I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1223

The cultivation base of the three great virtues is not high, but the forces behind them are terrifying!

The three giants of Monster Race support them. Coupled with the relationship between these three great virtues, the three Monster Races seem to have a tendency to unite!

If the three major Monster Races join forces, the Holy Heaven Dynasty will not be able to resist it!

As a result, in the face of the anger of the three great virtues, the Holy Heaven Dynasty immediately persuaded!

I saw him with a dark face, harboring malicious intentions staring at Huang Dade, secretly thought, the ancestor of Phoenix Race, how could he have this virtue! ?

“cough cough…My little girl is still young, not suitable for marriage talks.” Shengtian Dynasty explained.

“Fart! You said before that you have to choose your son-in-law in the Star Domain Academy battle at this time!” Huang Dade yelled: “What!? It’s me, the son-in-law can’t do it!?”

Speaking, Huang Dade pointed to his back and said: “Behind this phoenix, there is the entire Phoenix Race standing! Do you know what this means?! Not only is the Phoenix Race supporting this phoenix, but also The major affiliated races under the clan, the Luan clan, and the snake Dragon Race, will all support this phoenix!”

“I am such a great son-in-law, you look down on it!? Are your eyes letting shit go? Confused!?”

Huang Dade is unceremonious, he sprays messily, and what he says is really fragrant and full of fragrance!

The face of the Holy Emperor became more and more ugly, he really didn’t want to continue entangled in this matter!

The top priority is to carry on the battle of Star Domain Academy first!

Otherwise, all major Academy dísciples are consumed here, which is not a problem!

“Master Huang, it’s better to fight the Star Domain Academy first, and discuss it afterwards, what do you think?” said the Holy Emperor.

“Everyone is sensible, open the window to speak brightly! Do you agree with today’s marriage?” Long Dade raised his eyebrows, said solemnly: “You don’t need to say more, today you agree with that It’s the best. If you don’t agree, my three big Monster Races don’t mind robbing people!”

“Yes! Nod your head when you agree, and give me Huang Dade brother if you don’t agree. , We grab it directly! When the time comes, it’s not grab one, but all three!” said Bird Dade.

At this moment, the atmosphere on the scene seemed a bit embarrassing.

Especially the Holy Emperor, the corner of his mouth chuckles for a while, secretly thought the ancestors found by these three Monster Races, what are they?

No matter how you look, it looks like a rascal! ?

“Cough cough, sir, or let them go on the Star Domain Academy battle first? We will not bother others like this.” A Transcender whispered next to Huang Dade, motioned Huang Dade relaxed a little.

After all, so many people are watching. Although the three Big Monster Races are not afraid of the Holy Emperor, they can’t be so unreasonable.

However, Huang Dade is determined, staring at his eyes, coldly said: “Today, my real big brother is not there. If he is here, don’t say it’s your three descendants, even you The Holy Heavens have emptied you!”

“Yes! My big brother Jiang Chen, have you ever heard of it? All the evil races are now supporting him! Holy Heavens Lord, you can Think about it clearly!” Bird Dade said.

As soon as this was said, everyone didn’t react, but Jiang Chen’s face was very strange.

What a special one! ? What are you guys doing? This is how my reputation was ruined by you! ?

Only Long Dade was silent, because he saw Jiang Chen at a glance.

He also wondered, are Huang Dade and Bird Dade blind? Such a big living person has not seen it! ?

“cough cough.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen couldn’t stand it anymore and coughed slightly.

The sound of this cough made the feathers of Huang Dade and Bird Dade tremble.

They are very familiar with this voice, and following that voice, they just saw Jiang Chen of Complexion Ashen!

“Give me a little time! If you want to mess up, don’t bring me! I still have a reputation!” Jiang Chen sound transmission secretly.

At this moment, Bird Dade and Huang Dade were obviously confused.

Now they are not afraid of anything, only their boss!

“Okay, I’ll talk about it later, let’s hold the Star Domain Academy battle first.” Huang Dade whispered, with his head shrinking, secretly thought his boss will not hold grudges, right?

The same is true of Bird Dade, watching his nose, nose, mouth, mouth, and heart, as if he doesn’t care about his own affairs.

“Everyone knows the rules, then the Star Domain Academy battle, now starts…” The Holy Emperor said, but before he finished speaking, he was interrupted again.

I saw Mu Youde waved his hand and said: “Are you not looking at me, people from the ancient palace? You are all over, I haven’t settled this matter yet!”

At this moment, the Holy Emperor is obviously angry.

It doesn’t matter if I was disturbed by the three great virtues before, after all, family property is thick.

But now, you, a Fat Daoist Priest, also want to stir up! ?

“Where to go back, you are not one of the three Monster Races, even if they want to protect you, they may not be able to do everything! Pay attention to yourself! Get out!” Angry shouted.

Before, the three great virtues made his heart full of anger, and now the Emperor Holy Heaven sprinkled the anger directly on Mu Youde.

“Oh? Let me go? In this world, even if it is Transcender, those who dare to let me go are not born yet?!” Mu Youde complexion is gloomy, and then he waved his hand. The pitch-black battle flag with the broken pole appeared in his hand.

Immediately, he planted the battle flag in the void, connected the seal with both hands, loudly shouted: “In the name of the ancient mansion, borrow Yin Soldier, never use it!”



The moment the voice fell, the void instantly shattered, and then I saw in the void, a road shrouded in darkness and mist emerged.

At the end of the road, there is the sound of the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses advancing, and there is a strong Qi of Death overflow!

Many people frowns, can’t see what is in the dark mist.

But those Transcenders are tingling scalp!

At the end of the road, in the dark mist, there is actually a large army moving towards this place!

The cultivation base of the few creatures headed by Transcender are all in Transcender!

“My God! What is this?! The inheritance of the ancient palace? Are the three headed creatures dead or alive? How can they look like long-dead Transcender!”

“This is…ancient battle banner!”

Someone finally saw the origin of this battle banner, which is exactly the same as that recorded in the ancient book. Gudifu mobilizes Yin Soldier’s token!

According to legend, as soon as this battle flag is released, the ancient palace can do its best!

“Who the hell are you!?” The Holy Emperor’s heart is chilling, secretly thought that all who come today are who! ?

Not to mention the three ancestors of Monster Race, now there is a Fat Daoist Priest claiming to be the ancient land!

He didn’t believe it at all before, after all, the ancient palace had disappeared for a long time and was already destroyed.

But now, when he saw the ancient battle flag in Mu Youde’s hand, he was a little panicked!

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