I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1237

Everyone was dumbfounded, looking at the powerhouse of a group of Chang’an clan headed by three Transcenders, at this moment they all knelt and bowed to everyone!

And this person is Jiang Chen!

“This card…is really enough.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, secretly thought that long songs are really good at doing things.

“I am waiting for the order of patriarch to come and follow the boss’s dispatch!” said the leader.

Jiang Chen hearing this, waved his hand, and said: “Get up, there is nothing wrong here.”

“Thank you, boss.”

“Thanks Boss.”

Everyone shouted, and then one by one got up and stood beside Jiang Chen.

At this moment, the Elder of the immortal spirit sect is confused, very messy.

Know that these people were called by him, but they didn’t even look at him at all, just ignored him!

The most important thing is, what is the identity of Jiang Chen?

Can Transcender kneel and bow to him? !

Be aware that Transcender is the most peak battle strength in this world. They look like a dragon-like overlooking the earth, aloof and remote, and ordinary people can withstand their worship! ?

“What’s the matter with you calling us over? Tell our boss if you have something.”

After a few breaths, one of the Transcender looked towards immortal spirit Elder with a trace in his eyes The meaning of loneliness, when looking towards the other party, it is like looking at an ant!

This immortal spirit Zong Elder hearing this hurriedly squeezed a smile on his face, and respectfully said: “A Transcender in the Paragon Temple has a dispute with me and wants your help.”

“Oh? Paragon Temple?”

“These forces……”


Three Transcender frowns, you should know Paragon Tiandian not to be trifled with.

However, they all listen to Jiang Chen today!

This immortal spirit Zong Elder’s words are optional for them.

Although they came here today because of the immortal spirit Zong Elder, their main purpose is to meet Jiang Chen, the boss!

Before they came, they chanted the long song but told them very clearly that they had to give full cards, and the boss had to shout loudly!

“I am now the dísciple of Paragon Temple, and he wants to deal with Paragon Temple. What do you think?” Jiang Chen faint smiled at the group of powerhouses behind him.

As soon as these words came out, the faces of the group of people behind them turned black!

What a special one! ?

old bastard of immortal spirit, what are you doing?

As soon as I meet the boss, you will give us a moth! ?

At this moment, everyone can clearly feel that killing intents have appeared in the eyes of a group of powerhouses from the Changan clan!

And this killing intent is all aimed at the immortal spirit Elder!

For an instant, the immortal spirit Zong Elder was like an ice cellar, cold all over, and his heart was about to break!

“The boss now worships Paragon Temple, then my Changan clan and Paragon Temple naturally have a good relationship, and you… actually let us deal with Paragon Temple!? I think you are tired of living!”

“Do you really think that my Chang’an clan needs the support of the immortal spirit clan? After all, it’s not your immortal spirit clan begging me Chang’an clan!”

… …

These three Transcenders spoke one after another, showing no mercy to the immortal spirit Zong Elder!

“Forget it, after all, the Chang’an clan now has a good relationship with the immortal spirit sect. Let’s forget it at this moment.” Jiang Chen waved his hand, and couldn’t make it difficult to recite the long song.

However, Hongyun is complexion is gloomy at the moment.

This Elder of the immortal spirit sect before, provoked him one after another, which is undoubtedly a shame for him!

From the Temple of Paragon, born Paragon, how could he suffer such insults!



At this moment, before everyone else reacted, I saw Hongyun hit out with a palm and directly smashed the immortal spirit. That Elder shook into a powder!

“In this way, this matter can be revealed.” Hongyun said lightly.

“Boss, you are happy.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“You…” Ling Long’s face was pale. As an immortal spirit Zong Saintess, she was naturally uncomfortable watching her Elder being killed!

But she also understands that if her Elder hadn’t provoked first, she wouldn’t have lost the end of body dies and Dao disappears!

It’s just that the immortal spirit sect Elder was killed in front of so many people. Where can the immortal spirit sect’s face be put?

“Little girl, this matter has nothing to do with you. Even if you report the matter back to the immortal spirit sect, I don’t think the immortal spirit sect will say a word.” Jiang Chen looked towards Ling Long, lightly said: “Let’s stop here.”

“Are you…who?” Ling Long asked with frowned eyebrows.

And this issue is naturally everyone’s concern!

Heavenspan Court dísciple? Paragon dísciple? The boss of the Changan clan?

What is the origin of this person! ?

At this moment, not to mention those emperors, even the other Transcenders are shocked!

“The battle of Star Domain Academy is over!? I’m late!?”

“Your honor! Are you okay?!”

… …

Suddenly, several Transcender Tearing the Void came from a distance, one by one in an imposing manner, like a canopy, pressing down on the road!

“Evil clan!?”

“Taixu clan!? Jiang clan!? Siji clan!? Soul clan!?”


At this moment, the exclamation sounded one after another here, everyone was shocked!

Because these people are all transcenders of the evil race!

After these people came here, they all respectfully shouted to Jiang Chen!

“Jiang Qiankun, too god…long time no see.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, and then looked towards the other two evil races Transcender, nodded, said: “I have met two elders .”

“The elders are your own family, you are welcome.”

“Yes, yes, my family!”


The two Transcenders of the Siji Clan and the Soul Clan said with a smile, they are also the shoulders of Patted Jiang Chen, and they look familiar.

Jiang Chen laughed a few times, naturally knowing what these evil clan bosses came here.

Isn’t he afraid that he will suffer a loss in the Star Domain Academy battle!

“Why does this kid have something to do with the evil race!? These evil race bigwigs are…commensurate with him!?”

“This kid is alone, and how much This racial power has something to do?! If you move him, does it mean you move half of the Great Thousand Worlds!?”


Everyone is shocked, even Hongyun feels so surprised!

He did not expect that Jiang Chen of this life would be so good!

“Holy old fellow, is the Star Domain Academy battle over this time? Who won? Is it my honor?”

“If it’s not my honor, I think the Star Domain Academy battle at this time has to be restarted!”


At this moment, Jiang Qiankun and Taishangtian are not polite, staring at the Holy Emperor. Lord, the strong meaning in the words makes the Holy Emperor’s body tight!

The Holy Emperor is strong, but for the whole evil race, what counts him?

If the relationship between the major evil races is not good, and if the evil races are united one day, then it is not his holy dynasty, I am afraid that even the most peak force, Can’t stop the evil race!

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