I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1220

The Divine Court in the dark night is notorious in Great Thousand Worlds. Mu Xingyun was hunted down many times because of this incident.

And now, he was expelled by the Academy because of the Holy Son of Divine Court in the dark night.

This is great, I can’t participate in the Star Domain Academy battle.

But Divine Court was upset in the dark night. He could participate in the Star Domain Academy battle with his eyes. As a result, his own Holy Son was fired at this moment.

This… can you make trouble! ?

However, the rules of the Star Domain Academy battle are like this, even if you have an extraordinary natural talent, no matter how strong you are, as long as you are not a dísciple of a certain Academy, you cannot participate!

Of course, Dark Night and Dark Night have thought about this!

Come today, they are not here to make trouble, they come to find an Academy for Mu Xingyun and join temporarily!

As long as you join the Academy, you can naturally participate in the Star Domain Academy battle. When the time comes, if you get lucky and win the first prize, you will be able to enter the Great Thousand Mine!

“Everyone, I will put the words here today, An Ming, which Academy is willing to temporarily accept Mu Xingyun as Holy Son, and my Divine Court in the dark night is willing to have a long-term relationship with Ni!”

“Yes!” Dark night nodded and said.

However, Divine Court in the dark night is really notorious. Who wants to be involved with the Divine Court in the dark night?

Furthermore, all the Academy who came to participate this time have sent a dísciple of foundation level!

Now if you accept Mu Xingyun, it is equivalent to replacing one of your own heritage-level dísciple.

This…is it inappropriate?

You must know that Mu Xingyun’s current cultivation base is only God Venerable Realm. Isn’t it a cannon fodder for the cultivation base to participate in the Star Domain Academy battle?

Not even cannon fodder!

For a while, no one agreed, and the scene became extremely embarrassing.

Even the two Transcenders, Dark Night and Dark Ming, who have lived for countless years, are also blushing at this moment.

As for Mu Xingyun, he had covered his face a long time ago, which is really shameful!

“Come to me.”

But, suddenly, a light voice sounded in a joke.

Everyone was stunned. Looking back, they just saw Jiang Chen beckoning to Mu Xingyun.

“This guy…is also here to participate in the Star Domain Academy battle?”

“This…the special God King Realm dare to join!?”


Everyone was stunned. Before, they thought that Mu Xingyun’s cultivation base was the lowest. I never thought there was a lower one!

“Don’t make trouble, I was expelled by Heavenspan Court.” Mu Xingyun said with a black face, “If I don’t expel me… I might not be allowed to join Star Domain Academy. The battle.”

“You can add it back if you are fired. What are you afraid of.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “Why? Stay with me, I’m afraid I can’t win the crown?”

“You? The cultivation base is too low, even lower than mine.” Mu Xingyun said angrily.

He also has a depressed look, knowing that Jiang Chen’s innate talent aptitude is extremely high, which can be called an enchanting evildoer, but this guy’s cultivation speed is simply outrageous!

Of course, he didn’t know that Jiang Chen cultivation is very diligent, but due to the cultivated Heavenspan scripture and tiger soul skills, most of his divine force is used to moult Spirit Physique and nurture tiger bone Up.

As a result, the progress of this cultivation is naturally much slower.

But this does not mean that Jiang Chen is weaker than others!

“I can look at it, after all…cough cough…no one wants you now.” Dark night whispered, glanced at Mu Xingyun, and asked: “What do you think?”

“Is there any way, others don’t want me, if you want to participate in the Star Domain Academy battle, now you can only return to Heavenspan Garden.” Mu Xingyun said with a bitter smile.

“Can you represent Heavenspan Court?” Dark Night looked towards Jiang Chen, is there no one in Heavenspan Court secretly thought? How to send a Divine King kid to the competition.

Furthermore, Mu Xingyun was expelled by Heavenspan Yuan before. Now Jiang Chen can make Mu Xingyun go back with just one sentence?

Even if you really return to Heavenspan Garden, but… can you let Mu Xingyun participate in the Star Domain Academy battle?

In short, Dark Night and Dark Ming do not believe it!

In this regard, Jiang Chen looked up at Hongyun and asked: “Can I be the master?”

“As you are.” Hongyun lightly said, did not agree, but No objection.

Everyone was hearing this, immediately dumbfounded.

What the hell! ?

Now Heavenspan Court, is it really up to such a Divine King kid?

“Lin Hao, go down and let Mu Xingyun come.” Jiang Chen said to Lin Hao: “It doesn’t matter if you stay anyway.”

When it came out, Lin Hao almost exploded!

It’s useless for me to stay as an emperor, but it’s useful for him as a god! ?

However, this time Heavenspan Court does not have a foundation level dísciple. There is no hope for winning the first prize, and Lin Hao does not want to participate in it.

In this way, Lin Hao walked out of the square with a black face, and Mu Xingyun came to Jiang Chen’s side.

“What a weird thing!”

“Three people, a Divine King, a god, and an emperor…that’s it…and come to participate in the battle of Star Domain Academy? Are you embarrassing?”


all around The sounds of mockery and contempt sounded one after another, and no one was optimistic about Jiang Chen’s side.

Even Fortune also hooked the head, secretly thought this time, I am afraid that there is really no hope of winning.

There is still a glimmer of hope when Lin Hao is here, but now…with a deity, this hope is slim.

“Help me advance to the finals. I don’t want to take a shot in the middle. Wait until the finals, just wait for me to win the championship.” Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun briefly talked about their plans.

Mu Xingyun has no opinion on this.

After all, he also feels hopeless this time.


At this moment, the Holy Emperor opened his mouth, waved his hand, and said: “There are eight academies coming to the competition this year. There are twenty-four people in total.”

“Everyone understands the rules. The opponent chooses at will. You can choose to refuse or agree.” The Holy Emperor said: “Twenty people enter 12 people, ten Two people enter six people, and so on.”

“Okay, we all know!”

“I heard that the dísciple of the young generation of the Shengtian Dynasty…cough cough… …”

At this moment, a few Transcender jokingly opened their eyes, and their eyes fell on the Holy Emperor.

The Holy Emperor is hearing this, his old face is dark, secretly thought, which pot is really not open and which pot!

Under the seat of the Holy Heaven Dynasty, there is a Holy Heaven Academy, and in the Holy Heaven Academy, there is a dísciple of the dynasty.

Among them, the three strongest people in Shengtian Academy today are descendants of the Shengtian Emperor.

However, those three people are all women!

The previous Transcenders said those words, this is secretly taunting the prosperity and decline of the Holy Emperor!

The Holy Emperor is also very depressed about this, secretly thought what is going on, why in this generation, there is a man in the whole line, and the others are all women!

The most important thing is that the only man, the Crown Prince of the holy dynasty, was born to be unable to cultivation…

“There was a female emperor who was in charge of the world, and now I am The three holy phoenixes can dominate the heroes.” The holy emperor said solemnly, although he has confidence in his three female descendants, he still feels a little uncomfortable…

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