I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1228

The words of undying bird Dao Soul really moved Jiang Chen!

Jiu Tianxia was swallowed by greedy ghosts, but now it is sealed in the world of greedy ghosts and cannot come out. This matter also has a lot to do with Jiang Chen.

Now, it would be great if Jiu Tianxia could be rescued sooner.

However, no one can be sure what is in the Daqian mine burial. Perhaps the only person who knows the truth is the holy dynasty.

This may be a conspiracy, or it may be just a simple Star Domain Academy battle.

However, regardless of whether there is immortal medicine or sword dao flowers in the Daqian mine burial, Jiang Chen must go this time!

Even if it is a conspiracy, Jiang Chen has to go to this muddy water!

“It’s over, it’s time for the second game.”

Most of a day later, the first stage of the Star Domain Academy battle is over, and the dísciples of the major academies promoted slightly adjusted their breath Then began the second battle.

The whole army of the Holy Emperor Dynasty was annihilated, and several Academy dísciples were also defeated.

Today, of the remaining twelve participating dísciples, Heavenspan Court occupies two, the other places are Hon Hai Academy in the north, Risheng Academy in the south, and Daewoo Academy in the west.

The three major academies are all veteran academies. The dísciple underneath is very strong, and each is a mess!

Now, these three academies, all of which are full, have entered the second round with three full members!

However, it is not these three academies that attract the most attention, nor is it Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun, but another woman!

The woman was covered in a white mist, ethereal and dusty, just like Fairy.

Even her face is covered with a veil!

She seems very mysterious, but some people know her identity!

“The four major academies, except for the Heavenspan Court occupying two extras, the other three academies are full, and this woman…should be the immortal spirit sect Saintess Ling Long.” someone said.

“The immortal spirit sect is also an Academy. I heard that Linglong Saintess’s appearance is the number one in the Southern Star Domain, but few people have seen her true appearance.”


“Hey, she once swore that whoever can lift her veil, she will marry to whom, and she doesn’t know true or false.”


At this moment, everyone was discussing Ling Long, and even Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun couldn’t help but look at them more.

“Extremely strong!”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen squinted and said to Mu Xingyun: “If you meet her, you have to be careful, I can feel it There is an extremely terrifying power in her within the body!”

“Do you still use it?” Mu Xingyun said grimly, “Have you never heard of her reputation!?”

“Uh…I haven’t heard of it.” Jiang Chen was taken aback for a moment, secretly thought that Ling Long is particularly famous?

“Besides her peerless appearance, she is also known as the most promising young generation and the fastest person to step into the extraordinary!” Mu Xingyun said solemnly: “If I am against her, I have to use some means, or simply hopeless!”

“Your assassination accomplishments are already Major Perfection…but if you meet her, you will suffocate her to death!” Jiang Chen joked.

“Are you complimenting me or scolding me?” Mu Xingyun said with a black face.

“Everyone, I won’t say more about the rules. Just like First Stage, twelve will enter six.”

At this moment, the Holy Emperor spoke, weak and his face very ugly.

After all, the Sanfeng of the Holy Heaven Dynasty was defeated, which made him feel very embarrassed, and continued to host the Star Domain Academy battle, also felt very boring.

“Meaning, I have to win two games, so you don’t have to shoot.” Mu Xingyun lightly said, looked towards Jiang Chen, and asked: “What if I can’t win two games?”


“Then I can only shoot.” Jiang Chen sighed.

Be aware that this second battle is different from First Stage.

Everyone doesn’t know the details of First Stage, and some will lose if they are too careless.

But in the second game, everyone has seen each other’s shots, and they also know the strength of each other.

In this way, with both parties knowing the details, Mu Xingyun wanted to defeat the emperor with the gods’ cultivation base, and even half a step beyond extraordinary, it is simply impossible!

Therefore, Jiang Chen is really not confident about the plan made before.

“I Mu Xingyun, I will play a game for Jiang Chen!”

At this moment, Mu Xingyun is too lazy to wait. The battle ends early. If you can win, you will win. Pull down!

I saw him walk out, came to the center of the square, looked towards the other contestants, and asked: “You…who will come?”

As soon as this word came out, no A hint of contempt flashed in the eyes of the young people.

Even after more than ten breaths, no one wanted to fight Mu Xingyun.

In their eyes, they use their cultivation base to fight against Mu Xingyun. Even if they win, there is nothing to say, and they will even be called “bully the weak”!

“Heavenspan Yuan wants to enter the finals and even win the championship, why not send a foundation-level dísciple?” Someone frowns asked: “Send a few of you here, isn’t this to die?”


“That is, Heavenspan Garden is also the first Academy of Oriental Star Domain at any rate. The dísciple sent to participate this time, the highest cultivation base is actually the next emperor…”

Many people are very depressed, and no one is willing to take action while speaking.

Mu Xingyun was also quite embarrassed. Standing in the square, he didn’t know what to do for a while.

However, after more than ten breaths, a voice that made Mu Xingyun almost laughed came!

I saw the Holy Emperor coughing a few times and said: “Since there is no one to challenge Mu Xingyun, then… Mu Xingyun won without a fight and will advance to the next round!”

“Emperor Holy Heaven, the more I look at you, the more pleasing to the eye!”

“The emperor is wise!”

Dian Ye and An Ming laughed and directed at The Holy Emperor bowed his hands in salute.

The Holy Emperor Hearing this, his face turned black, but he didn’t want to do it in his heart!

However, no one wants to fight Mu Xingyun, and Mu Xingyun is not defeated. It can only be regarded as a victory without a fight, and he was directly promoted.

“Holy Emperor, I also said during the previous battle that this battle is for Jiang Chen. If he is promoted, he should be promoted.” Mu Xingyun said.

“It’s all the same. Even if you all enter the finals, you won’t be able to win the championship. After all, the cultivation base is too low.” The Holy Heavens waved indifferently, and then announced Jiang Chen’s promotion.

“The emperor, if you don’t want him to be promoted too, anyway, their existence is meaningless to us.”

“That is, let these two weak people enter In the next round, I can relax when the time comes, and I can still pick up a leak.”


Many people suggested that they actually asked me to ask Yun also advanced.

This didn’t make Mu Xingyun happy!

Even Jiang Chen was stunned. There is such a good thing secretly thought! ?

“It’s alright, since everyone agrees, then you two will advance together.” The Holy Emperor said, but frowned, said: “Now there are four places left, you… I need to work harder.”

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