I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1234

Ling Long is cold and tall, seemingly indisputable, but in fact he has a strong self-esteem.

She was defeated by Jiang Chen with a single move, and she was suffocated in her heart. Now she naturally wants to find this face!

For her, as a Saintess of immortal spirits, she has such a deep foundation that she can’t get a trifling source crystal! ?

At this moment, Ling Long didn’t even think about it, nodded and said: “Okay! I will give you Yuanjing, call it now!”

“Here? So many people. , Isn’t it appropriate?” Jiang Chen frowns whispered.

“What’s wrong?” Ling Long asked, looking confused.

Jiang Chen hearing this, couldn’t help but smile, and said seriously: “You have already defeated once. If you suffer defeat once again, you will lose your face.”

“I won’t lose again!” Ling Long’s pretty face Hanshuang, she felt that she was insulted!

Ling Long didn’t expect Jiang Chen to be so strong before, but he was defeated by Jiang Chen with one move.

Of course, this is what she thinks.

Now, Jiang Chen dare to say this, this is not an insult to her! ?

“Start now!” Ling Long complexion is gloomy, the cultivation base was instantly suppressed to the realm of gods!

Immediately, without waiting for Jiang Chen’s reaction, I saw her hit out with a palm, and the rune in her palm was beating like stars!



Under a burst of noise, everyone saw Ling Long’s real strikes on Jiang Chen’s chest!

But something unexpected happened!

I saw Jiang Chen smiling, looked down at the slender palms on his chest, and jokingly said: “Fold it down and evened it.”

“You! “Ling Long stared, this is her full palm, and Jiang Chen has nothing to do!

And when she was shocked, Jiang Chen shot out with a palm and directly clasped Ling Long’s wrist.

After that, Jiang Chen started and gave a shoulder throw!


A dull impact sounded. Under everyone’s horrified eyes, Jiang Chen threw Ling Long fiercely to the ground!

After that, before Ling Long reacted, Jiang Chen shot out with a palm, reaching the center of Ling Long’s eyebrows!

“You lost again.” Jiang Chen jokingly said, “Do you want to do it again? As long as you are willing to give Yuanjing, I can fight with you.”

After that, Jiang Chen said with a smile: “Of course, as long as your source crystal gives enough, it doesn’t matter if I lose you once.”

Ling Long is such a smile by Jiang Chen After falling over the shoulder, the divine force within the body was shaken away, and it was even more dizzy.

At this moment, I heard that this remark is even more pretty face deathly white, which is obviously blown up!

She glared at Jiang Chen, her anger attacked, and she threw away Jiang Chen’s palm.

Afterwards, caught off guard by Jiang Chen, Ling Long a finger pointed and a Profound Light broke out!

Profound Light is very bright, and there is a misty illusory shadow floating in the Profound Light, just like a fairy!

Jiang Chen didn’t expect Ling Long has been defeated, and will actually make a move.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen was directly hit by this finger, and the whole person flew out like a kite with a broken line!

Along the way, blood was spilled, showing the brilliance of scarlet gold, like a drop of Star River.


Looking at Jiang Chen being knocked into the air, Ling Long realized that he secretly thought that he was too much.

She wanted to explain, even wanted to apologize, but before she could say anything, Jiang Chen stood up from a distance!



At this moment, everyone can feel the aura bursting out of Jiang Chen within the body, which is nothing like before!

He stared at Ling Long, his expression was cold, and lightly said: “You have to let me destroy the flowers, you know it’s wrong?”

“I…” Ling Longgang Wanting to explain, the pupils suddenly shrank!

Just because Jiang Chen rushed over!

That speed is too fast, like a stream of light shuttles in the void.

When he appeared again, a punch was already on Ling Long’s cheek!


There was another dull sound. When everyone saw Ling Long vomiting blood, he flew out, and even the veil on his face was shattered!

But, this is not over yet!

Jiang Chen was irritated, but no matter who you are, even if it’s the Southern Star Domain number one beauty? ! Take it right!




Next, I saw Jiang Chen repeatedly punching, simply not giving Ling Opportunity for Long Resistance!

In just a dozen breaths, Ling Long was beaten hundreds of punches by Jiang Chen, and his whole skeleton was shattered. Even his peerless appearance was beaten into a pig head by Jiang Chen… …

“Damn! It’s really hard to destroy flowers!”

“This guy, don’t you know how to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex? Such a beautiful face , He was forcibly beaten into a pig head……”


Many people have weird expressions. Is this a man secretly thought Jiang Chen? !

Even Ling Long herself was beaten and forced, and no man had ever shot her like this!

Especially it was a violent beating against her in the face, which…unbearable!

“You are looking for shit!”

After a few breaths, Ling Long found the opportunity. Under the angry roar, the cultivation base was unlocked, and he soared to the king realm!

However, because her face was beaten and swollen, and several teeth were lost, she leaked her words!

Originally it was “courting death”, but now it’s “courting death” after speaking out.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was venting enough, and seeing Ling Long’s cultivation base back to the emperor, turned around and ran next to Hongyun, then said with a smile: “Big brother, leftover You solve it next?”

“You…” Hongyun doesn’t know what to say, secretly thought Jiang Chen’s this life is too…shameless! ?

However, since Jiang Chen has spoken, Hongyun will naturally take action.

I saw him glared at Ling Long, said solemnly: “Stop this matter.”

“He! Bullly intolerably!” Ling Long complexion is gloomy, in divine force Next, her face recovered.

But she is still angry!

“I am bully intolerably? Your finger just now can be resisted by ordinary people!? If I were not strong enough, the finger just now was enough to kill me!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “Why? Do you still feel that you have suffered?”

“You have to know, if I died just now, not to mention you, even the entire immortal spirit sect will be buried with me!”

As soon as these words came out, Ling Long was stunned.

She doesn’t know the identity of Jiang Chen, let alone that Hongyun is from Paragon Temple.

“Ling Long, I heard that you swear before, whoever can take off your veil, you will marry someone, is this true?”

Suddenly , A handsome young man spoke up.

When he asked this, he hoped that Ling Long would tell him it was a fake and a rumor!

However, after Ling Long heard this, her expression condensed and touched her face with a trace of anger in her eyes.

But, after a few breaths, she was still nodded and said: “It’s true!”


“Damn!? That’s it! What do you mean…non-Jiang Chen will not marry!? What vows did you make at the beginning!?”


Many youngsters are heartbroken, secretly thought this also! ?

After beating Ling Long violently, he won the return of the beauty! ?

There are still such good things in this world! ?

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