I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1240

Samsara Road is an invisible road between the laws and rules of Heaven and Earth!

This road was originally discovered by the ancient government, and then he took control of Samsara Reincarnation, and the name of the ancient government came from this.

But you have to know that even the ancient land mansion did not have the ability to forge a Samsara Road!

Because the creatures in the world, even the Transcender, can hardly deduce the true meaning and rules of reincarnation!

But at this moment, Mu Youde doesn’t think so!

Because he dug many ancient tombs and knew something about Samsara Road.

Perhaps a long time ago, the Samsara Road between this Heaven and Earth was also thought to be cast!

Now, the Three Mountains and Five Seas mostly know something about Samsara Road, so they want to borrow the power of the Dragon Race ancestral land’s Power of Heaven and Earth to create another Samsara Road!

Once this Samsara Road is completed, then the three mountains and five seas can master the cycle of sentient beings!

At that time, the three mountains and five seas will be the day when the world will rule!

“If the three mountains and five seas really cast a Samsara Road, this will be the consequence…” Mu Youde was chilly, and his back was sweating!

He knows better than anyone, why the ancient palace was destroyed!

It’s just that the world’s creatures do not like being held in charge of life and death, and do not like being swayed by others!

Just like this, almost all the cultivators in the world competed with the ancient palace until the ancient palace disappeared!

Now, if the three mountains and five seas really cast a Samsara Road, then in a short time, the three mountains and five seas can really dominate the world.

But after a long time, the three mountains and five seas will inevitably repeat the old road of the ancient palace!

And what makes Mu Youde’s heart cold the most is that he knows how out of the ordinary the ancestral land of Dragon Race is!

It is said that the ancestral land of Dragon Race, and even the ancestral land of Phoenix, Vermilion Bird and other tribes, are actually built on the real Samsara Road!

Three mountains and five seas want to use the Samsara Road in the ancestral underground to recast a Samsara Road that belongs to them!

And, Mu Youde knows that the Three Mountains and Five Seas are very likely to succeed!

“Fuck, if someone controls reincarnation, do you still dare to die? Even if you die, you will not be able to reincarnate again!”

Mu Youde is silent at this moment, but in his heart Think about many things.

Although, in this World today, few people can Samsara Reincarnation, and if they die, they are dead.

But, what if Samsara Reincarnation can happen to enter the Samsara Road?

When the time comes, the reincarnation is still on the way, but was intercepted and killed in the reincarnation!

“Sanshan Wuhai and Celestial Court must be brought together!” Mu Youde secretly thought.

Only when the Three Mountains and Five Seas and Celestial Court fight, can they weaken the strength of the Three Mountains and Five Seas and delay their speed in casting Samsara Road!

Of course, with the character of Mu Youde, he naturally hopes that the Three Mountains and Five Seas and Celestial Court will suffer from both sides, and even both will be destroyed…

But he knows better, whether it is Celestial Court is still three mountains and five seas, even if it is really fighting, it will be difficult to destroy the opponent!

“The background of the three mountains and five seas is too deep, that is a real has something to do with the ancient palace!” Mu Youde said lightly.

At this moment, Jiang Chen and the others certainly don’t know what Mu Youde is thinking.

I saw Long Dade shaking his head and said: “I will take you to the Dragon Race ancestral land and then talk about it?”

“Okay, go and see first.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

After that, everyone prepared a bit, and Jiang Chen went to find Hongyun first.

“I’m going to the ancestral land of Dragon Race. This way… I’m afraid it is a bit dangerous.” Jiang Chen said straightly.

Hongyun hearing this, frowned, asked: “What do you go to Dragon Race ancestral land? Besides, you are a Human Race, Dragon Race will not let you enter their ancestral land.”

“Dragon Dade will take me in. I should be able to go in.” Jiang Chen said: “After going to the Dragon Race ancestral land, go to Daqian mine burial. Now we have the right to enter. “

“You haven’t answered my question yet, what are you going to do in the Dragon Race ancestral land?” Hongyun asked again.

“Find a force, a force that can compete with Celestial Court.” Jiang Chen said truthfully.

As soon as these words came out, Hongyun’s face instantly became gloomy.

He thought it was Jiang Chen who was going to fight Celestial Court!

“My Paragon Temple can also contend with Celestial Court, what are you going to do with other forces?” Hongyun said grimly.

“It’s not me.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile: “It’s the Old Ancestor of the Chang’an clan.”

Hongyun is hearing this, after a moment’s stunned, then I remembered, Jiang Chen has a very good relationship with the Changan family!

However, Paragon Tiandian can help Jiang Chen, but it will not help recite long songs!

“Then…you go.” Hongyun didn’t hypocritically said, “If it’s your own business, my Paragon Temple can help you, but this matter…”

“So I’m going to the Dragon Race ancestral land, and you…can you escort us for a ride?” Jiang Chen asked.

You should know that Jiang Chen nowadays, after the first battle of Star Domain Academy, is mostly famous for Great Thousand Worlds.

Now, how many people want to kill him in the cradle!

And this time leaving Heavenspan Court, on the way to the Dragon Race ancestral land, someone will definitely take action!

Or, those who want him to die are already squatting near Heavenspan Garden at this moment, just waiting for him to go out!

Also, this time is Jiang Chen and the three great virtues, and these three great virtues are all ancestors!

Race forces that have enemies with Dragon Race, Phoenix, and Vermilion Bird One clan, how can they miss such a good opportunity!

This time, once you go out, the road ahead is extremely dangerous!

“I can escort you, but I think…this time I am alone, I am afraid it is not enough.” Hongyun knew what Jiang Chen was worried about, so he couldn’t help asking: “Dragon Race, Phoenix, Vermilion Those Transcenders of the Bird One clan, won’t they come and pick up the three great virtues?”

“The pick up will definitely come, but I’m worried…the one who wants to kill us is better than the one who protects us. There are more people!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

“The old Ancestors of the evil races, the three Monster Race Transcenders, plus me…With our lineup, I am afraid that no one will dare to kill you?” Hongyun whispered.

Hongyun is strong and confident.

He felt that if these people escorted Jiang Chen and the others, then in this world, I am afraid that no one would dare to kill Jiang Chen and the others in front of them.

However, it is better to be careful in all cases!

“Get ready, I’ll send you there and cross the void directly, you can get outside of the Dragon Race ancestral land in a dozen breaths.” Hongyun said.



However, as soon as he finished speaking, he saw that the entire Heavenspan Garden was covered by a light curtain!

“Formation!?” Hongyun stared, looking at the Grand Dao Law entrained in the light curtain, the complexion is gloomy!

Because the person who arranges the Formation, the cultivation base is definitely Transcender!

At this time, there is only one possibility for setting up Formation in Heavenspan Court!

Someone wants to block Heavenspan Court and kill Jiang Chen and the three great virtues!

“Look at it…we haven’t left yet, some people can’t help it.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, and his expression changed drastically, saying: “This Formation… Heavenspan Court is cut off from the outside world! Have the Transcenders of the three Monster Races arrived!? Are the old Ancestors of the evil race coming!?”

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