I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1245

The three great virtues brought the Transcender from the clan to the rescue, which made Jiang Chen quite gratified. At least these three great virtues did not abandon him.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t catch a cold for the Transcender of these three Monster Races.

Just because Jiang Chen saw a hint of greed in the eyes of the Transcender of the three Monster Races!

Furthermore, the meaning of greed is very obvious, without any concealment!

“You…have something for me?” Jiang Chen asked directly, moving towards Hongyun and leaned over.

At the same time, the expression of the three great virtues changed, and they looked towards their own Transcender, with doubts in their eyes.

You should know that the relationship between Jiang Chen and the three great virtues is now known to the world. Everyone knows that Jiang Chen is the boss of the three great virtues!

In this case, why do the Transcenders of these three Monster Races dare to show greed to Jiang Chen?

This is… not giving them three ancestors face! ?

“My little friend, you misunderstood, we do have a conspiracy against you, but… we will never use means, just want to discuss with you.” The old dragon of Dragon Race said: “If so If you don’t agree, we won’t embarrass you. After all, the ancestors of my clan have an unusual relationship with you.”

“Yes, yes, we just come to discuss it and take a look at Jiang Little friend Chen, what do you mean.”

“Everything is easy to discuss, talk slowly.”


People from the other two races also spoke up. , But the meaning of greed in the eyes is undisguised, even more and more obvious!

This makes Jiang Chen very confused, what are these three Monster Races? ?

Can the three Big Monster Races benefit from Jiang Chen?

“Just tell me if you have anything.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “If I don’t touch my bottom line, I can agree.”

As soon as this was said, Dragon Race’s The old dragon took the lead and said bluntly: “If you win the Star Domain Academy battle, you are eligible to enter the Daqian mine burial, and you have the right to invite others in!”

“Oh? What do you mean, you want me to take Dragon Race in?” Jiang Chen squinted, then smiled suddenly, and said, “What? Old Senior, do you want to go to the Daqian mine?”

This old dragon Hearing this, he shook his head immediately, said with a bitter smile: “I want to enter, but there is a special law and order in Daqian mine burial, Transcender can’t enter! Once you enter, you will be obliterated by an inexplicable force!”

“What!? There are such powers in this world?” Jiang Chen was shocked. What kind of power is that can directly obliterate Transcender! ?

Be aware that as a Transcender, unless you are desperately working with the cultivator of the same realm, it will be difficult for Heaven and Earth Grand Dao to suppress and kill them!

After all, they have detached themselves, beyond the avenue!

But now, in this great thousand mine burial, there is such a power that can directly obliterate Transcender…

This is terrifying!

“My little friend, what I mean by waiting is actually very simple. You just need to take the ancestors of our three Monster Races and go in. As for what good things can be obtained in it, we can discuss it after we come out. You can rest assured, we will never treat you badly!” Old Ancestor of the Vermilion Bird One family said seriously.

On the side, several Transcenders of Phoenix Race are also constantly nodded.

Obviously, these three Monster Races have been discussed before coming here!

And this matter, for Jiang Chen, is actually nothing!

Bringing my little brother into the burial of Daqian, what’s the problem?

Furthermore, with the characteristics of the three great virtues, even if you get a good thing in the Daqian mine burial, most of it is hidden and will not be brought back to the clan!

When the time comes, don’t talk about any benefits, all the things you get in Daqian Mine Burial will be divided equally by the four of them!

“Several people, this matter is just a small matter to me, I can promise.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

However, when the voice fell, Jiang Chen’s expression suddenly condensed, looked towards the three Monster Races headed by these three Monster Races, and asked: “Do you know what to order? Inside the Daqian Mine… …Is there really immortal medicine born?”

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of these three Monster Races also changed slightly.

After that, the old dragon haha ​​smiled and said: “I can’t hide it from you, there is indeed an immortal medicine born in the burial of Daqian mine.”

” You can also see that our three old fellows have lived for several generations. Now even as Transcenders, the blood energy within the body is exhausted, and the life essence is about to end.” Old Ancestor of Phoenix Race sighed: “If I can get immortal medicine, let me wait for another life and return to Peak state…”

“If I get immortal medicine, I can give it to you.” Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and said. “But… if you return to the Peak state, you can’t do anything to the creatures of the Six Realms, nor the people of the Ancestral Realm. Can you agree to this matter!?”

Three Monsters People at Race are hearing this, and the expression looks ugly in an instant.

Be aware that for the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds, the ancestral world is their eternal enemies!

Even if they don’t do anything to the ancestral world, people in the ancestral world will find them!

After all, when the ancestral world was destroyed, Monster Race did a great deal!

“Little friend Jiang Chen, we also know that you are from the Six Realms. I can promise you that we will not act on the creatures of the Six Realms, nor the people of the Ancestral Realm… But if They took the initiative to come to the door, and that’s no wonder we are.” said the old dragon.

“Okay, so good.” Jiang Chen smiled, nodded, said: “Then…Should we go to the burial of Daqian first, or go to your Dragon Race ancestral land first?”


As soon as these words came out, Long Dade’s expression condensed, with worry in his eyes, and said: “Go to the Dragon Race ancestral land first, and see the attitude of the three mountains and five seas. I can go in, but the situation on the long song is already very tricky.”

“Also, the little friend will go back to our ancestral land with us, and I will be so kind and entertained. You.” The old dragon said.

Jiang Chen did not refuse, and after looking at Hongyun, he waved away and left here with a group of Dragon Race.

Looking at the back of Jiang Chen’s departure, Hongyun’s eyes were shining brightly, and lightly said: “Just so easily agreed to the requirements of the three Monster Races? If you really get immortal medicine, you will hand it over. “

After all, Hongyun smiled and said: “It’s you? Hey, you really got immortal medicine, and it’s probably you too.”

“The things the three Monster Races pictured are probably not immortal medicine.”

Suddenly, a cloud of white mist appeared next to Hongyun. In the mist stood an Elderly with white hair. , Full of energy, there is more halo around the body.

This person is the third ancestor of Paragon Temple who helped Jiang Chen before!

His real body has arrived at this moment!

“The third ancestor, in the burial of Daqian Mine…Apart from immortal medicine, what else can make the three Monster Race be tempted?” Hongyun doubted.

“There is another person, a coffin, or…a legend.” The third ancestor lightly said.

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