I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1230

How strong the Holy Heaven Dynasty is can be seen from his ability to monopolize the central Star Domain.

Although the performance of the Holy Heavens in this Star Domain Academy battle is very unsatisfactory, this does not mean that the Holy Heavens are weak!

On the contrary, everyone knows that the Holy Heaven Dynasty is so strong that they will never doubt the strength and heritage of the Holy Heaven Dynasty!

Now, for the Holy Emperor, the three youngsters who have been promoted from these three academies are undoubtedly the best candidates to become the son-in-laws of the Holy Emperor!

Of course he ignored Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun, after all, the cultivation base of these two people is really too low!

“The emperor, wait for me to win the first prize, and it will not be too late to discuss this matter!”

“I have heard about the beauty of the three phoenixes, if I am lucky enough to be the son-in-law of the Holy Empire, It is also a blessing.”

The three people spoke one after another, but they didn’t see Huang Dade complexion is gloomy not far away until it turned black!

Beside Huang Dade, the two Phoenix Race powerhouses also coughed and coughed at the corners of their mouths. This was to remind the Holy Emperor.

After all, the reason they came here this time is mainly to propose a marriage, to find a Dao Companion for Huang Dade!

But now, the Holy Emperor didn’t mention a word, but instead took a fancy to the dísciples of the three Academy.

What does this mean! ?

“Holy Emperor Lord, do you look down on me!?” Huang Dade couldn’t help it, and asked with a black face: “I dignified the ancestral Phoenix, and I don’t deserve the three of your family. little girl?”

“The lord, you really underestimated me and wait.”

“This matter…if you don’t mention it, but now that it is mentioned, Then the next battle will be slowed down first, and the major event of my family’s marriage will be organized first!”

The two powerhouse complexion is gloomy of Phoenix Race, staring at the Holy Emperor, meaning very much obvious!

You really value those three boys, but you don’t like my ancestors! ?

Do you look down on my entire Phoenix group? ?

At this moment, the Holy Heaven Emperor also realized that he was a little too much, he couldn’t help but smiled awkwardly, and said: “My family has Sanfeng, don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry!? Your family. There are three phoenixes, and they are just three of them, what about me!? It’s my turn, what’s left here!? You don’t get this right today, believing or not, I overthrew your holy dynasty!” Huang Dade coldly said .

When his words fell, Bird Dade and Long Dade also spoke one after another, expressing their support for Huang Dade.

At the same time, Mu Youde’s ancient battle flag shook slightly, raised his brows, and said: “What’s the matter? You are bullying my brother Huang, aren’t you!?”

At this moment, the Holy Emperor Lord was a little imaginary.

The Holy Heaven Dynasty is very strong, not weaker than any force race present.

However, if so many power races were offended all at once, the Holy Heaven Dynasty would not be able to bear it!

Especially now that the three giants of Monster Race are all there, if this matter is not handled well, it would be offended by the three giants of Monster Race!

When the time comes, if these three Monster Races really turn their faces, the Holy Emperor Dynasty will not have good fruit!

“Look at your scumbag, who wants to marry you! Don’t think that you are an ancestral Phoenix and can act wilfully!” Sheng Louyun said from a distance, she is the most tempered of the three sisters The explosive one is also extremely killing!

She has long been uncomfortable with Huang Dade!

However, as soon as she uttered these words, the expression of the Holy Emperor Lord changed!

Without waiting for him to scold him, I saw that the two powerhouses next to Huang Dade made extreme shots. In front of the Holy Emperor, they arrested Shenglouyun and shot them out with a palm. He directly suppressed it in front of Huang Dade!

“The little girl film, even the Holy Emperor would not dare to talk to my celebrity like this. What are you doing!?”

“Don’t think you have a good skin , Others will pamper you! If there is no Holy Heaven behind you, you are nothing!”

Two Great Powerhouses of Phoenix Race opened, with killing intent flashing in their eyes!

At this moment, Huang Dade has a lowly laughed look, staring at Shenglouyun, and jokingly said: “As an ancestor Phoenix, I can act wilfully, what’s the matter? You are not convinced?”


When the voice fell, Huang Dade slapped Shenglouyun’s face with a slap in front of everyone!

Suddenly, half of his face was swollen!

“Stop! She is also the Princess of my Holy Emperor Dynasty anyway, do you do this without leaving me a trace of face to the Holy Emperor Dynasty?!” The Holy Emperor Lord immediately became angry!

Shooting Shenglouyun in front of him?

He is not annoying either!

For a time, everyone only felt a terrifying coercion erupting, and the zodiac aura was like a dragon-like steaming on the Holy Emperor!

At the same time, the Imperial Palace all around, a few beams of light rushed into the sky, that is the prohibition and the Formation was opened!

“Good dear God! She first spoke out insulting my patriarch, now what if I wait to educate her!? You dare to open array and prohibition, today is planning to be with me Phoenix Race is going to war!?” One of the Elders of Phoenix Race scolded angrily, without fear in his eyes!

And the Holy Heaven Emperor also reacted, complexion is gloomy, and said: “Since I have been educated, let her come back!”

“Why!? My dignified ancestor Level Phoenix, it’s her turn to insult me!? It’s already a dead body if you change things like this!” Huang Dade also not to be trifled with, especially today when the four great virtues gather together, what is he afraid of! ?

Dragon Race, Phoenix Race, and Vermilion Bird One clan alone are enough to frighten the Holy Empire!

“Forget it, looking upset, let’s wait until the Star Domain Academy battle is over.”

Just when the atmosphere was extremely tense, Jiang Chen spoke slowly Up.

He looked towards Dade Huang and asked with a faint smile: “Awesome?”

“Eh…” Dade Huang was shivered all over, but he was puzzled. , Secretly sound transmission, and asked: “Boss, why don’t you help me!?”

“Do you know Formation? The array and prohibition in the Imperial Palace are enough to suppress and kill Transcender.” Jiang Chen said angrily: “Don’t make the Holy Emperor anxious, we have to explain it here!”

“His…No way?” Huang Dade held breath cold air, Then he hummed a few times and kicked Sheng Louyun back, saying: “No next time!”

“The emperor! They…” Sheng Louyun swelled half of his face. Face aggrieved.

He looked towards the Holy Emperor, hoping that he will be the master of himself.

However, the holy emperor at this moment is also one head and two big!

Especially when I saw Saint Louyun, I really wanted to slap to death!

Are you blind? ! Dare to let me call the shots for you! ?

If this happens today, no one will have a good time!

“Go back! Don’t be embarrassed!” The Holy Emperor scolded angrily, but the light from the corner of his eyes fell on Jiang Chen’s body.

Just because Jiang Chen said just now, Huang Dade stopped.

How can this not let the Holy Emperor think too much!

“The lord, hurry up, the battle of Star Domain Academy is over quickly, and I plan to return to Heavenspan Court secluded cultivation.” Jiang Chen urged.

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