I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1249

A wisp of misty thing in the skinny Elderly’s hand is ups and downs, carrying a trace of blood energy and a trace of soul fluctuation.

Jiang Chen stared at the mist, his expression didn’t know how to describe it, maybe it was anger or sadness.

He just stared at it, until a long time passed, he slowly stretched out his hands, trembling to take the mist.

“He… is this way?” Jiang Chen lightly said, when he looked up towards Elderly, his eyes were full of scarlet.

“I didn’t expect to wait, Celestial Court is so decisive this time, I must kill him.” Skinny Elderly frowned, not at all sorrow because of the long song, after all, to him Said that the long song has nothing to do with the Three Mountains and Five Seas.

Now, Skinny Elderly is puzzled, what is going on with Nian Long Song and Celestial Court?

Be aware that Celestial Court only wants South Heaven Gate that’s all from the Southern Star Domain.

If you are willing to quit the Southern Star Domain by chanting the long song, Celestial Court does not have to kill him!

But now…

“Don’t you think it’s weird? Celestial Court must kill him, there must be hidden secrets in it.” Skinny Elderly lightly said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, sneered, coldly said: “He has become like this, and you… only care about the hidden secrets?”

After that, Jiang Chen looked towards Long Dade, complexion is gloomy, and said: “He, can I still save it?”

Long Dade is hearing this, and immediately nodded: “Yes! I have a mouthful of sky in the ancestral land of Dragon Race Quan, enough to make him reborn!”

“If something happens to him, you…you don’t need to call me the boss in the future.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

After that, Jiang Chen handed the wisp of true soul that chanted the long song to Long Dade, and he moved towards Dragon Race and walked outside the ancestral land.

“Boss? Where are you going?” Bird Dade asked, suddenly feeling a bad feeling in his heart!

Actually, the three great virtues are all clear, and Jiang Chen will never give up when he is beaten up like this for long songs!

However, with Jiang Chen’s current cultivation base, even if he refuses to give up, what can he do?

How can Jiang Chen alone be able to contend the huge Celestial Court?

But the three great virtues are clearer, Jiang Chen’s temper is up, no one can stop it!

“My person has become like this, I naturally want to ask for an explanation.” Jiang Chen lightly said, facing the three great virtues, waved his hand, and said: “Take care of you He.”


When the voice fell, I saw Jiang Chen turned into a stream of light and disappeared here instantly.

At this moment, the three great virtues are standing on the spot, look at each other in blank dismay. From each other’s eyes, they all see the meaning of horror and worry!

They know that Jiang Chen must have gone to Celestial Court this time!

“Boss…Is nothing wrong?”

“Why should this be? Wait for the long song to be reborn, won’t you? If you are alone now, you are going to die.”


Niao Dade and Huang Dade are very puzzled.

“Perhaps, this is the key for us to recognize him as the boss.” Long Dade sighed and blamed himself very much in his heart.

As Jiang Chen said before, if Long Dade insisted on letting the powerhouse of Dragon Race help out, the long song would not end up like this!

“It seems that my Ancestral Dragon is nothing in Dragon Race.” Long Dade complexion is gloomy, holding the true soul of long song moved towards Tianquan and walked.

Until he came to the entrance of Tianquan, he was stopped by two old dragons.

The two old dragons are very polite to Long Dade, with a respectful look.

However, they always stood in front of Long Dade, preventing the true soul of chanting long songs from entering Tianquan!

“Actually, I really don’t care about the identity of the Dragon Race Ancestral Dragon.” Long Dade lightly said, bitterly laughed: “I thought I was very respected as Ancestral Dragon, but… In the end there is a false name that’s all.”

Speaking, Long Dade turned around, the bitter smile on his face disappeared, even a trace of smile and emotion disappeared!

He turned his back to the two old dragons behind him, and a horrible eruption on his body, his voice without emotion at all, said: “From now on, Dragon Race will be Dragon Race, and I belong to my clan.”

“Zunshang? What do you mean?”

“Zunshang? You…”


This In a moment, the two old dragons reacted, and the matter was a big deal!

They are not stupid, they can hear Long Dade’s words, they are leaving Dragon Race, leaving Dragon Race!

For Dragon Race, losing an Ancestral Dragon is undoubtedly a big loss!

Furthermore, Dragon Race is very strict, even if Dade Dragon wants to leave, no one dares to stop him!

As Ancestral Dragon, you get lucky with Dragon Race, hurt Dragon Dade, Dragon Race loses luck, and the entire Dragon Race may have accidents in the future!

Therefore, these two old dragons dare not stop Long Dade, so they can only report the matter to them!

Almost in a flash, I saw an old dragon whose whole dragon scales were about to fall off appeared.

He is the dragon with the highest seniority in the Dragon Race, and the one with the deepest cultivation base!

He has absolute status and power in Dragon Race!

At this moment, he slowly walked to Long Dade, without a hint of arrogance and nobility, but respectfully asked: “Your honor, what’s wrong with you?”


“It’s nothing, I just think…Dragon Race is not for me.” Long Dade stared at the old dragon, coldly said: “Why? Stop me?”

“Don’t dare “This old dragon shook his head, squinted at the wisp of true soul in Long Dade’s hand, and asked: “It’s because of him?”

“Yes, it’s not.” Long Dade lightly said Suddenly, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly, with a hint of self-deprecation, and said: “Actually, I also understand that there is no strength, only identity, but it’s all beautiful on the surface. In this Dragon Race, you actually didn’t take me back. Things.”

As soon as these words came out, the old dragon shook his head and explained: “My entire Dragon Race, I respect you!”

“Really? I want to use Tianquan, why not? Is it because he is not Dragon Race? So, even if I come forward, he can’t use Tianquan?” Long Dade said contemptuously, “It doesn’t matter, it’s just a ray of life. True soul that’s all.”

Speaking, Long Dade suddenly burst into a dull and sacred brilliance, like the sky full of white petals falling, slowly floating up and down, and finally falling on the long song Above the real soul!

“Since ancient times, there are many kinds of Ancestral Dragon.” Long Dade lightly said, looking towards the old man, with a trace of contempt in his eyes, and asked: “You know, the god Saint Ancestor Is the meaning of a dragon?”

At this moment, the expression of this old dragon has changed slightly. He seems to have thought of something!

However, he did not speak, he knew that Long Dade was very angry at the moment!

“The meaning of sacredness is to be alive.” Long Dade said it was simple, but also very profound and obscure.

Next, he did not speak, but looked towards the ray of true soul who read the long song in his hand, and said: “He does not need Tianquan, he can live. The reason why I want to use Tianquan to save He just doesn’t want to expose my ancestor Magical Powers that’s all.”

“And from now on, my ancestor Magical Powers will not be used on any Dragon Race, you…not worthy!”

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