I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1250

There are many kinds of Ancestral Dragons, but under the baptism of time, the surviving Ancestral Dragons are basically invisible.

You know, Dragon Race can have its current status, thanks to the ancestors of Dragon Race!

Those Ancestral Dragons in the past have paid a lot for the Dragon Race, and they have basically died in battle!

Nowadays, an Ancestral Dragon finally appears, which is undoubtedly a Supreme Treasure for Dragon Race.

However, since Ancestral Dragon has disappeared for a long time, Dragon Race does not know some secrets of Ancestral Dragon.

Just like the Great Divine Ability of Ancestral Dragon, Dragon Race knows very little.

Now, when this old dragon heard about the Divine Ability of Long Dade, he knew that this time Dragon Race was really wrong!

At this moment, this old dragon didn’t know what to say, but looked at Long Dade blankly, not knowing what he was thinking.

Long Dade didn’t want to speak at this moment, Magical Powers fell like a rain of light, shrouded in a ray of true soul chanting long songs.

With the ebbing of time, the light rain turned into silk, wrapped the true soul, and turned into a cocoon.

Later, Long Dade put away the cocoon, without looking at the old dragon, he moved towards Dragon Race and walked outside the ancestral land.

Beside him, the close followers of Bird Dade and Huang Dade also left without saying a word.

Until the three great virtues left the ancestral land of Dragon Race, no one in the entire Dragon Race dared to stand up and stop them!

This is the majesty of the ancestors!

“Patriarch, did you leave like this?”

“I haven’t done anything to wait…”

At this moment, many Dragon Races are surrounded by the old dragon, with doubts in their eyes.

This old dragon is hearing this, looking towards the Dragon Race all around, a hint of disappointment flashes in his eyes.

“Your ignorance may be the real reason for your honor to leave Dragon Race.” Lao Long sighed.

He knew very well that the reason why Long Dade left Dragon Race was not because Dragon Race did not borrow Tianquan to recite long songs, but Dragon Race thought it was very good to Long Dade. In fact It’s all superficial.

If you are really good to Long Dade, you can see before that Long Dade wants to help recite the long song.

If you are really good to Long Dade, you don’t need Long Dade to speak, the powerhouse of Dragon Race will go to the southern Star Domain to help recite long songs.

However, everything does not develop like this!

In the end, Jiang Chen blamed Long Dade, who had unspeakable bitter suffering in his heart, until the anger in his heart suddenly broke out!

“Believe oneself infallible!” The old dragon sighed, the group of clansman looking towards all around, the disappointment in his eyes became more intense.

Long Dade is gone, but these clansman still don’t know where they are wrong.

At this moment, outside the Dragon Race ancestral land, the powerhouses of the Vermilion Bird One clan and Phoenix Race are all there.

Vermilion Bird and Phoenix Race, they are already good friends with Dragon Race, so they must know immediately about what major event happened in Dragon Race.

Now, the two Monster Races know that Long Dade has left Dragon Race!

“My lord, your two brothers are in the Phoenix and Vermilion Bird One clan, then you…If there is nowhere to go now, not as good as coming to my clan?”

“Your Excellency, my Phoenix Race is always waiting for you!”


Obviously, the two Monster Races are here this time to win over Dragon German!

Although the races are different, if you can draw an Ancestral Dragon into your race… then the result is quite ideal!

“I’m bored, I want to go out alone and see this Great Thousand Worlds.” Long Dade sighed.

For him, he is a dragon born in the six realms after all, and he is a creature belonging to the six realms.

For Great Thousand Worlds, he is just a guest that’s all.

Now, he has figured it out, no matter how strong the race is, it’s useless!

Only when you are strong can you be truly strong!

“It seems that our three great virtues are still the same as before. Let’s explore the world.”

“Brother Long, I will accompany you!”


At this moment, Huang Dade and Bird Dade also made a decision.

They don’t want to return to their respective races, but want to accompany Long Dade together!

As before in the Six Realms, what Dragon Race, what Phoenix Race, the three of them are different at first, why bother to classify them!

“Respect! You mean…”

“Please think twice!”


Phoenix The complexion of the powerhouse of the Vermilion Bird One clan and the powerhouse suddenly changed. They could hear the meaning of Dade Bird and Dade Huang, and they were leaving the race too!

“Needless to say, we are not separating our seeds, we just think…this day is very big, I want to see it later.” Huang Dade said resolutely: “When will Brother Long come back? , We will come back anytime.”

“Everyone, goodbye.”


Finally, the three great virtues, with the long song A wisp of true soul, just left.

After the three great virtues left, the Phoenix Race and Vermilion Bird One clan were completely furious!

They didn’t have the strange bird and the phoenix. Instead, they vented the flame hair on Dragon Race.

Just because they are not fools, they all know what’s going on this time!

If it were not for Dragon Dade to leave Dragon Race, Bird Dade and Huang Dade would not leave them either!

Now, the cause of all this comes from Dragon Race!

“Dragon Race! It depends on what you do!”

“It’s fine if you can’t keep your ancestors. Now even the ancestors of the two races, I’m also angry at I’m waiting! This matter, you Dragon Race will come to solve it!”


Phoenix and Vermilion Bird One’s powerhouse rushed into the ancestral land of Dragon Race and released it. Cruel, there is even a way to do it!

“This matter, my Dragon Race will solve it.” The old dragon sighed, and after the voice fell, he disappeared in place.

Half a day later, a message came from the Southern Star Domain!

An old True Dragon shot out in a rage, suppressed and killed more than a dozen emperor powerhouses in Celestial Court, and killed a Celestial Court Transcender on the spot!

The fall of the emperor would shake the Quartet, and this time, a Transcender is dead!

This kind of thing rarely happens, even in the fiercest battle, it is difficult to see Transcender fall!

And this time, the old dragon of Dragon Race is really angry!

He showed terrifying strength, and he can cut Transcender!

And he did this, perhaps to tell Long Dade that Dragon Race will always be on his side!

Or, he wants to tell Celestial Court that I have no fear in Dragon Race!

However, he also knows better than anyone else that things have already happened, and everything is too late!

The three great virtues, perhaps from now on, will never come back again.

“Dragon Race! Are you going to fight my Celestial Court!?”

On this day, someone in the Celestial Court roared, and the sound of the sound came from the South Star Domain runs directly into the Dragon Race ancestral land!

“Send troops!”

The response of Dragon Race is very simple. The word “sent troops” resounds like a thunder and resounds throughout Great Thousand Worlds!

On this day, the major tribes of Dragon Race, as well as the affiliated races under the Dragon Race seat, have sent emperor and Transcender-level powerhouses to gather in the Dragon Race ancestral land!

At the same time, Phoenix and Vermilion Bird One are also sent by powerhouse!

At this moment, it seems that the entire Monster Race has joined hands. The major powerhouses are gathered in the ancestral land of Dragon Race, and a Dharma Dao Decree is still starry sky. That is the battle book against Celestial Court!

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