I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1221

Everyone despised the Holy Emperor, and even more people wondered, if the Holy Emperor’s dynasty is really overwhelming, how will this next generation multiply?

Be aware that the emperor of the Holy Heaven Dynasty has existed since the establishment of the dynasty.

After all these years, should we give way?

But if you give way, to whom?

Shall it be given to the Crown Prince who cannot be cultivated? Or is it to give to the three daughters Princess?

This is obviously impossible!

“Hey, it would be great if you can join the family.”

“Don’t tell me, the Holy Emperor really intends to recruit son-in-law. And, it is this time Star Choose from the Battle of Domain Academy!”


Many people are discussing this matter secretly, and the voice is not small.

The Holy Emperor heard all this in his ears, but he didn’t care.

As these people said, this time the battle of Star Domain Academy, the Holy Heaven Dynasty originally planned to recruit son-in-law!

“Everyone, what you said is correct. This time, anyone in the Star Domain Academy battle, not to mention winning the first prize, any outstanding person, may be recruited as son-in-law by my holy dynasty.” The emperor simply said it directly, admitting it in front of everyone.

At this moment, many people expressed excitement, especially when looking towards the three women on the other side of the square, wonderful rays of light flashed in their eyes!

“Hey, take a look, those three are the Princess of the Holy Emperor Dynasty, the most powerful three in this generation of the Holy Empire.” Mu Xingyun poked Jiang Chen on the shoulder and tried mouth.

Jiang Chen hearing this, moved towards Mu Xingyun’s mouth.

From this look, there was also a glint in his eyes.

“tsk tsk tsk…More beautiful than Fengyu.” Jiang Chen said subconsciously.

As soon as these words came out, Mu Xingyun laughed and said: “What’s wrong? Miss your female disciplines?”

“Uh… indeed.” Jiang Chen did not Denial, after all, I have been separated from Bai Fengyu and the others for a long time, and I don’t know how they are now.

However, there is one thing to say, the three Princesses of the Shengtian Dynasty are indeed stunning!

Moreover, these three women have a very high cultivation base, and they have all reached the upper emperor!

“With your cultivation base, I am afraid that I don’t need to think too much, people will not look at you.” Mu Xingyun jokingly said: “It’s me, there is still hope.”

“Come on, just you? Don’t you know the reputation of Divine Court in the dark night? Among the 24 contestants, everyone has hope, but you, the Holy Son of Divine Court in the dark night, have no hope!” Jiang Chen said.

Mu Xingyun is hearing this, his face is embarrassed, and he feels unlucky in his heart!

After I came to Great Thousand Worlds, in order to save my life, I joined Divine Court in the dark night.

Who knows the reputation of Divine Court in the dark night…

“Dragon Race is here!”

At this moment, a loud shout came from outside the square.

After that, I saw two Dragon Races transformed into human forms, supporting a small dragon and walking in.

Everyone welcomes one after another saluted, even a few Transcenders smiled, which is considered a salute.

“Everyone, my clan Ancestral Dragon wants to come and watch the game, don’t you mind?” One of the Dragon Race said, pointing his finger at the small dragon behind him, and saying: “This is me Dragon Race, born from the six worlds, Seizing Heaven and Earth Good Fortune in one body, Saint Ancestor, the mighty god of virtue and virtue!”

“I have heard about this dragon a long time ago, but I saw it today. As expected of Ancestral Dragon! The temperament and demeanor are excellent!”

“The so-called Dragon Phoenix in the dragon, I must be talking about Sir Long, the ancestor of Dragon Race.”


Many people patted flattery, undisguised as flattery.

After all, Dragon Race, even without Ancestral Dragon, is one of the very best races in this Great Thousand Worlds!

But at the moment, two people have quite strange expressions.

These two people are naturally Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun!

“After this ruffian dragon came to Great Thousand Worlds, it really eats well. It is just two worlds who are desperately working with us!” Mu Xingyun said, not to mention how envious it was.

Jiang Chen is also bitterly laughed, this is the gap between life and Longsheng!

“You don’t need to have any worries, and you can participate separately.”

At this moment, Long Dade held his head up, looking at the world.

He didn’t transform into a human form, but hovered in one of the Dragon Races, wagging his tail graciously.

In those little days, I didn’t have much to say!

The most important thing is that Dragon Race not only values ​​him, but also respects him!

“What are you waiting, is this guy floating?” Mu Xingyun whispered.

“Phoenix Race is here!”

“Vermilion Bird One is here!”

Suddenly, in the distance Three chants came.

At this moment, many people are a little messy.

What day is today? The Big Three in Monster Race are here! ?

“I’m sorry, everyone, I want to come to watch the game today, I hope you don’t care.”

Soon, Phoenix Race’s people arrived, and two of them turned into human figures. Phoenix, and black Phoenix with its feathers stretched out and twisting its fat waist.

However, this Phoenix is ​​obviously different from other Phoenix.

Other Phoenix, they are all gorgeous colors, but this Phoenix is ​​covered in black feathers, and it is also steaming with strands of Netherworld’s Fire!

“The rumors are true!? Phoenix Race also found the ancestor Phoenix!?”

“This…is that the Nine Nether Phoenix from the Six Realms!? “

Many people exclaimed, secretly thought this time that the six worlds collapsed. The Dragon Race and Phoenix races can be said to be lucky. They actually found two ancestors. !

“Master wants a girl!”

Just as everyone was amazed, the Nine Nether Phoenix spoke. This opening… directly stunned everyone.

Even the two Phoenix who accompany the Nether Phoenix have a chuckle at the corners of their mouths, whispered: “Respect, pay attention to the image.”

Sister! The master is the Nine Nether Phoenix, the world is unique and unmatched, and the master wants to form a Nine Nether Phoenix clan!” Nine Nether Phoenix yelled, not like an ancestor!

In this regard, Jiang Chen had a dark face and stared at the Nether Phoenix, whispered: “Dade Phoenix…Hey!”

“What a coincidence, didn’t expect Dragon Race and Phoenix Race are here.”

At this moment, the Vermilion Bird One clan also arrived.

There are also two people, with a small Vermilion Bird.

Jiang Chen looked at this and blinked his eyes, showing a strange expression.

Because, this little Vermilion Bird of the Vermilion Bird One clan, isn’t it a great virtue?

It seems that the mixing of these three great virtues in Great Thousand Worlds is really not so good!

“I have watched the show, these three great virtues gathered together, I don’t believe that this Star Domain Academy battle can be carried out safely!” Mu Xingyun teased: “You are the boss. Good teaching.”

“Fuck you! They are like this, but I did not teach them, they were all taught by the thief Taoist Mu Youde!” Jiang Chen’s face turned dark, his expression suddenly A change!

Just because, he felt someone watching him!

Following that feeling, Jiang Chen saw a fat-headed, ruddy Fat Daoist Priest among the crowd outside the square. At the moment, he was smiling at Jiang Chen…


No! Is lowly laughed!

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