I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1247

Skinny Elderly doesn’t know what real awakening is, but looking at the appearance of Jiang Chen in front of her, she has not even retrieved a single memory of the past. This is obviously not awakening.

The Three Mountains and Five Seas once agreed with Jiang Chen in a certain life that Jiang Chen must be awakened before giving him his memory box.

“Forget it, since I refuse to give it, I can’t help it.” Jiang Chen lightly said, looked towards this skinny Elderly, and asked: “Are you really casting a new Samsara Road?”

As soon as these words came out, the expression of this skinny Elderly changed slightly.

I saw him take a look at Long Dade next to him, said solemnly: “You said it?”

“This is my boss, do I tell my boss there is a problem? “Long Dade said with slanting eyes, full of confidence.

Although Long Dade’s cultivation base is not good, his status is very high, he is Ancestral Dragon!

Rao is that this skinny Elderly is a Transcender, and he dare not do anything to Long Dade.

even more how, here is the Dragon Race ancestral land, as long as Long Dade screams, some dragons help him!

“Don’t tell anyone else about this.” Elderly said solemnly: “What we do is just to leave a way for future generations to survive that’s all.”

“Leave a way for future generations?” Jiang Chen curled his lips, naturally not believing what the skinny Elderly said.

You need to know that the original ancient land mansion controlled the world precisely because it controlled the ancient reincarnation!

Now that the Three Mountains and Five Seas are going to forge a new Samsara Road, I want to come for the same purpose as the original ancient land, and I want to control the world!

“You may not believe it, but what I am doing now is really for the future generations.” Skinny Elderly sighed: “This World will eventually collapse. When the time comes, everything will Turning into nothingness, if there is no Samsara Road for all living beings to go, then this world will be completely annihilated!”

“Oh? What you said… I don’t believe it.” Jiang Chen is not angry Said: “If you want to control the world with Samsara Road, you just say, why do you say such a devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence?”

“The ancient land was not the same at the time. I mastered the Samsara Road. Take control of the world.”

Skinny Elderly hearing this, with a black face, explained: “You have no memory at all now, and it is useless to tell you this, anyway you don’t believe it.”


Let’s talk, Skinny Elderly looked towards Jiang Chen, and asked: “Is there anything wrong with us? Just say something.”

“Celestial Court is born.” Jiang Chen said straightly “I heard that the Three Mountains and Five Seas and Celestial Court are rivals.”

“Oh? Celestial Court is born?” Skinny Elderly froze for a while, seeming surprised.

Immediately, the skinny Elderly asked: “Does Celestial Court do anything?”

“The long song is in the southern Star Domain. After the Celestial Court was born, he planned to recite the long song. Start.” Jiang Chen said truthfully.

After all, Jiang Chen just about to continue speaking, this skinny Elderly expression condenses, said solemnly: “Are you sure? Celestial Court really intends to shoot in the southern Star Domain?”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen was puzzled, and asked: “What’s wrong? Is there anything weird?”

“Of course it’s strange!” The skinny Elderly expression became more solemn, staring at Jiang Chen and asked. Said: “Do you know… what’s in the Southern Star Domain?”

Without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, Skinny Elderly pointed to the top of his head and said, “The ruins of Ancient Celestial Court are there! Enter The gate of Ancient Celestial Court is there too!”

“According to legend, only through the South Heaven Gate can you enter the real Ancient Celestial Court! Now that Celestial Court is born, you have to do it in the Southern Star Domain… Could it be that… they have found South Heaven Gate and want to enter the Ancient Celestial Court!?” Skinny Elderly lightly said, the fear in his eyes became more intense!

He no longer paid attention to Jiang Chen, but turned around and entered the cave.

It didn’t take long for me to hear a few exclamations from the cave, and then a few more terrifying breaths erupted!

The breath is like a dragon, Tearing the Void, breaking open the sky, as if to break the shackles and shackles of the sky!

After a few more breaths, the skinny Elderly walked out, looked towards Jiang Chen, and said: “I will solve this matter from three mountains and five seas, and I will definitely not let Celestial Court succeed!”


“Oh…that’s all right.” Jiang Chen lightly said, secretly thought Sanshan Wuhai and Celestial Court are really rivals!

In this way, Jiang Chen is more at ease.

With three mountains and five seas, it is relatively safer to recite long songs.

However, Jiang Chen is also worried. If Celestial Court really wants to kill at all costs, then… who can stop it! ?

But after thinking about it, Jiang Chen felt that he was thinking too much.

Skinny Elderly said very clearly that Celestial Court was born just for South Heaven Gate!

They want to kill and read the long song, it’s just a cover that’s all.

However, just when Jiang Chen thought so, the Southern Star Domain issued a major event!

The Old Ancestor of the Chang’an clan, which means chanting long songs, was severely injured by several powerhouses in Celestial Court today, and then disappeared, life and death unknown!

As soon as this news came out, it swept the entire Great Thousand Worlds instantly!

After all, the southern Star Domain today is the messiest place among all Star Domains, and many people are paying attention here!

Especially for long songs, even Transcender is paying attention to him!

“What!? I was injured by the long song!? Still being chased!?”

Half a day later, Jiang Chen also got the news, and the expression became weird. .

He was not only worried about reading long songs, but also wondering why Celestial Court wanted to read long songs so specifically! ?

Accordingly, Celestial Court only cares about South Heaven Gate, and in Celestial Court’s eyes, perhaps it’s just an ant that’s all.

But now…this thing seems a little weird!

Looking at Celestial Court like this, I intend to really suppress and kill the long song!

Are there any grudges and grievances between these two parties? ?

“Have the people from the Three Mountains and Five Seas taken action?” Jiang Chen asked.

Half a day ago, Sanshan Wuhai agreed to take action against Celestial Court.

But now, half a day has passed, and there is no movement in the three mountains and five seas.

“No news, no one came out of the cave.” Long Dade said with a black face, “Is that skinny Elderly lying to us?”

” It’s a bit unreliable…” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

But, tone barely fell down, and saw a stream of light volleyed from the cave, then broke through the air, moved towards the south and flew away!

After a few breaths, three streams of light flew out again, with a clear purpose, and they were approaching the southern Star Domain!

“Finally it’s a shot!” Jiang Chen sighed lightly, thinking that three mountains and five seas were fooling him.

However, Jiang Chen also has some doubts, Sanshan Wuhai has dispatched so many people this time! ?

Can this person compete with Celestial Court?

“Would you…you let some Transcenders from Dragon Race also help out?” Jiang Chen said to Long Dade.

Long Dade hearing this, with a wry smile, shook his head and said: “I have asked, the old dragons in the clan did not agree, saying that he did not want to provoke the Celestial Court.”

“Dignified Dragon Race, can I still be afraid of Celestial Court?” Jiang Chen was dumbfounded, secretly thought Dragon Race such a powerful race, really afraid of Celestial Court?

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