I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1231

Jiang Chen doesn’t want to delay the battle of Star Domain Academy because of these trivial matters!

He quickly entered the Daqian mine burial. If he could get the sword dao flower, it would be the best!

If you can’t get it, then…it’s a long time to learn.

“Six enters three, start!”

At this moment, the Holy Emperor did not want to continue to entangle with the matter just now, he directly spoke and announced that the game would continue!

Six into three, everyone needs to choose an opponent, and the winner enters the final!

But at this moment, the scene looked a little weird, and it was quiet and scary.

Because the eyes of the other four dísciples are all on Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun!

In their eyes, if they can fight Jiang Chen or Mu Xingyun, then they can undoubtedly and easily enter the finals!

But they all know that Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun are two people, and there are four of them, so there must be two people who want to fight against others.

And they all want to fight Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun!

As a result, these four people froze, and none of them knew what to do.

“To be honest, I want to fight you two all the time.” One of them said straightly: “It’s better to pick it yourself.”

“Yes, the four of us are afraid It’s a bad choice. You two have the right to choose.”


Hearing this, Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun almost didn’t laugh.

Let them choose?

That is of course the weakest one!

At this moment, without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, Mu Xingyun looked towards one of the teenagers and jokingly said: “Your realm is so high, you must be able to beat me 100%, but there are so many people today. Look, do you dare to suppress the realm?”

Not waiting for the boy to speak, Mu Xingyun hurriedly added: “You only need to suppress the realm to the High God emperor. How about fighting with you?”

To be honest, the young emperor who was challenged by Mu Xingyun definitely didn’t want to agree in his heart.

After all, if he fights against Mu Xingyun according to his Peak cultivation base, he can defeat Mu Xingyun in an instant and advance smoothly.

But as Mu Xingyun said, so many people here are watching, he wants face!

If you defeat a god with the power of the emperor, you will be ridiculed by others if it is spread out!

Even more how, Mu Xingyun’s request is not excessive, just let the other party suppress the God Emperor Realm that’s all.

“This is what you said. Originally, I was thinking about suppressing realm to God Venerable Realm, to be equal to you, to fight you fairly, but now…I am satisfied with you.” The boy had a face. Joking, even more contemptuous in his eyes.

How about suppressing the cultivation base? In his eyes, Mu Xingyun is not good after all!

Immediately, this young man suppressed the cultivation base, and the battle started at this moment!



However, when the battle just started, everyone saw a shadow appearing behind Mu Xingyun!

Immediately, the shadow rushed directly in front of the young man like a black shadow.

Don’t allow the boy to react, the shadow exploded directly, and even the fleshy body with Mu Xingyun was broken!

Blood is everywhere in the scene, broken skeletons are everywhere, and there are still strands of broken Dao Soul fragments floating here!

At this moment, everyone was shocked!

“What!? Self-destructed?!”

“Is it so cruel?! Fleshy body and Dao Soul self-destruct at the same time!? Is he going to die in order to win? !”

Everyone exclaimed, especially Anming and Anye, their faces turned black when they saw this scene!

They would rather not enter the Daqian mine to be buried than to lose Mu Xingyun, such a arrogant!

At this moment, the boy was lying on the ground with a chuckle, he didn’t expect in his dreams, Mu Xingyun was so cruel!

But what about this?

Now Mu Xingyun is dead, and he is still alive!

Although he was seriously injured, he won the battle after all!

“Interestingly, this skill really hurts the enemy a thousand and eight hundred!”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes, the rune flashed in his eyes, and he saw the blood and broken pieces all over the floor. The bones are shaking slightly.

At the same time, the broken shadow Dao Soul is slowly condensing!



next moment, a trembling sounded, everyone saw that blood and broken bones reunited at this moment, and at the same time the shadow of Dao Soul Also reappear!

After three breaths, Mu Xingyun appeared in front of everyone with a pale face!

His breath is very depressed, he is obviously seriously injured!

However, compared with that boy, Mu Xingyun’s injury simply can’t be considered!

At this moment, I saw Mu Xingyun walked a few steps and came to the boy’s body, and then he squatted slowly, looking towards the boy who was lying on the ground who was unable to move, jokingly. Said: “I won.”


This young man was almost not pissed to death. He only realized it at this moment. Mu Xingyun was not self-destruct at all. , But a secret technique!

Destroy yourself eight hundred, hurt your enemy a thousand!

“Tianjiao like you are so arrogant? Let you suppress the realm, even if you agree, it’s so careless.” Mu Xingyun teased: “Now…comfortable?”

“I hate it!” This young man looked resentful, but at this moment he simply couldn’t get up, he had already lost his battle strength!

Finally, the Holy Emperor spoke and declared that Mu Xingyun won the battle!

“Decisive, witty, courageous, but not bad.” The Holy Emperor couldn’t help but glanced at Mu Xingyun a few more times, secretly thought If this person is not the Holy Son of Divine Court in the dark, it is also suitable. Son-in-law of Shengtian Dynasty.

“Holy Emperor Lord, what do you think of my Holy Son? How about being your son-in-law in the Holy Son Dynasty?” said Dark Ye smugly.

“The reputation of Divine Court in the dark night is not good…what we do is…not so good.” The Holy Emperor said with a black face, said solemnly: “This world wants to marry the Divine Court in the dark, afraid There are few forces, at least my Holy Heaven Dynasty will not agree.”

“Damn! What’s wrong with my Divine Court in the dark night!? What you so-called Upright Sects do, sometimes they are not equal to me Dark night Divine Court did a good job!” Dark night scolded and almost turned his face on the spot!

“Okay, let’s go on.” The Holy Emperor was obviously reluctant to entangle on this topic. After waving his hand, he looked towards Jiang Chen and said: “Who do you choose? “

Jiang Chen hearing this, he couldn’t help but blinked his eyes, said with a bitter smile: “Isn’t it the same whoever I choose? I think that this cultivation base can beat anyone? Unless… the opponent suppresses it. realm.”

“You Divine King…what realm let me wait to suppress it? If it is not too much, I can agree.”

“Boy, I advise you to go straight Quit, the province’s when the time comes suffers from flesh and blood.”


Many people spoke, with a strong contempt in their words.

In this regard, Jiang Chen doesn’t care. In his heart, the choice is the same for anyone.

After all, the realm gap is so big, he wants to win, he can only win with one blow!

In this way, everyone is the same!

“I have the same realm battle with you, can you?”

Suddenly, Ling Long spoke up and asked himself to suppress the realm to Divine King!

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