I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1224

A person who claims to be an ancient mansion, even holding an ancient battle flag, has greatly changed the expression of everyone, and is even more speculative about the identity of Mu Youde, and he is also afraid!

If Mu Youde is really a member of the Old Mansion, then his status is so high that few people present can look at him!

The most important thing is that if the ancient palace is still there and has not been destroyed, then… the identity of Mu Youde…

When I think of this, the holy emperor’s face becomes more ugly. He stared at Mu Youde, said solemnly: “Who is your Excellency!?”

“As you can see, the Lord of the Ancient Mansion!” The imposing manner on Mu Youde suddenly changed, eyes flash with a cold light, with wisps of coercion, said: “In this world, except for the Lord of the Celestial Court, who would dare to say a word to me!?”

“Even if the Lord of the Celestial Court is here Now, before he says this, he has to weigh three points!”

This is really shocking everyone can’t speak!

Looking at such a confident Mu Youde, many people really believe it!

However, only one person doubted his identity.

And this person is Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen knows that Mu Youde is indeed related to the ancient land house, but whether it is really the master of the ancient land house is not certain!

“You ancient battle flag…was it dug from which ancient tomb?” Jiang Chen asked in secret sound transmission.

“Those who know me are worthy of you.” Mu Youde sound transmission, jokingly, said: “If I didn’t pretend to be the lord of the ancient palace, I would have been hacked to death!”

“Oh, let me just say it.” Jiang Chen smiled slightly and stood there without asking more.

At this moment, Mu Youde really regards himself as the lord of the ancient palace.

I saw him standing proudly in the square, his eyes swept across the crowd, and then he suddenly smiled and said, “Actually, there is nothing wrong with me coming here, just come and have a look. It’s just that you don’t seem to pay attention. Me, so I came out and said, that’s all.”




At this moment, everyone is speechless.

Because others don’t value you, you came out to show off?

Furthermore, at first, you did not say that you are the lord of the ancient palace!

“Fellow Daoist, now that I know your identity, my holy dynasty welcomes you naturally, please come to your seat.” The holy emperor is also uncertain about Mu Youde’s true identity, but he knows this People cannot offend for the time being.

“Boy, sensible.” Mu Youde said with a smile, and then in front of everyone, Shi Shiran sat on a chair right above the square.

There are several chairs there, originally prepared for a group of Transcenders.

But now, Mu Youde has taken the middle seat.

Although many people are upset and doubt the identity of Mu Youde, no one dares to say anything at this moment.

even more how they and Mu Youde lacking hatred and enmity, there is no need to provoke an unidentified person who is suspected to be related to the ancient land.

“Everyone…cough cough…The Star Domain Academy battle begins!”

After more than ten breaths, the Holy Emperor spoke again. This time, no one was involved. It’s up.

And when his voice fell, I saw the dísciple of the eight Academy took a step forward, and the atmosphere of the scene suddenly became tense!

The rules of the Star Domain Academy battle are very simple. You can choose your opponent or let others choose you.

Moreover, you can also refuse the other party’s challenge.

But, no matter what, every Academy in the first round competition, whether it is three times for one person or once for each of the three, it will have to complete three games!

“Heavenspan Garden dísciple, Mu Zhu, would like to accept three challenges!”

At this moment, in order to enable Jiang Chen to advance smoothly, Mu Zhu speaks directly in front of everyone. With one person, fight three games alone in the First Stage!

In this way, no one will challenge Jiang Chen.

However, whether Muzhu can resist these three games is not certain.

“Can this emperor do it?” Mu Xingyun asked from the side, with a trace of contempt in his eyes, and said: “I have seen more of this kind of emperor, but few are powerful.”

“I also think that the emperor Muzhu is the same.” Jiang Chen whispered.

Standing at the forefront, Mu Zhu, who was ready to meet the challenge, heard these words in his ears, his chest was ups and downs, and he almost didn’t get mad!

“You two, a Divine King, and a god, I am so embarrassed to say me!?” Mu Zhu was angry, but the plan was already set, he must open the way for Jiang Chen!

“Holy Academy, Saint Loulan, please enlighten me!”

At this moment, a woman walked out in the direction of Shengtian Academy.

Its appearance is really beautiful, with an oval face and a faint grip on the willow waist, especially those big long legs, faintly discernible under a layer of black gauze, which is reminiscent of gracefulness.

“Yo? You shot so soon? It seems that the three female descendants of the Holy Emperor are still quite confident.”

“Hey, Sanfeng of the Holy Emperor , The very difficult to deal with being trumpeted, I don’t know true or false.”


all around, many people have waited and watched and wanted to see How strong is the strongest female disciple of the current generation of Emperor Dynasty?

At this moment, Mu Zhu’s face is ugly, he also didn’t expect, this First Stage directly matched the first stage of the three phoenixes!

Although this Saint Loulan is the weakest among the Three Phoenixs, she is also stronger than him!

“That…I should not work anymore. The plan has changed. You can take the rest of the way by yourself.” Mu Zhu said with a bitter smile to Jiang Chen, and then brace oneself walked up.



next moment, the two of them did not speak, and went to war!

In this battle, at first Muzhu fell into a disadvantage!

After all, Saint Loulan is one of the three phoenixes, and her strength is worthy of her prestige.

Jiang Chen looked at Mu Zhu constantly being suppressed, and he was about to lose, and he was deeply moved.

“Ugh…” Jiang Chen sighed. If Mu Zhu loses, then it will be too difficult for him to enter the finals!



But suddenly, Jiang Chen heard a roar in his mind, and immediately seemed to have many more memories.

The rune in his eyes is shining, and when looking towards the battle between Mu Zhu and Saint Loulan, he seems to be watching a small second farce.

Especially Saint Loulan’s moves, and even the application trajectory of divine force and law, he can see clearly!

“divine force is the sword, the main edge, attacking the right!”

“The law is the net, the foot!”

“Fist, flash After, after the town!”


At this moment, Jiang Chen didn’t know what was wrong, lightly said again and again.

And when Mu Zhu heard these words, his expression condensed, and he actually subconsciously followed what Jiang Chen said!

Next, a scene that shocked everyone happened!

Muzhu, who was originally in a disadvantaged position, not only suppressed Saint Loulan under Jiang Chen’s guidance, but even after a hundred rounds, he fell behind and fell behind Saint Loulan. A palm slapped him on the back, shook him directly on the ground, and suppressed it on the spot!


“The lower emperor, suppress the upper emperor!?”


At this moment, exclaimed The sound sounded one after another, everyone moved!

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