I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1239

Jiang Chen knows that Paragon Temple is very strong, but never thought it would be so strong!

There are ten Transcenders in one power! even more!

These forces, if they really want to fight someone desperately, a few can stop them! ?

At this moment, Jiang Chen is relieved, why Hongyun was so arrogant before, just because the strength of Paragon Temple really cannot be underestimated!

“Mu Youde, the Celestial Court you mentioned… really can compete with the Paragon Temple?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It should be possible! After all, since ancient times, none of the forces that dare to use the name Celestial Court are weak!” Mu Youde said solemnly: “And I also said before, this Celestial Court and Ancient Celestial Court is very likely to have a certain relationship!”

“Then you mean, even if I let Paragon Temple take action, I am afraid I can’t help recite the long song?” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

Mu Youde was hearing this, with a sneer from the corner of his mouth, he said: “The Paragon Temple is fancy to you, not the long song. Paragon Temple will protect you, but they will not I will protect and recite the long song for you!”

“even more how, now the Celestial Court and the Paragon Temple are likely to feel pressure on the long song!”

Jiang Chen naturally understood this truth, and at this moment he couldn’t help but sigh, feeling weak.

If even the Paragon Temple is unwilling to contend with Celestial Court, then in this world, there is who, what other forces can help recite the long song?

At the beginning, Nian Changge brought his hands down to the southern Star Domain of Great Thousand Worlds. They fought all the way, and finally took one side. The power is expanding. If it is destroyed because of the Celestial Court, I must read the long song. I’m dead will not look at me!

“He is also fighting for the Six Realms, fighting for the Ancestral Realm. Don’t we just watch it?” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “This matter…must be taken care of!”

“The evil race will definitely help recite the long song. I don’t know what agreement he has made with the evil race. Now the evil race is supporting him. Otherwise, you think long song can really be set off in the southern Star Domain. Such a big storm?” Mu Youde said.

However, everyone knows that nowadays, relying only on the support of the evil race, it is still difficult to compete with Celestial Court!

Now, we have to think of a way!

Of course, there is a ready-made way, and that is to let Nian Changge evacuate the southern Star Domain and give up everything that I have now!

But, would you be willing to recite a long song like that? !

With the character of chanting long songs, he must be killed and will not leave!

“Mu Youde, you have recovered some memories anyway, should you be able to think of a way to help recite the long song?” Jiang Chen asked.

Mu Youde was hearing this, and did not hide it, nodded, said: “Ancient Celestial Court did not come out, and the Ancient Mansion did not come out, but now there is a Celestial Court…think about it so carefully that you can interact with this Celestial Court. Court can contend, and there is probably only one that can dare to contend with Celestial Court!”

“You mean…underworld!?” Jiang Chen immediately thought of this force!

However, the real underworld should be in Yin Sector, and that underworld…it should not be the ancient one.

Now, in this Great Thousand Worlds, can you contact the underworld?

Even if you get in touch, will someone help you?

“The three mountains and five seas are related to the ancient land government. To put it ugly, the current three mountains and five seas are actually the land government. Their background and strength should be able to compete with the Celestial Court!” Mu Youde said.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen was rolled the eyes with a face of disbelief.

Jiang Chen has never seen the background of three mountains and five seas.

When I was in the Six Realms, the three mountains and five seas all shot, but there was not a Transcender!

With this background, you can compete with the Celestial Court of Great Thousand Worlds! ?

What a joke!

People come out with a Transcender randomly, and it is estimated that they will be able to smooth the three mountains and five seas!

“I know what you are thinking.” Mu Youde said: “Actually, the background of the three mountains and five seas is not what you can imagine. Their true background is not in the original six realms, but in This Great Thousand Worlds!”

“Three mountains and five seas, they have always called themselves underworlds. Do you think they have no background, do they dare to call themselves underworlds?”

Jiang Chen hearing this, too For a moment, he knew that Mu Youde was impossible to lie to him.

But, even if it is true, so what?

Now, I don’t know where the three mountains and five seas are.

Even if you find three mountains and five seas, the other party won’t necessarily help!

“As long as you can find the three mountains and five seas, just tell them that Celestial Court is born, then there is no need for extra reasons and excuses, the three mountains and five seas will definitely take action!” Mu Youde said: “This is the enemy! One! Kind of fate!”

“But now…I can’t find three mountains and five seas!” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“I know where they are!”

At this moment, Long Dade suddenly spoke, thief said: “At the critical moment, I still have to look at my Long Dade !”

“Hurry up! Don’t ink!” Jiang Chen slapped Long Dade’s forehead, and said angrily: “When is it, it’s not serious!”

“Lightly…your fleshy body is stronger than my Dragon Race. You took this slap shot and your head is dizzy!” Long Dade wiped his eyes and was shot by Jiang Chen’s palm. I’m crying!

He couldn’t imagine how Jiang Chen’s fleshy body was cultivated and why it was so abnormal!

“I also accidentally heard an old dragon in the clan say that after the Three Mountains and Five Seas came out of the Six Realms, not at all to the ancestral realm, but…in the Dragon Race ancestral land!” Long Dade said.

“What!? Three mountains and five seas are in the Dragon Race ancestral land!? Impossible!?” Jiang Chen cry out in surprise, is this too outrageous? !

The Three Mountains and Five Seas moved all the family properties away. It stands to reason that after they enter the Great Thousand Worlds, even if they do not go to the ancestral world, they will not go to the sites of other forces!

After all, the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds are full of hostility to the creatures of the Six Realms and Ancestral Realms!

“At first, I really don’t believe it! But…I have seen them!” Long Dade said: “And…Dragon Race seems to have reached some kind of agreement with Sanshan Wuhai!”


“What are you waiting for!? Go to the Dragon Race ancestral land!” Jiang Chen said hurriedly.

“This is of course no problem, but…After going to the ancestral land, the people of the three mountains and five seas will not see you, it is not necessarily.” Long Dade said with a bitter smile: “I also met them once. They are either in retreat or making strange things all day long. I rarely see other people!”

“This time, I have to see everything. !” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “As Ancestral Dragon, now Dragon Race is related to the Three Mountains and Five Seas. If you force to meet, the people from Three Mountains and Five Seas will definitely sell you a face!”

“Not necessarily…” Long Dade shook his head, frowns saying: “I heard an old dragon in the clan say that people from three mountains and five seas are very busy. They seem to be building a Samsara Road for Dragon Race!”

“Don’t crack a joke anymore, Samsara Road is built from a avenue, but it can’t be forged by living creatures!” Mu Youde said angrily, naturally not believing it.

But suddenly, Mu Youde’s expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly asked: “Three mountains and five seas are in the Dragon Race ancestral land cultivation Samsara Road!?”

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