy Emperor come out and see if he dares to say a word!?” Another Transcender raised his eyebrows, very arrogant.

All around, many people watched coldly, especially those Transcenders in the air, no one spoke at the moment.

After all, this is the site of the Holy Emperor Dynasty, even if something goes wrong, it will not be their turn to come forward.

“Dark night, dark night, long time no see, you are still high-profile and arrogant as always.”

At this moment, a boy looks like a teenager, red lips, white teeth, wearing a A man with a zodiac dragon robe appeared in the air.

With his appearance, there was obviously a trace of fear in the eyes of the two Transcenders of Divine Court, Dark Night and Dark Night.

Because this young man is the holy emperor who has supported the entire dynasty and dominated the central Star Domain!

“Holy Heaven! Today we are not here to make trouble, we just brought our own dísciple to the competition that’s all.” Dark night stared at the Mu Xingyun behind him, and said: “My Holy Son I also joined the Academy at the beginning, but now I am expelled that’s all.”

“Oh? Since he was expelled, he is not a member of the Academy, so he is naturally not eligible to participate.” The main said with a smile: “Two, go back. The rules of this Star Domain Academy battle have been established for so many years and have never been broken.”

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