I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1242

Mu Youde is dead! ?

At this moment, the faces of the three great virtues were pale, and besides shock, they were more angry!

They know that Mu Youde’s death has something to do with them!

If it were not for Mu Youde, the three of them are dead now!

“Today, if I wait alive and leave, I will surely step against other forces and races in the future!”

“This hatred is deep!”

… …

The three great virtues roared, their eyes were blood-red, and their bodies were imposing manner violently, almost running away!

At the same time, Jiang Chen, who was sent out of Formation by Hongyun, saw this scene at this moment!

He was stunned and didn’t speak.

After all, he never thought that Mu Youde would die like this!

This is a big blow to him!

After ten breaths, Jiang Chen came back to his senses, but his eyes became very hollow, as if he had lost his soul!


At the same time, a horrible breath emerged from him within the body, it was baleful qi!

However, this baleful qi is different from the past. In this baleful qi, there is also a silk trace Qi of Primal Chaos, and an inexplicable breath!


Next moment, a lightly said sound came from Jiang Chen’s mouth without the slightest mood swing.

I saw him stepping out. Although he didn’t shake Formation under one step, he himself entered Heavenspan Garden naturally!

This Formation is invalid for him!


“Come on? So what? Your cultivation base, after all, only…”

Old Patriarch of the Town Demon Race The Old Ancestor with Qianli Hibari was scornful. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was still an ant after all.

However, before they could finish their words, an extremely terrifying and violent aura broke out!

I saw Jiang Chen come back, and on the way to the sprint, the imposing manner was soaring!

In a flash, his cultivation base has soared from Divine King to Transcender!

next moment, I saw him take a shot with a palm, and the baleful qi in the palm was jumping, and the silk trace Qi of Primal Chaos turned into a little cloud of clouds up and down in the palm!

Under a palm, the entire void is trembling, and the avenue is transformed into a galaxy, swimming in its palm!



In an instant, an explosion sounded, Jiang Chen’s palm hit, and the Old Ancestor’s punches collided!

Fists and palms collided, as if thunder exploded, all the void was broken!


The Old Patriarch expression of the Demon Race has changed drastically. He held breath cold air, and his body is constantly retreating.

At the same time, his palm shattered, and even his entire arm disappeared!

Fist and palm collided, he…fallen!

“Be careful! There is weirdness!” The Old Ancestor expression grave of the Thousand Mile Skylark clan, he looked at Jiang Chen’s empty eyes, as if thinking of something!

“He…had he lost his mind after becoming evil?” Old Patriarch of the Zhenmozu was puzzled, secretly thought that the strength of the evil spirit could be so terrifying! ?

A Divine King becomes Sha, and its cultivation progress can be brought to Transcender! ?

This is impossible!

“His eyes are not hollow, this is a pupil technique!” Old Ancestor of the Thousand Mile Skylark clan said solemnly: “Someone controlled him!”

“Now it’s two-on-two Now.”

At this moment, a smile appeared on the corner of Hongyun’s mouth, and he took a step forward and came to Jiang Chen’s side, and respectfully said: “I have seen the three ancestors.”

“This world has changed, didn’t expect even the title of Paragon Temple is not enough.”

Jiang Chen lightly said, in the hollow eyes, there seemed to be a piece of it hidden Dead Sea!


To be precise, Jiang Chen at this moment is not the real Jiang Chen, but is controlled by the third ancestor of Paragon Temple!

It can be said that Jiang Chen now is the third ancestor of Paragon Temple!

He used a secret technique to inject his own power into Jiang Chen’s within the body, as if he had come in person!

“It is rumored that there are Three Old Ancestors in the Paragon Temple, presumably you are the third ancestor, right?”

“Long heard of the name…but…what about it? No matter you are Paragon The first ancestor of the Temple of Heaven, or the second ancestor, or the third ancestor, after all, we are also Transcender that’s all.”


Although the old Ancestral God of the Zhenmozu and Thousand Miles Skylark is dignified, there is no fear in his eyes!

As they said, no matter how high your seniority is and how long you live, the cultivation base is the same!

even more how, there are more than two of them who are here today!

“What is the Paragon Temple? Once my Celestial Court comes out, who in this world dares to compete with my Celestial Court!?”

Suddenly, there was a white like Immortal Qi Fog emerges!

In the white mist, there is a middle-aged man standing with a white robe and his hair moving with the wind, giving people a feeling of Immortal Qi Linglong.

And this person, from his words, you can know his identity, he is from Celestial Court!

At this moment, the third ancestor and Hongyun were both shocked.

They really didn’t expect. Among the people who came to kill Jiang Chen and the three great virtues at this time, there were people from Celestial Court!

This… can be tricky!

“What Celestial Court!? I can’t get out of the ancient mansion, what are you trifling Celestial Court!?”

Suddenly, the ancient battle flag stuck in the sky lonely Shaking!

Afterwards, I saw Mu Youde stepped out of the ancient battle banner!

He twisted his neck, his face was ugly, said solemnly: “I knew you would take action at Celestial Court!”

“You are not dead!?”

“Impossible! Your cultivation base, how can you survive in my hands!”

Thousand Miles Skylark and the Old Ancestor of the Zhenmozu are shocked. You must know that Mu Youde’s cultivation base is not high , Before it exploded in front of them, not even a strand of powder was left!

But now, he has appeared intact!

“If I didn’t’die’ in front of you once, how could this Celestial Court kid appear.” Mu Youde lightly said, stretched out his hand, the ancient battle flag fell in his hand, and then shook suddenly Up!

“Ancient Battle Banner!?”

At this moment, the expression of the man from Celestial Court changed drastically. It seemed that he was very jealous of the Ancient Battle Banner or the Ancient Mansion!

He disappeared and walked away without even the courage to fight!

“After all, it is only Celestial Court, not the real Ancient Celestial Court!” Mu Youde contemptuously said.

After that, he looked up and looked towards Formation, saw the three great virtues in the void, jokingly said: “You three, but you owe me a life.”

“Damn! Mu Youde, you are too much! I thought you were really dead!”

“The routine! You are a thief and Taoist priest!”


The three great virtues are angry, they all have red eyes just now, and tears are almost coming down!

As a result, it took so long to find out that it was Mu Youde’s routine!

“I won’t accompany you anymore, I’ll go to the little boy in Celestial Court to ask something!” Mu Youde lightly said, using the ancient battle flag, Tearing the Void, and chased at the man in Celestial Court Go down!

At the same time, Hongyun and the third ancestor of Paragon Temple have taken action!

The two of them are like tigers, and they dashed straight ahead, without fear of the Old Ancestor of the Demon Clan and the Thousand Miles Skylark!

“How about the one in Celestial Court who has gone!? Today, no one can leave!” The Old Ancestor of Qianli Skylark said coldly. When the voice fell, I saw a few Yaoyang suddenly outside Formation rising!

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