I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1244

Who is that?

Many people are speculating that even the Old Ancestor of the Thousand Miles Skylark clan is stunned at the moment.

He knows that many Old Ancestors of the Unsold Demons, and he has never even heard about that.

Even, he didn’t even know that Jiang Chen had another identity!

“What are you talking about?” Old Ancestor of the Thousand Mile Skylark clan asked hurriedly.

He wants to help, if he can help, perhaps Paragon Temple will let go of the Thousand Miles Skylark clan!

However, neither the third ancestor nor the Old Ancestor of the Zhenmo clan ignored him.

Just because there are some things, the less people know, the better!

even more how, since the Old Ancestor of the Thousand Miles Skylark clan didn’t know about this, it means that no one had been with him. This also means that the Old Ancestor of the Thousand Miles Skylark clan is not qualified to know about this!

“The third ancestor, I really can’t blame me for this. I was deceived by the Celestial Court to come here!” Old Ancestor of the town demon clan explained: “If I at first, I know him I don’t dare to come!”

“What’s the point of saying this now? You go back. For today’s matter, my Paragon Temple will come to you to liquidate.” The third ancestor Coldly said, this thing obviously won’t end this way!

The Old Ancestor of the Zhendevil tribe and the Thousand Mile Skylark tribe had a pale face and panic in their hearts.

They know what this means, the Zhenmo clan and the Thousand Mile Skylark clan are very likely to disappear completely because of this!

“The Paragon Temple refuses to forgive me for waiting, then I can only wait… to take refuge in the Celestial Court!”

“Today’s matter, if the Celestial Court was not instigating behind, I I won’t get to this point! A Transcender of dignified Celestial Court was scared away by a Fat Daoist Priest! Celestial Court is responsible for this!”


In the end, the Old Ancestor of the Zhenmo clan and the Thousand Mile Skylark clan left. They did not return to their own forces, but went to the Celestial Court!

They are going to ask for an explanation and seek asylum by the way!

At this moment, Heavenspan Court fell silent, Formation disappeared, and the destroyed things were restored instantly under the third ancestor Divine Ability.

At this moment, the third ancestor returned the control of Fleshy body to Jiang Chen, and his own consciousness also withdrew from Jiang Chen’s within the body.

In this way, Jiang Chen seemed to have a dream. After the dream woke up, everything was over.

But Jiang Chen’s memory still stays at the previous moment.

After waking up, Jiang Chen’s eyes were bloodshot. Seeing all around empty, his heart was cold!

“Mu Youde!? The three great virtues!?” Jiang Chen roar, he didn’t see the three great virtues, and thought they were all dead!

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s imposing manner exploded, and the baleful qi erupted from within the body more like a gang wind!

With scarlet eyes and full of killing intents, he is going crazy!

“Everything is over, the four great virtues are not dead.”

At this moment, Hongyun appeared, held Jiang Chen in one hand, and then took the past here Tell Jiang Chen in detail.

After listening to Jiang Chen, he couldn’t help but sighed in relief, but then he concentrated and realized what was wrong with it!

“You mean…Mu Youde is already plotting against!? He used me and three great virtues to lead out the people of Celestial Court!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

“I think it should be such a person.” Hongyun nodded and said: “Now, he is hunting down the Transcender from Celestial Court.”

“Damn fatty! Actually use my life as bait!” Jiang Chen’s face was dark, and Mu Youde secretly thought this time is too much!

This time, if it weren’t for the third great ancestor, let alone him and the three great virtues, I am afraid that even Hongyun would die here!

“I told you before and asked you to beware of him.” Hongyun said solemnly: “Do you think someone who can be related to the ancient land mansion is an ordinary person? Maybe, he is involved What you have arrived is deeper than your previous lives!”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen suddenly stared at Hongyun, and asked: “Did you ever Have you seen him?”

“Yes.” Hongyun nodded and said: “When I met you, you were called heavenly star, and in your life as a heavenly star, he… He appeared next to you.”

“To be honest, I don’t believe it anymore. He can meet you for several lifetimes…”

Jiang Chen hearing this, also browses Tightly knit, asked: “Do you mean that in my other lifetimes, I also met Mu Youde?”

“Of course, in some of the Ancient Vestiges of Great Thousand Worlds , And the statue of you standing with him.” Hongyun said: “I think… maybe he has known you since your first life.”

” I will meet him in my first life…”

“In every life?” Jiang Chen frowned, then shook his head and said: “When I was Tianchen in my previous life, I never met him.”

“Perhaps there is a reason, but this life…you met him again.” Hongyun said solemnly: “And…you should understand one thing, if Mu Youde only relies on the ancient battle banner, yes It’s impossible to fight Transcender.”

“Now, he dares to chase and kill the Transcender of Celestial Court, which shows that Mu Youde’s true cultivation base is at least Transcender!”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen fell silent immediately!

He knew that after this time incident, he really had to find a chance to ask Mu Youde well!

If you continue to be so bewildered, maybe one day you will really be killed by Mu Youde!

Furthermore, it’s the kind that is pitted to a dead end, pitted to the hopeless!

“If you don’t mention him, I will be upset for him.” Jiang Chen sighed, feeling helpless.

Just because, according to Hongyun, Mu Youde’s current strength is definitely in Transcender, even a higher level!

So, even if you meet Mu Youde again in the future, Jiang Chen will not be able to force him to tell the truth!

After all, Jiang Chen still has a long section of the road to go before Transcender!


“Boss! Here we are!”


Suddenly, three The voice of a great virtue.

Looking up, I saw that the sky in the distance was torn apart. Three Monster Races and a dozen Transcenders appeared!

Obviously, the three Monster Races were really angry, and those Transcenders that had never been born in several eras were all shocked!

Especially there is an old dragon whose scales are all gone, and it is bare, but the imposing manner it exudes can be called a domineering party, absolutely above Hongyun!

There is also a Phoenix with withered feathers, and its body is burning with white flames. It is clearly the real Grand Dao of Fire, which can burn everything!

“My little friend, have you ever been injured?”

At this moment, a Vermilion Bird covered in ice and snow spoke up. All around it is densely covered with frost, even the Grand Dao Law is in order. All around him is frozen!

This is an Old Ancestor from the Vermilion Bird One clan, extremely powerful, forcibly reversing the Fire Attribute of the Vermilion Bird One clan, turning it into a frosty Vermilion Bird!

“The person I want to protect in the Paragon Temple, who can hurt him?” Hongyun spoke first, looking towards the powerhouse of these three Monster Races, with fear and vigilance in his eyes!

Obviously, Hongyun does not believe in the three Monster Races very much!

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