I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1236

The battle for Star Domain Academy continues, and this final is just like that for Jiang Chen.

There are only three people left in the finals, Jiang Chen, Mu Xingyun, and a dísciple of Risheng Academy.

Mu Xingyun surrendered directly before the battle began.

In this way, Jiang Chen and Risheng Academy’s dísciple are left to compete for the top spot.

The dísciple cultivation base of Risheng Academy has reached half an extraordinary level, and his strength is not below Ling Long.

However, because Jiang Chen has made a move before, this person is also very cautious of Jiang Chen!

And Jiang Chen also knew about this, and wanted to make the other party and him the same realm battle, which is basically impossible.

Even if the opponent suppresses the cultivation base to the Divine Emperor, it is estimated that the opponent will not agree.

In this way, Jiang Chen can only fight against the opponent’s strongest state with the Divine King cultivation base.

Jiang Chen has already thought about how to fight this battle!

“Let’s admit defeat, I won’t suppress the realm and fight with you like some people.”

At this moment, the dísciple of the Academy is standing in the center of the square, like a statue. King-like, never even looked at Jiang Chen directly.

In his mind, he uses a half-step extraordinary cultivation base to suppress Jiang Chen with his fingers!

This battle, simply don’t have to fight!

However, Jiang Chen walked over and stood on the square, with a smile on his face, his eyes closed and he looked very calm.

He looked at this young man, nodded, said: “At this age, he has a half-step extraordinary cultivation base. You are indeed very strong. You deserve to be the dísciple of Risheng Academy.”

“It’s good to know.” The young man lightly said, with a hint of arrogance in his eyes, and said: “Hurry up and give up, there is no need to fight this battle.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, I clicked nodded, said with a smile: “In fact, in the eyes of many people, this battle is simply unnecessary, but for me…maybe you can give it a try.”

After all, Jiang Chen Pointing to the sky, and asked: “What did you see?”

As soon as these words came out, many people looked up and looked up, but Jiang Chen had not used any means.

Even the young man who played against Jiang Chen looked towards the sky with an expression of nervousness, afraid of any accident.

In this way, Jiang Chen pointed to the sky and never said a word, and the young man also looked up nervously at the sky, as if looking for something.

After more than thirty breaths, everyone began to wonder.

Looking up, the sky is blue and calm, and there is nothing simply.

Even the boy was depressed. At this moment, he looked towards Jiang Chen and asked: “What’s in the air?”

“Nothing, I just let you see it.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “Look at it, this day is so blue and beautiful.”



At this moment, Everyone feels resentful, complexion is gloomy, this is obviously a trick by Jiang Chen!

“Are you procrastinating for time?” The young man’s complexion also became ugly, he burst out in an imposing manner, and was about to do it!

Jiang Chen hearing this, nodded with a smile, said: “Yes, I’m just delaying time.”

After all, Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and jokingly said: “Now , The time is up.”

“en!?” The young man was shocked, knowing that Jiang Chen had done it!

next moment, I saw him take a shot directly, pressing down with a palm, and the avenue trembling in his palm!

However, when this palm had not yet landed on Jiang Chen, a Dao Void shadow appeared from behind it, and then as the thunder light flashed, it penetrated directly through the young man’s fleshy body. Nailed to the ground!

“By the way…you don’t know that I can Formation, right?” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “Let you look at the sky, do you really watch it? Have you watched it for so long? It’s really big Ah.”

Speaking, Jiang Chen walked to the boy’s body step by step, his fingers lightly placed on his forehead, and said: “You lost.”

At this moment, this young man’s face is extremely ugly, and his eyes are about to burst into flames!

He has been on guard against Jiang Chen, but he never thought about Jiang Chen’s routine……

Of course, he did not expect that Jiang Chen would actually be able to Formation!

Moreover, the layout of this Formation is too brilliant, he didn’t even notice it!

And now, it’s too late to say anything!

He was nailed to the ground by the lightning condensed by Formation, Jiang Chen’s fingers were even closer to his eyebrows, as long as Jiang Chen used a light force, he could take his life!

This battle, needless to say, Jiang Chen has already won!

“Boy! You cheated!”

“So many people are watching! If it is a normal battle, how can you win!”


The Elders at Risheng Academy are angry and unwilling!

In this regard, Jiang Chen looked indifferent, then looked towards the Holy Emperor and asked: “Did I win?”

The Holy Emperor heard this and was silent. For a while, I really didn’t want to admit that Jiang Chen won.

After all, the gap in the cultivation base between the two sides is too big. If it is a normal battle, Jiang Chen will undoubtedly lose!

But now, the facts are in front of us. It is not Jiang Chen who is suppressed, but the dísciple of Risheng Academy!

“To blame, I blame you for being too careless.” The Holy Emperor sighed, and then he made a serious expression and announced: “Star Domain Academy battle, winner-Heavenspan Yuan Jiang Chen!”

“I’m not convinced!”

“On his strength, who can be convinced!?”

“It doesn’t count!”


Many people have opened their mouths, anyone can win the championship, they can accept it, but let a God King Realm kid win the championship, don’t worry how uncomfortable it is!

“The facts are in front of you. If I win, I won.” Jiang Chen lightly said, looked towards everyone, jokingly: “Why? You can’t afford to lose?”

” Boy! You used a trick!”

“Despicable! Insidious!”


Someone can’t help it, and blurt out!

“Oh? I use Formation, which is mean? Insidious? Then, for an Array Master, if he doesn’t use Formation, what is the use?” Jiang Chen said: “Really, I still I think you can’t afford to lose.”

After that, Jiang Chen looked towards Hongyun and asked: “They can’t afford to lose, what should I do? Am I the leader?”

“Who dares to say that it doesn’t count?” Hongyun’s expression condensed, and the terrifying power erupted, and even the few Transcenders standing beside him shuddered!

Just because Hongyun is too strong!

Its battle strength, its cultivation base, deep and unmeasurable!

“The people in the Paragon Temple are so majestic!”

At this moment, the Elder of the immortal spirit sect spoke again.

He straightened his body, pointed to the distance, and said: “They are here, are you…ready?”

“Why have you ever been afraid!?” Hongyun coldly said.

Next moment, I saw a large group of creatures appearing in the distance. The imposing manners are all very powerful, and the three leading Transcenders are all transcenders!

They are here, like an army rushing in, even Hongyun’s expression becomes serious!

But, next moment, when this group of creatures from the Chang’an clan fell on the square, everyone was shocked!

“Farewell to the boss!”

“Farewell to the boss!”


One after another A loud voice sounded, and then I saw this group of people, even with the three Transcenders, kneeling down and saluting to one person!

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