I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1225

No one was shocked in this battle, even Mu Zhu himself was frightened.

He was dumbfounded, stunned in the same place, completely unable to understand why he could defeat Saint Loulan!

You must know that Saint Loulan is one of the three phoenixes of the Holy Heaven Dynasty, and the cultivation base has reached the upper emperor. The horror of its battle strength is far beyond the comparison of ordinary emperors!

However, such a powerful emperor was actually suppressed by him!

“Being defeated with insufficient combat experience.”

“It’s a pity that a little girl has a profound cultivation base, an extraordinary natural talent, but she has no combat experience.”


Several Transcender reviews, do not think that Saint Loulan is weak, but lacks combat experience.

At this moment, Saint Loulan frowned her eyebrows, seemingly hard to accept this fact!

She was very reconciled, and she knew why she had been suppressed because she was outstripping a lot of wood and bamboo! ?

At the same time, her eyes fell on Jiang Chen’s body.

Before Jiang Chen pointed Muzhu, the voice was not loud, but not too small, at least everyone in the vicinity heard it.

She was very puzzled, could it really be possible for Mu Zhu to suppress her with just a few pointers from Jiang Chen?

“You Interesting, this palace remembers you.” Saint Loulan said solemnly, eyes flash with a cold light, and then did not speak, and retreated outside the square.

“Third Sister was actually defeated, this kid is a bit strong.”

At this moment, one of the three phoenixes, Saint Loulan’s elder sister, Sheng Lou Yun narrowed his eyes and stared. Holding Muzhu, she said to the big sister Sheng Louxue next to him: “Big sister, do you want to go first?”

“Is it necessary for me to do this kind of stuff?” Sheng Louxue looked contemptuously , Said: “It’s better for you to go, this time you must win, don’t lose the face of the holy dynasty, and take revenge for the little girl by the way.”

Sheng Lou Yun hearing this, with a reluctant look, But because of the face of her big sister, she went out.

After that, she came to the center of the square, looked towards Mu Zhu, raised her eyebrows, and said: “Since you can beat the little girl, then…you are qualified to fight with me.”

“Why… don’t you let me take a break?” Mu Zhu said with a bitter smile: “It was an accident that I beat her.”

“Really?” Shenglou Yun lightly said, at the moment when the voice fell, his body was like a stream of light, and it was going straight away!

The speed of Shenglouyun is extremely fast, and it directly tore the void. When she appeared again, a palm was already attached to Mu Zhu’s body!

Mu Zhu was stunned. He knew that he would not be Sheng Louyun’s opponent. He was completely blank at the moment and didn’t know what to do for a while.

But at this moment, Jiang Chen’s voice sounded: “Retreat three steps to the left, punch with the right, attack it, and the rule on the left, wrap it around the bottom!”

Takemoto was completely blank in his head. Hearing Jiang Chen’s words at this moment, he did it subconsciously!

And the consequences of doing this directly fooled Shenglouyun.

It was originally a palm that must be hit, but Mu Zhu avoided it. At the same time, Mu Zhu attacked with a right fist, pushing her to the door, and the left hand method would be like a chain burst, binding her feet stand up!

“Condense the divine force law in one finger, forcing her to center her eyebrows!” Jiang Chen said hurriedly.

Wood and bamboo hearing this, and did not think, the divine force and the law are condensed at the fingertips, like a sharp sword, piercing the void, and going straight to the eyebrows of Shenglouyun!

Shenglouyun’s expression changed drastically, and he tenderly shouted: “You think I’m such a bully!?”


When the voice fell, I saw Shenglouyun within the body, a terrifying divine force erupted, and at the same time the law condensed and turned into a huge illusory shadow of the gods, covering it!



With a burst of noise, Muzhu’s finger was blocked by the god illusory shadow, and at the same time Shenglouyun shot back. A law of palmprint moved towards Muzhu’s top of the head, down!

“Escape from the void, move to the side, with the feet in three positions, go through the left side, hit the top of the god, and break its Divine Physique!” Jiang Chen said.

“Boy! Shut up! What does the battle between them have to do with you!?”

“Muzhu, Little Brat, the lower emperor, was able to suppress the holy Loulan, now he can compete with Shenglouyun again, mostly because Jiang Chen is pointing aside.”


At this moment, someone is screaming, but Jiang Chen doesn’t care. , Continue to point to the side.

In this way, Mu Zhu seemed to be controlled by cao, and he kept shooting and defending according to Jiang Chen’s meaning.

After more than eight hundred confluences, Mu Zhu heard Jiang Chen’s words and walked sideways to Shenglouyun’s side, and then pushed his palms horizontally out, directly flying Shenglouyun away!

Immediately, in a flash, Mu Zhu rushed out again, without waiting for the other’s reaction, a finger touched Sheng Louyun’s forehead, lightly said: “You lose!”


At this moment, Shenglouyun was also dumbfounded.

She couldn’t accept this fact, why…she lost! ?

Similarly, after Mu Zhu finished saying this, he was still stunned.

He didn’t understand either. Could it be because of Jiang Chen’s guidance that he defeated Shenglouyun?


“hahaha, Shengtian Academy Sanfeng, two of them were lost in the hands of the same person. It seems that the name of Sanfeng is illusory. “

At this moment, many people laughed, and even those Transcenders laughed jokingly.

The face of the Emperor Holy Heaven is ugly. He thought that Sanfeng would be able to suppress Muzhu casually.

But who would have thought that the two of the three phoenixes would have been defeated by Mu Zhu.

This face can’t hold back.

“Boy! What does the battle between us have to do with you!? If you didn’t make trouble by the side, I will win this battle!”

At this moment, Shenglouyun After reacting, he glared at Jiang Chen, and there was a killing intent in his eyes.

Jiang Chen looked very ugly when he saw it, and retorted: “I have never taken a shot, just talk about that’s all, you are not as good as others, what’s the matter? You think you can kill me!?”


As soon as these words came out, the expressions of the three great virtues suddenly became gloomy before Sheng Louyun could speak.

What is your special thing! ?

Move killing intent to my boss! ?

“I have decided, after the battle of Star Domain Academy, I want to marry the second Princess of the Holy Emperor Dynasty! This phoenix must take care of her!” Huang Dade was the first to speak, except for anger in his eyes , More of a resentment!

“What’s the matter? Can’t the Holy Heavenly Dynasty lose? Is there a clear stipulation that the Star Domain Academy battle cannot be pointed aside?” Long Dade raised his eyebrows, and then stretched out the dragon claw, pointing to the holy building Yun, coldly said: “You give this king another killing intent to try!”


At this moment, Shenglouyun was a little panicked. .

The two ancestral Monster Races spoke, whether she is right or wrong, this matter can’t be entangled anymore!

“Several people, Lou Yun is still young, don’t be offended.” The Holy Emperor hurried to complete the battle, and at the same time glared at Sheng Louyun, said solemnly: “If you lose, you lose, and you can’t go on!”

“Yes.” Shenglouyun was full of grievances. When he retreated to the edge of the square, the corner of his eyes had been looking at Jiang Chen. At the same time, there was a hint of anger in the depths of his eyes and the slightest killing intent. Don’t hide it!

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