I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1235

Heartbreak is all over the floor, and people’s eyes are full of jealousy!

After all, Ling Long is not only the Southern Star Domain number one beauty, but also very strong!

And the immortal spirit sect behind it is even more Peak-level in the southern Star Domain!

If you marry Ling Long, you will not only gain a powerful Dao Companion, but also the support of the immortal spirit sect.

You need to know that the Sect Master of immortal spirit sect in the future is Ling Long!

However, Jiang Chen is not cold at all.

He glanced at Ling Long, frowned, whispered: “If you want to marry, I have to marry? No.”



At this moment, everyone was shocked!

What are you kidding? ? Such a beautiful and capable girl wants to marry you, but you don’t want it! ?

Do you have a problem with your orientation, or are you…look down on others! ?

“You! Don’t go too far!” Ling Long pretty face Hanshuang, coldly said: “In front of so many people, you repeatedly humiliated me, believing or not, I really killed you! “

“I haven’t humiliated you.” Jiang Chen said calmly: “At first, you want the same realm to challenge me, and then you spend money to challenge me, and now…you want to marry I, I have always been passive.”

“I…” Ling Long was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t say a word for a while!

What else can she say! ?

At least in her heart, a normal man, will not say such things!

It’s just a low morale and shameless at all!

“His several disciplines are all talented and beautiful. He looks down on you, hahaha…” Mu Xingyun teased on the side: “He only has those disciplines in his heart. “

“Do you have a discipline?”

“en? How many disciplines do you have? They are all female? Can their appearance be comparable to Ling Long?”


For a time, many people curiously asked, but at the same time they were also puzzled. What is the face of Jiang Chen, the Divine King, to accept the discipline?

Be aware that in Great Thousand Worlds, even the emperor dare not accept the discipline easily, for fear of being laughed at.

“You can die if you talk less?” Jiang Chen glared at Mu Xingyun, and then shook the head at Ling Long, saying: “It was a momentary mistake, so I took it off. Don’t care if you’re under your veil.”

“You…can!” Ling Long stared at Jiang Chen, her peerless face was not only angry, but also a little bit angry and angry. Aggrieved meaning.

She was rejected by someone like her! ?

And rejected her in front of so many people!

For a while, Ling Long didn’t want to say anything, she didn’t know what to say, she quietly walked aside and returned to an Elder of the immortal spirit sect.

“Xiao Linglong, there are so many good men in the world, why care about this little bastard.”

Just as everyone thought that this matter ended, the immortal spirit Zong Elder was flirty. Here comes such a sentence.

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere in the audience suddenly became suppressed!

Just because nowadays, many people have seen that Jiang Chen’s identity is extraordinary!

And the immortal spirit Zong Elder, dare to insult Jiang Chen so much, this matter…I’m afraid it can’t be kind!

Sure enough, before Jiang Chen could speak at this moment, Hong Yun’s face was already pale, Transcender’s imposing manner broke out, like a king coming!

At this moment, even other Transcenders feel a lot of pressure!

Those who have a weaker cultivation base are trembling all over, and some people are crushed to the ground by this imposing manner!

“The immortal spirit sect has been very fluttering recently.” Hongyun lightly said, staring at the immortal spirit sect Elder, his eyes drooping slightly, and said: “What? The immortal spirit sect has found a backer?”

“Don’t use your Transcender’s cultivation base to scare me! I also have a Transcender in the immortal spirit sect!” The immortal spirit sect Elder said coldly, standing in place, without fear.

“You can shut up, he is from the Paragon Temple!” The Holy Emperor said hurriedly, and even glared at that Elder.

He is unwilling to make this matter a big deal. After all, this is in the Holy Emperor’s dynasty. If there is any major event, his Holy dynasty will not be able to bear this responsibility!

However, what is surprising is that after this immortal spirit Zong Elder heard the words Paragon Heavenly Hall, he was only surprised, and then his expression returned to calm again.

Even, in his eyes, when looking towards Hongyun, he was still provocative!

“Everyone knows something, my immortal spirit sect is already in the Chang’an clan alliance! Now in the southern Star Domain, my immortal spirit sect says one, no one dares to say a word!” This Elder raised his eyebrows. Staring at Hongyun, he said contemptuously: “I have heard about the name of the Paragon Temple for a long time, but I don’t know how strong the Paragon Temple is, whether it is a mere name, or…”



Tone barely fell, Hong Yun was not polite to him, and directly hit out with a palm, suppressing the immortal spirit Zong Elder to the ground!

Immediately, he stared at the opponent coldly, his voice was extremely cold, and said, “Insult me ​​Paragon Temple? Looking at the entire Great Thousand Worlds, how many people dare to say this in front of the Transcender of Paragon Temple !? Your Sect Master is here, so I dare not!”


At this moment, this Elder expression has changed a lot, but his eyes are full of anger.

He struggled to get up, and pointed to Hongyun in front of everyone, and said: “Believing or not, people from the Chang’an clan will cross the Star Domain!”

“I believe.” Hongyun was nodded, very indifferent, and said: “What about faith? If they dare to come, suppress it. My Paragon Temple has never feared everything!”

” Good! You wait!” Immortal spirit Zong Elder’s face was gloomy, and he immediately pinched his handprints to spread the matter here.

“Well… everybody… why don’t you hold the Star Domain Academy battle first?” The Holy Heaven Dynasty wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and his heart was even more guilty!

He also heard that since the destruction of the Six Realms, a force has entered the Southern Star Domain, claiming to be the Changan Clan!

At first, everyone didn’t care about the Chang’an clan, thinking that it was just a group of remnants that’s all escaped from the Six Realms, and it was not worth their hands.

But with the passage of time, when the Chang’an clan occupied one world after another in the southern Star Domain, they discovered that the Changan clan is not simple!

Even behind the Chang’an clan, there are silhouettes of the evil races!

Now, the Chang’an clan is in an alliance with the immortal spirit sect. This is the highest star domain in the south, and I am afraid that it is the Changan clan!

Now, if the people of the Chang’an clan come, and then confront the Paragon Temple, it will be difficult if there is no war here!

Sheng Tian Dynasty thinks very clearly, if you want to fight, go to other places to fight, don’t fight in the Holy Tian Dynasty!

“End the Star Domain Academy battle first. I will wait here for the people of Chang’an clan to arrive.” Hongyun lightly said: “I just want to see, the Chang’an clan, who has been making a lot of noise recently. Have more patience.”

“You will know soon! When the time comes, you will regret it!” Immortal spirit Elder said coldly.

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