I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1246

No one can tell what exactly is in the Daqian mine burial, just because Daqian mine burial has been forbidden since ancient times!

Even Transcender is difficult to enter!

There is a terrifying law and order, and Transcender can be killed easily!

“The third ancestor, what do you say…what is in the Daqian mine burial?” Hongyun asked.

The third ancestor hearing this, a touch of jealousy flashed in his eyes, after taking a few deep breaths, he slowly said: “There is a family there, a family that was once brilliant!”

“It’s just…because of something, the members of that family are all dead, and they are buried in the Daqian Mine.”

Hearing this, Hongyun’s expression Suddenly changed.

Just because he thought of a legend, a legend that can be called a peerless legend!

It is said that at the beginning of Great Thousand Worlds, when Heaven and Earth Primordial Chaos was just on the line, the creatures of the world gathered and the heroes competed!

Some dominate one party, some span the Star Domain, and some establish their own dynasty and family.

Among them, the most famous is a family claiming to be the Celestial Clan!

This family can be called the most glorious time in that time!

At that time, the Celestial Clan once truly unified the entire Great Thousand Worlds!

Real unification!

What kind of strength and might this is! ?

You know, since ancient times, in this Great Thousand Worlds, there are really not many people who can achieve great unification!

However, such a powerful family disappeared in one day!

Someone found their corpses in later generations. Every corpse is intact, no trace of scars can be found, even the soul is still intact!

But, weirdly, they are all dead!

Those who found the corpse of the Celestial Clan left them in an abandoned mine, thinking that the glory of the Celestial Clan would disappear forever.

But who would have thought that in a certain era, this mine suddenly became a forbidden area!

Some people say that it is the resurrection of the heavenly race!

They took possession of the mineral deposits and evolved into a side world. They would not let anyone in, nor would the heavens themselves leave the mineral deposits!

At that time, a supreme powerhouse entered the mine, and the result is conceivable, never came out! Not even a bit of news, a thread of aura has ever come out!

In later generations, many people went into the mines to find out, but all the creatures whose cultivation base reached Transcender would throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea. Everything was dead. !

“The third ancestor, the heaven is really resurrected?” Hongyun asked, his expression very solemn.

If the Celestial Clan is really resurrected, why can’t it come out after staying in Daqian Mine Burial?

Is it… waiting for an opportunity?

“I don’t know if the Celestial Clan has been resurrected, but there must be something wrong in the Daqian mine burial. Perhaps…some kind of ominous substance has invaded there.” The third ancestor said solemnly.

In this world, there are many forces that are hard to understand and control.

These forces are collectively referred to as ominous matter!

Even, in the eyes of many people, Power of Primal Chaos is also called ominous!

“That’s all that’s all, there will be a result in the end.” The third ancestor seems to know a lot, but he refuses to say more.

Afterwards, he disappeared here, leaving only Hongyun with a confused face.

At the same time, in the ancestral land of Dragon Race.

Jiang Chen was taken here, and then led by Long Dade to a cave in the Dragon Race ancestral land.

The ancestral land of Dragon Race is very vast, with green mountains and beautiful waters everywhere, and fairy mists, and some rare divine medicine rooted here.

In the entire ancestral land, there are divine lights everywhere, just like Immortal Realm!

Here, Jiang Chen took a deep breath, and the divine light in the air actually increased his cultivation base!

This shocked Jiang Chen. If you live here for a long time, even without deliberate cultivation, your cultivation base can be continuously improved! ?

This, is it the foundation of being a Dragon Race! ?

At this moment, Jiang Chen stood in front of the cave, squinted, and asked Long Dade beside him: “After the people from the three mountains and five seas left the Six Realms, they came here? They are all in this cave. “

“en. “Long Dade nodded and said: “I don’t know what they are doing, even I wait for the Dragon Race to not let us in! This is the ancestral land of my Dragon Race!”

“Are you really using the power of the Dragon Race ancestors to forge a Samsara Road?” Jiang Chen frowned. If this is the case, then these three mountains and five seas must be guarded!

“Hey! Is there a living person inside? I am Dragon Race Ancestral Dragon, now I come to you to discuss something!”

At this moment, Long Dade is talking He shouted: “Hurry up and answer me! Don’t mess with this seat, provoke this seat, and drive you all out of the Dragon Race ancestral land!”

The voice fell, but the cave was still very quiet. one slice.

It seems that the people of the three mountains and five seas have ignored Long Dade!

This made Long Dade very embarrassed. He pointed to the cave and said with a bitter smile: “They are just like this. When I came the last few times, they ignored me.”


“Under Jiang Chen, I should have met you in the Six Realms. I’m here to disturb you. I really want to get rid of the three mountains and five seas.” Jiang Chen opened the mouth and said.

“Jiang Chen?”




At this moment, several exclamations came from the cave.

Obviously, the creatures in the cave can hear the sound outside the cave, but they were too lazy to speak that’s all before.

This made Long Dade feel very shameless. He didn’t care about what he said, and Jiang Chen was just right when he spoke! ?

“Meeting you, sometimes it really makes me difficult to wait.”

At this moment, a skinny Elderly came out, leaning on a stick The crutches made of white bones walked to Jiang Chen’s strange expression.

Jiang Chen understands what Elderly means, said with a smile: “No matter who I am in my previous life, I am Jiang Chen in this life.”

“That’s good.” Elderly lightly said, then he took out a box and said: “Are you here to ask for this thing?”

As soon as this word came out, Jiang Chen was immediately stunned, very messy.

You must know that the purpose of his coming this time is to let Three Mountains and Five Seas fight against Celestial Court, so as to keep the long song.

But now…

“What is this?” Jiang Chen asked.

Elderly hearing this is also daunting.

He looked at Jiang, then pointed to his box, and asked: “This…you didn’t come to ask for this thing?”

“There is you in it. Some memories of previous lives…” Elderly said.

“What!?” Jiang Chen was shocked, and even more excited!

He knew that as long as he got this box and merged the memory inside, then…he would know a lot of secrets!

But when he stretched out his hand to take the box, Elderly suddenly put the box away, lightly said: “It seems that you have not yet awakened. Since you have not yet awakened, then this I can’t give you anything yet.”

“What awakening?” Jiang Chen asked in confusion.

“I don’t know. When you were the Profound Sky, you had some intersection with us. At that time, you asked us to keep this thing, and you won’t give it to you until you wake up.” Elderly Said: “As for what awakening is…you didn’t elaborate on it at the beginning.”

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