I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1243

Several things like shining sun rise up, look carefully, they are Transcenders!

They are all covered with veils, or they are surrounded by mist, and they don’t want others to know their true identity.

At this moment, these people surrounded Hongyun and the third great ancestor, each of them in an imposing manner was extremely terrifying, as if they could overturn this world and disrupt the sky with their hands!

“It seems that you are prepared.” The third ancestor complexion is gloomy, but there is no fear in his eyes.

He glanced at Hongyun and lightly said: “You go first, and leave it to me here.”

Actually, Hongyun is impossible to let the third The great ancestor stayed here alone, after all, there were too many people on the other side, all of whom were Transcenders.

Leaving the third ancestor alone here is mostly bode ill rather than well!

But what is surprising is that when Hongyun heard this, his expression condensed, and then left without saying a word!

“Oh, you know that you are bound to die, so let Hongyun go first?”

“The Paragon Temple is only this, and the catastrophe is about to fly.”

Many people mocked contemptuously, and some even dropped a finger, reaching the third ancestor’s eyebrows!

At this moment, there is nothing left to say, the matter has reached this step, who will not give in!

“I, alone.” The third ancestor’s eyes were bright, and then he waved his hand, and even arrested the Primal Chaos Qi of Jiang Chen within the body!


Primal Chaos Qi is alive, and now under the control of the third ancestor, there is a roar of roar!

“Power of Primal Chaos…Hey, just try it today.” The third ancestor lightly said with a smile, connected with a smile on both hands, Primal Chaos Qi turned into azure lotus flowers, The sky blooms!

Afterwards, before these people reacted, the azure lotus exploded, and this place turned into a chaotic sea in an instant!

Power of Primal Chaos, few people dared to touch it since ancient times. After all, it is said that chaos is accompanied by weirdness and ominousness!

At this moment, these Transcender expressions have changed drastically, and they have stepped back, not wanting to be contaminated by Primal Chaos Qi!

However, there is Formation here. If they want to get out of here, they need to tear the Void and break through the Formation. It will take a while!

“The third great ancestor! Are you crazy!? Dare to use Primal Chaos Qi!?”

“From ancient times to the present, all creatures that have something to do with Chaos are not good End!”


Many people scolded, but they didn’t dare to compete!

“Primal Chaos Qi that’s all, so what? You dare not touch it, that’s all you can’t control that’s all, and I…can!” The eyes of the third ancestor are full of brilliance!

Immediately, I saw him suppress it with a palm of his hand, and this sea of ​​chaos seemed to be turned upside down, drowning several Transcenders!

Under the waves, there are Transcender screams, and more blood is floating in the waves!

This shocked other people. It was just a palm, and someone was injured! ?

Be aware that they are all Transcenders, and their strengths should not be so different!

“I said, to deal with you, I am alone.” The third ancestor lightly said, with a hint of arrogance in his eyes, and said: “My Paragon Temple, everyone is Paragon , Even more how is my third ancestor!”

“You, too weak!”



The voice fell, and the third ancestor made another move, and the Chaos Sea reversed, drowning everyone!


“This guy, not to be trifled with!”

“If you don’t have Primal Chaos Qi, I will be destroyed if we join forces You!”

In just a few breaths, several people retreated straight away.

They are not only afraid of the strength of the third ancestor, but also Primal Chaos Qi!

If there is the first person to retreat, there is the second!

After more than ten breaths, the Formation shrouded in Heavenspan Court collapsed, and a group of Transcenders fled.

But there are still two people who never left!

“Thousand-mile skylark clan, demons-suppressing clan…heh…you two clans, just wait for the anger of my Paragon Temple to come!” The third ancestor coldly said: “You think you are today Can you kill me? It’s a pity…”

“Actually, you shouldn’t be so careless, shouldn’t reveal your identity, and now…you regret it, it’s useless!”

Hearing the words of the third great ancestor, Old Ancestor of the Zhenmo clan and the Thousand Mile Skylark clan naturally understood this truth.

They know very well that after today, the Demons Clan and the Skylark Clan have completely put aside all considerations of face with Paragon Temple!

Moreover, those three Monster Races will not let them go!

They are not leaving at the moment, just want to save it!

Otherwise, once the three big Monster Races and Paragon Heavenly Hall attack them, even if the Demons and the Thousand Miles Skylark clan join forces, they will not be able to stop them and will be destroyed!

“The Celestial Court was instigating behind the scenes, and I was forced to wait!”

“I lost my mind while waiting, otherwise I would not dare to treat Paragon Temple. Start with the three Monster Races!”


these two people explained, I hope the third ancestor can let them go.

“In this world, not everything can be revealed by explanation.” The third ancestor coldly said: “If you do, you should pay the price!”

Having said that, the third ancestor waved his hand and said: “You go. In a short while, my Paragon Temple will come to visit you.”

“The third ancestor! There is no such thing. There is room for redemption!?” Old Ancestor said solemnly of the Thousand Mile Skylark clan: “As long as you are willing to let the Thousand Mile Skylark clan go, today…I can die here!”

“The third ancestor, doing things alone Being alone, I will use my life to exchange the longevity of my demons!” Old Ancestor of the demons also hurriedly said.

They know very well that if this matter is not resolved today, the Demons Clan and the Skylark Clan will be destroyed!

If you can use your own life in exchange for the clan you belong to not to be destroyed, this is also great for them!

However, the third ancestor shook the head, his eyes were still extremely cold.

He didn’t speak, and the fleshy body that controlled Jiang Chen turned around and left.

“The third ancestor! I know where his wisp of memory is! I can take you to get it back!”

Suddenly, Old Ancestor of the Demon Clan He rushed over and stopped the third ancestor, and at the same time a map appeared in his palm!

Red dots are marked on the map. Look carefully, it is a starry sky map!

And on a corner of the map, there is a “Soul” character written impressively!

The third ancestor intended to control Jiang Chen’s fleshy body to leave, but at this moment it stopped.

His expression looked weird towards Old Ancestor of the Demon Clan, said solemnly: “Do you know his identity?”

“This… know some.” The Demon Clan’s Old Ancestor nodded and said: “He is too special, many people know his identity, but…without the order of that adult, no one dare to do anything to him!”

” If I didn’t know his identity this time, I wouldn’t have come to kill him! I found out that it was him after I got here!” Old Ancestor of the Demon Clan explained, “You know, that one is sleeping now ……”

“Oh? You mean, if that person wakes up, Jiang Chen will definitely die, right?” The third ancestor complexion is gloomy, and then coldly snorted, said: “That person is very Strong, but you have to know, Jiang Chen is from my Paragon Temple!”

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