I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1222

When Jiang Chen saw the Fat Daoist Priest, his heart couldn’t help but smoke!

“Want to make trouble? The four great virtues gather?” Jiang Chen covered his face, secretly thought that if the Star Domain Academy battle goes smoothly, he would not surnamed Jiang!

“Big brother, I haven’t seen you for a long time, I really miss it!”

“My second and third child, I am not your big brother. Please be careful when speaking.”

At this moment, the three great virtues were chatting with each other, especially Long Dade. When Bird Dade and Huang Dade called him his big brother, their faces were black.

Why are you blind? ?

Let’s not say that Fat Daoist Priest over there is higher than me, just say that young man, such a big living person, you are blind! ?

The real big brother is there!

Long Dade dare not call himself the big brother in front of Jiang Chen and Mu Youde, isn’t this pushing him into the Fire Pit!

“I see a few ancestors who are quite immortal Qi, why don’t you go with me to travel the Great Thousand Worlds and find the secret of becoming immortal?”

At this moment, Mu Youde walked out, shivering with his fat belly, smiling very kindly.

Of course, this smile is kind, he thinks.

In the eyes of others, don’t mention how wretched and mean this smile is!

“Wipe! This guy really dares to get ahead!” Jiang Chen was shocked, secretly thought there are several Transcenders here, please give me a little leisure! ?

“Impudent! Where is this, allowing you to come here to play wild!?”

Sure enough, at the moment when Mu Youde appeared, there was a Transcender outraged. .

Mu Youde doesn’t care about this at all.

He even looked up at the Transcender, with a hint of contempt in his eyes, and said: “I am the lord of the Four Netherworlds, and even the lord of the ancient mansion! If it weren’t for my cultivation base had not been restored now , How can you speak!?”

“Seeing your cultivation is not easy, I won’t be held accountable for the offenses against me before!”

At this moment, everyone is a little confused Up.

Only because Mu Youde’s current cultivation base is Divine Emperor that’s all.

A Divine Emperor, dare to talk to Transcender like this? What a fate! ?

Even the Transcender is dumbfounded. I have seen a madman, but I have never seen such a madman!

“This person is an old acquaintance of me.”

At this moment, Long Dade spoke, pointed at Mu Youde, and said to everyone: “When I was in the Six Realms, Thanks to his care, now that he has also come to Great Thousand Worlds, he should be regarded as a guest of honor by my Dragon Race since he has come to Great Thousand Worlds.”

What kind of status is Long Dade now? That is the most peak existence of Dragon Race!

His words represent the meaning of the entire Dragon Race!

After Mu Youde heard this, his confidence became stronger. He squinted his eyes, and the humble smile on the corner of his mouth became more exuberant, saying: “I see it, no need for me to act, my little brother can do I smooth everything!”

“You!” The Transcender was blown up in anger, and at the same time, he looked towards Long Dade in doubt, and asked: “Your Ancestral Dragon, what do you mean?”

“It means literally.” Long Dade didn’t have any fear at all, and saw him staring at the Transcender, coldly said: “What? Do you want to do something to the guest of my Dragon Race?”

“Dragon Race is strong, but it is Transcender, no one needs to be afraid of anyone!” Transcender looks ugly, but he dare not really put aside all considerations of face with Dragon Race.

After all, Dragon Race means Three Great Giants in Monster Race today!

Offended Dragon Race, the consequences are very serious!

“a trifling Transcender that’s all, do I not have the Vermilion Bird One family? If you dare to speak disrespect to this Taoist priest, believing or not my Vermilion Bird One family will immediately turn your face with you!?”

Bird Dade also spoke. After all, the relationship between them and Mu Youde is simply the relationship between Master and discipline!

You know, without Mu Youde, there would be no such three great virtues!

These three great virtues can be said to be crooked by Mu Youde!

“Boy, don’t think that you are a Transcender is great, dare to move my brother, believing or not, this phoenix put all the female juniors of your clan to sleep!?” Huang Dade also spoke, but this As soon as the guy spoke, the picture couldn’t bear to look directly at it!

Is this talking human? !

No, does this speak Phoenix? ?

This Transcender is also a little confused. What’s the secretly thought?

These three ancestral Monster Races are actually sheltering the Fat Daoist Priest! ?

And when I think of the background and strength of these three Monster Races, this Transcender is just coldly snorted, and I don’t want to worry about it.

After all, if the quarrel continues, there may be a war!

“Well, you guys today is the battle of Star Domain Academy. Let’s leave time and space to the dísciples of the major academies.” The Holy Heaven Dynasty waved his hand to signal everyone to calm down.

However, there are four great virtues. Are you sure that this Star Domain Academy battle can be carried out safely?

Jiang Chen doesn’t believe it anyway.

And those four great virtues, I guess they don’t even believe them.

Sure enough, just after the Holy Emperor’s words were finished, I saw Huang Dade waved his hand, and a Phoenix Race Transcender beside him took a step, then waved his hand, and the redwood boxes fell on In front of the Holy Emperor Lord.

At this moment, the Holy Heaven Dynasty was a little confused.

He looked at these redwood boxes, especially the huge happy characters on the boxes, he was a little messy.

What are you doing? Come to propose marriage to the king?

This King Keshi is a man!

“Holy Emperor, the ancestors of my clan are here today, not only to watch the battle, but also to propose marriage.” The Transcender of Phoenix Race said: “I heard that the descendants of the holy heaven There are three women, and the innate talent aptitude is extraordinary. My patriarch personally came to propose marriage.”

“old fellow, did you hear me? Benhuang personally came to propose marriage. Think about it yourself and consider your three females Later generations can pick any one for me.” Huang Dade squinted his eyes, and he looked like a king of heaven and I was not as big as him.

The Holy Emperor is hearing this, his face is black!

What day is today! ? It is the day of the Star Domain Academy battle!

What about now? What are you doing! ?

Propose a marriage! ?

“Grand ancestor, you…Isn’t this scene inappropriate to propose marriage, right?” Shengtian Dynasty said solemnly: “Although you are a master of ancestors, you…cannot be so impudent.”

“Really? How am I impudent?” Huang Dade raised his eyebrows, looked towards Long Dade and Bird Dade, and asked: “Do you think…Is this impudent? To give myself I’m impudent to pass on from generation to generation and reproduce.”

“Holy Emperor, what do you mean? I intend to let my brother cut off offspring!?” Bird Dade was the first to be unhappy and jumped. Came out, coldly said: “If my phoenix brother is to cut off his children and grandchildren, your holy dynasty does not want to live it!”

“hmph! my phoenix brother personally come to propose marriage, that is your holy heaven The honor of the dynasty! Why? If you don’t agree, you don’t even dare to speak disrespectfully!? I really can’t help you! I thought you would be invincible in this world!?” Long Dade also shouted angrily.

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