I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1233

Few people know about the Paragon Temple, but anyone who knows is extremely afraid of it!

This is the Ancient Sect that has inherited several eras. According to legend, everyone who comes out of the Paragon Temple is a Paragon who dominates one side!

Especially those Transcenders in the Paragon Temple, the horror of battle strength is far from what ordinary people can imagine!

At this moment, the Holy Emperor is terrified, and even more regretful.

He used to value the other three Academy teenagers, but now it seems that he has just taken a second look!

If you knew that Jiang Chen was the dísciple of Paragon Temple, he would fawn on each other when he said anything, not to mention that Jiang Chen had been in a contest with Jiang Chen before!

“Although my holy dynasty has a profound background and monopolizes the central Star Domain, it is really nothing compared to the Paragon Temple! This time… I must seize the opportunity!” The Holy Heavenly Emperor secretly thought .

It is not unreasonable that he can sit on the throne of the emperor and have been in charge of the central Star Domain for several times!

His life, style, and meticulous thoughts enable him to resolve many crises and win many Peak powerhouses and forces!

Now he has decided that no matter what he does this time, he must win over Paragon Temple!

It is difficult to win Paragon Temple, so you can only start with the dísciple of Paragon Temple!

“The time it takes half an incense stick to burn, and then go to the final.” The holy dynasty is calm on the surface, but inside is raging.

He is communicating with Sheng Louxue and Sheng Loulan, asking them what they think of Jiang Chen.

“This person…the cultivation base is too low.” Saint Loulan frowned, sound transmission secretly, and said: “When I was in battle before, he was pointing fingers on the side, and it was really unhappy.”

Hearing this, the Holy Emperor’s face turned dark, but he did not tell Sheng Loulan Jiang Chen’s identity.

After that, he asked Sheng Louxue again.

Shenglouxue is the big sister among the three phoenixes. She has a very good personality and calmness. In addition to having a little temper sometimes, she is also very obedient.

And, Sheng Louxue’s vision has always been good!

“The lord, this World is originally a strength is respected, and his cultivation base is indeed too low.” Sheng Louxue sighed: “What’s the use of being handsome? The cultivation base is too low. , If you can’t grow up, it will be a cloud of history after all.”

“This…you don’t look down on him?” the Holy Emperor asked.

“I can’t see it.”

“If the cultivation base is higher, I can consider it, but…”

Finally, the Holy Emperor’s face turned black To die, he really doesn’t understand why Sanfeng’s vision is so bad! ?

I defeated Ling Long in the previous palm. Based on this, can you tell me something! ?

“It seems that I am used to being pampered…this vision is also covered.” The Holy Heaven Emperor sighed secretly.

At this moment, when everyone was resting, Ling Long came over and came to Jiang Chen’s side.

She stared at Jiang Chen with phoenix eyes, and the face under the veil was faintly discernible, which made people dreamy.

“What’s wrong? Something?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Should you not apologize?” Ling Long’s voice was very good, cold and clear, like winter water.

She exudes this kind of breath that makes people unable to approach, like a transcendent banter.

But for Jiang Chen, what about the beautiful woman? Which of his disciplines is not pretty?

Can you eat beautifully? Can you still avenge the Six Realms? Or is it possible to revive the ancestral world?


In Jiang Chen’s life, he has not done anything badly…

“Why should I apologize?” Jiang Chen asked, “Because of that palm?” Oh, you can pull it down. The battle between cultivators is that there is no eye on hands and feet. I didn’t mean it.”

Speaking, Jiang Chen muttered: “It’s not too big…”

“You!” Ling Long’s pretty face instantly turned red, and his eyes were about to breathe fire!

She stared at Jiang Chen, coldly said: “You’re too much!”

“What’s too much? At worst, I just want you to hit one on my chest. “Jiang Chen said angrily: “Besides, it’s still through the clothes, look at your hypocritical look.”





As soon as Jiang Chen said this, it was Ling Long, and even Mu Xingyun on the side was speechless.

Even a group of Transcenders such as Hongyun standing in the air heard this. At this moment, a group of people didn’t know what to say.

“It is indeed the person I value in the Paragon Temple. This shameless level is probably already Transcendent Saint.” Hongyun secretly thought, and his heart was also depressed. When Jiang Chen was a heavenly star, he could It’s not like this.

Could it be said that Jiang Chen of this life has completely let go?

“I want to fight you again!” Ling Long’s pretty face was gloomy, holding back for a long time before speaking: “This time, you Divine King, my god!”

“Don’t talk about the gods, even if the Divine Emperor is here, I will raise my hand to suppress it.” Jiang Chen curled his lips: “Others call you Tianjiao evildoers, but in my eyes, you are nothing.”

“If I am now the cultivation base of the gods, what about your emperor? Still raise his hand to suppress!” Jiang Chen said resolutely, suddenly thinking of Hongyun’s battle strength.

Before in the Elder Hall of Heavenspan Garden, Hongyun demonstrated his battle strength. It was really the Divine King cultivation base to suppress the two young emperors Muzhu and Lin Hao!

The battle strength is rare and peerless!

But I don’t believe it!

Her foundation is the Peak Emperor, even if she suppresses the cultivation base to the gods, her foundation is still there!

She doesn’t believe it anymore. With her deity and the foundation of God King, she can’t beat a Divine King?

“As long as you promise to fight with me again, you make a condition, I promise you!” Volley said solemnly, very dissatisfied, and very upset!

“Conditions?” Jiang Chen blinked his eyes and looked up and down Ling Long.

But before he can speak, Ling Long eyes flash with a cold light and tenderly shouted: “Normal conditions! Don’t go too far!”

“en?! You are Didn’t you want to be crooked? I just looked at you that’s all and didn’t think about other things.” Jiang Chen said angrily: “I can promise to fight with you, but only if you want to pay me an appearance fee. I won’t take action with Wan Yuanjing.”

“But…you don’t look like a rich person either.”

As soon as this word came out, Mu Xingyun was on the side. Almost did not choke over!

big brother, what are you talking about! ? Are you so greedy for money! ?

Even the wood and bamboo on the side are dumbfounded.

He knows that Jiang Chen is very rich!

But it is so rich, and now I still want to make money! ?

“I am the Saintess of immortal spirit, don’t say ten thousand source crystals, I have one hundred thousand source crystals too!” Ling Long is about to explode, she feels that she has been underestimated by Jiang Chen!

And Jiang Chen heard this, his expression straightened, and said: “One hundred thousand source crystals, fight now, you choose the location, you choose the cultivation base!”

“Damn! Greedy for money!”

“Cai fan! Still very shameless! Shameless!”


Mu Zhu and Mu Xingyun cursed in their hearts, secretly thought I have never seen someone as unscrupulous as Jiang Chen!

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