I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1241

Jiang Chen really didn’t expect that those who wanted to kill him actually did it directly in Heavenspan Court!

This is too unexpected!

Especially Formation, which is now shrouded in Heavenspan Garden. The method is brilliant, it isolates everything and isolates and isolates the entire Heavenspan Garden!

“Since you dare to come to the Heavenspan Court to kill, it means that the opponent is very strong, and there is definitely more than one!” Jiang Chen said solemnly, looking towards Hongyun, and asked: “How many Transcenders are there in the Heavenspan Court? “

“Two.” Hongyun’s expression was also very solemn, saying: “One is the dean here, and the other is me.”

“Just two!? “Jiang Chen is shocked. If there are only two Transcenders, today he and the three great virtues are mostly bode ill rather than well!

At this moment, Jiang Chen rushed to the mountainside. When he saw the three great virtues and Mu Youde, his face turned black!

Just because, by their side, not at all Transcender!

This means that the Transcender of the three Monster Races and the Transcender of the evil race, not at all enter the Heavenspan Court!

“Boss! I don’t think the situation is right, and I can’t contact the Transcender in the clan!” Long Dade’s expression is very ugly, and there is a hint of tension in his eyes.

The same is true of Huang Dade and Bird Dade, their faces are a little pale, this is scared!

You know, since the establishment of Heavenspan Court, no one has dared to kill people in Heavenspan Court!

Moreover, the goal of this time is not ordinary people!

Besides Jiang Chen, the identity of the three great virtues alone is enough to make many creatures jealous!

Then, since the opponent dares to come, it means that no matter its strength or background, it will not be weaker than the three Monster Races!

“Sure enough, they are all here!”

Suddenly, a cold and full of killing intent sounded here!

Without waiting for Jiang Chen and the others to reflect, I saw a pitch-black as ink palm appearing out of thin air, as if to reverse the universe, the sun and the moon in the palm are collapsing!

Under a palm, Jiang Chen and the others are locked, it is difficult to move a finger!

“It’s over! Transcender!”

“My brilliance hasn’t started yet, is it going to fall here!?”


The three great virtues are chilling, facing Transcender, they have no room for defense!

“You dare!”

However, before the palm of the hand fell, the Dean of Heavenspan Garden had already appeared.

I saw him throws a punch, his fist was mighty, piercing the void, directly obliterating the palm print!

However, next moment, something cool to everyone’s heart happened!

The Dean of Heavenspan Yuan is so powerful, but at this brief moment, I saw a bronze lance shoot out, piercing his chest directly, and nailing it in the void. to move minute!

Just one move, a lance, suppressed the Dean of Heavenspan Court!

“This time it was really miserable!” Jiang Chen was also cold in his heart!

How he didn’t expect, the opponent’s strength is so strong!

“Everyone, Heavenspan Garden is an affiliated Academy of my Paragon Temple. Do you do this, are you afraid that my Paragon Temple will get angry?”

At this moment, Hongyun is here too , Protected in front of Jiang Chen and the others.

His eyes are opening and closing, and Grand Dao Law jumps up in the bottom of his eyes, and the whole person exudes an extremely terrifying breath!

He is like a War God, without fear in his eyes, standing proudly here!

He is like a king again, aloof and remote, no matter how special your identity is, he is always overlooking the world!

However, Jiang Chen can see clearly that cold sweat is already dripping on Hongyun’s back!

This makes Jiang Chen even more shocked. He knows Hongyun’s strength. This Transcender from Paragon Temple is completely different from ordinary Transcender!

He is very powerful!

However, someone as powerful as Hongyun is sweating cold at this moment!

From this, we can see how strong the enemy he has to face this time!

“It is the dísciple of your Paragon Temple that killed!”

At this moment, a cloud of black mist exploded, and a creature wearing a cloak appeared in front of everyone.

He was covered in black mist, which seemed very mysterious.

Under the cloak, his eyes are shining with scarlet brilliance, like a blood moon, very impressive!

“The three big Monster Races have found their ancestors. If they are allowed to grow up, won’t I wait for Monster Race to be completely suppressed by the three big Monster Races in the future!? Do you think… we will let them Do you grow up?”

At this moment, another creature appeared, a monster Qi, like an upside-down tide, steaming on its body.

The purpose of his coming is very clear, and he did not hide his identity as Monster Race!

Perhaps, in his eyes, no matter who is here today, the three great virtues will die!

“Hongyun, if you are a point of understanding, just leave, if you don’t leave, you will die here!”

“Paragon Temple is strong, but you have to know, Here at the moment, you are only one person!”


These two people spoke one after another, obviously not willing to fight Hongyun.

They may know Hongyun’s strength. Although they are not afraid of him, they do not want to fight Hongyun to the end.

“I don’t care about other people, Jiang Chen is the dísciple of my Paragon Temple, he and I must protect him!” Hongyun said solemnly.

As soon as these words came out, the faces of the three great virtues turned pale!

They feel abandoned!

But it’s right to think about it carefully. In the face of two very powerful Transcenders, Hongyun can keep Jiang Chen alone, even if it’s good, it may not even be able to keep it!

In this case, Hongyun does not need to protect the three great virtues!

“Heh, then kill the three ancestors first, and then come and have a good time with you!”

“Hongyun, no one wants to go out alive today!”


At this moment, I saw the two suddenly start their hands!

Their goal is very clear, go straight to the three great virtues!

“Help them!” Jiang Chen exclaimed, he was impossible to see the three great virtues die in front of him!

At the same time, the three great virtues are also desperate, looking towards Jiang Chen.

At this moment, the only hope in their hearts is Jiang Chen!

“I can’t help, powerless to defend himself.” Hongyun complexion ashen, said: “Old Patriarch of the town demon clan, Old Ancestor of the skylark clan, the cultivation base of these two people is not under me , Even… better than me!” After all, a hint of Ling Ran flashed in Hong Yun’s eyes!

I saw him push with a big hand, tearing a small hole in Formation, and then pushing Jiang Chen out!

When he wanted to withdraw the three great virtues, the Old Patriarch of the Zhenmozu and the Old Ancestor of the Thousand Miles Skylark had already rushed!

“Hongyun! He can’t get away! Do you think there are only two of us here!?” The Old Patriarch of the Town Demon Race was joking, and even more in front of Hongyun. Opened his own cloak!

He, don’t mind revealing his identity at this moment!

“Kill them first!”

The Old Ancestor, a tribe of Skylarks, also revealed its true face. Under a single palm shot, it looked like a flaming feather wing, which was about three Go away!

“You go!”

At this moment, Mu Youde’s expression condensed, an ancient battle flag tore the void, and then kicked out three feet, giving the three great virtues Kick in!

But, because of this, Mu Youde was hit by that palm, and the whole person was directly exploded. There was not even a strand of fragments left. Only the ancient battle flag was stained with blood and stuck alone. In the void.

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