I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1227

In this battle, Shenglouxue lost.

This does not mean she is weak, but Mu Xingyun’s move is too sudden, everyone didn’t expect!

At this moment, the face of the Emperor Shengtian was extremely ugly, and the three phoenixes of the Holy Emperor Dynasty were all defeated!

For Shengtian Dynasty, this is a shame!

Especially all around and a few Transcenders are laughing, which makes the face of the Holy Emperor even more unbearable!

“Give it to me!” The Holy Emperor said coldly, his mood was extremely bad!

In this regard, Shenglouxue’s expression was very calm. After standing up from the ground, he dusted the dust, wiped the blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, did not say a word, and returned to the square indifferently. outside.

However, when she walked out of the square, her red lips lightly opened, and said: “If you weren’t pointing fingers on the side, and thought you had rich combat experience, this battle wouldn’t be the case.”

When these words came out, many people’s expressions became weird.

Sheng Louxue is blaming the Holy Emperor! ?

However, it’s right to think about it carefully. If it’s not for the emperor of the Holy Heaven to have to compete with Jiang Chen, with Sheng Louxue’s strength, he can attack with all his strength and suppress it!

But the Holy Emperor is good for face, so I have to pay attention to Jiang Chen.

This is all right, Sanfeng all lost.

At this moment, the Holy Emperor also heard this, his chest was ups and downs, and he almost didn’t get angry!

But he didn’t say much, after all, Shenglouxue is the most powerhouse of the young generation of the Shengtian Dynasty!

Although she lost today, it does not mean she is weak!

For a long time in the future, the young generation of the Shengtian Dynasty will still have to rely on Shenglouxue to support it!

“My three battles in Heavenspan Garden are over, can Mu Xingyun and I advance?” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile, raising his brows at the Holy Emperor, as if saying What can you do with me? !

“You deserve to be the boss! You can get promoted without having to do it yourself!”

“Mu Xingyun is so strong now, it’s not a good thing for the boss!”


“Between the boss and Mu Xingyun, although they are old enemies, irreconcilable, but after careful calculation, the two of them have not been fighting for a long time, right? Who knows what the relationship between them is now.”


The three great virtues are secretly sound transmission, discussing Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun.

As for the next game, they are not in the mood to watch.

In this way, after the defeat of Sanfeng, the battle of Star Domain Academy continued.

But the next battle was really boring for many people, and few people watched it.

After all, the three highest gimmicks of this year have already lost.

The rest of the battle is no longer interesting for many people.

Especially for the Holy Emperor Dynasty, this battle of Star Domain Academy is simply a shame!

If this Star Domain Academy battle was not held in the Holy Emperor Dynasty, I am afraid that the Holy Emperor would have patted his butt and left, so I still have the mood to watch it!

“Twenty-four people are promoted to twelve, which means…When the second game comes, I have to win two games to ensure that you can advance without taking a shot!” Mu Xing Yun’s face was ugly, his face was unhappy.

He thinks this plan is not good!

“You are the Divine King, why do you have to make sure you enter the finals, can’t it be me?” Mu Xingyun whispered.

“You have already exposed your strength just now. If you enter the finals, do you think that people’s background-level dísciples will despise you?” Jiang Chen said: “What we want now is to be surprised and despised!”

“After all, their cultivation base is too high. If you don’t use some means, I’m afraid you won’t be able to win the first prize.”

Mu Xingyun hearing this, can’t help but click nodded, of course I understand Jiang The meaning of Chen.

“By the way…Do you know immortal medicine?” Mu Xingyun asked suddenly.

“I haven’t seen it, but I have heard of it.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “What? Have you seen it?”

“Before coming here, the two old fellows in my house Take me to the outskirts of the Daqian mine burial.” Mu Xingyun squinted, said solemnly: “We saw a herbal medicine that looked like a sharp sword, rooted in the depths of the Daqian mine burial, but it was just a glance. , I disappeared before I could see the herbal medicine, and went away!”

“Oh? You mean…there is immortal medicine in Daqian mine burial!?” Jiang Chen was startled. If this is the case, then the Star Domain Academy battle at this time will not be so simple!

If immortal medicine is really born in the Daqian mine burial, then other forces sect will inevitably intervene!

When the time comes, in this Star Domain Academy battle, what is the point of who wins the first prize?

“It’s not necessarily immortal medicine…maybe another medicine.” Mu Xingyun said, “I also heard the two old fellows, Anye and Anming, say that the thing may be the same sword dao flower!”

“sword dao flower? What is it?” Jiang Chen was stunned, and had never heard of it.

Immediately, Mu Xingyun explained to Jiang Chen.

Three Thousand Great Dao, which contains sword dao!

The so-called sword dao flower is the invisible avenue, the flower of the avenue condensed under a special situation!

If you can integrate with the sword dao flower, you can directly cultivation the sword dao to extraordinary!

That means that as long as you get the sword dao flower, you have created a Transcender out of thin air!

This is a Supreme Treasure for any force!

After all, it is those Transcenders who are in charge of Great Thousand Worlds today!

The major Transcenders restrain each other and suppress each other. If another Transcender is suddenly added, then…the current balance will definitely be broken!

Therefore, Anming and Anye are speculating that there may be another conspiracy in the Star Domain Academy battle at this time!

“I borrowed the name of immortal medicine, but it is actually because of sword dao flowers!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “But…why is this?”

” Go ask the old bastard of the Holy Emperor Lord, every Star Domain Academy battle is held by the Holy Emperor Dynasty, and the Daqian Mine Burial has always been guarded by the Holy Emperor Dynasty!” Mu Xingyun said solemnly: “Maybe… We do not win the championship, it is a good thing for us!”

Jiang Chen also thinks it makes sense, after all, the water pool is very muddy now, if it is not necessary, don’t drip the muddy water!

“Boy, if you want to resurrect the Nine Worlds, then…you have to get the sword dao flower!”

Suddenly, undying bird Dao Soul spoke. Explained: “The greedy ghost is like a sword like a sword. If you use the power of the sword dao flower to moisturize the greedy ghost, you may be able to escape the shackles of the avenue!”

“when the time comes, If the greedy ghost goes beyond the avenue, it will not be constrained by the avenue, and will naturally be abandoned by the avenue. Its power will be weakened, and at that time it will be able to rescue the Nine Heavens!”

Jiang Chen hearing this, The expression condensed and asked: “Are you sure!?”

“It should be so.” Undying bird Dao Soul said: “If there is no sword dao flower, when will you have to wait until you can save the Nine Worlds? Are you extraordinary? I’m afraid it will take a long time, and Nine Worlds will continue to suffer within the greedy ghost.”

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