I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1251

Everyone didn’t expect that Dragon Race will actually fight Celestial Court for Dragon Race!

Perhaps Lianlong Dade, and even Jiang Chen will not think of it!

Even Celestial Court can’t understand why Dragon Race is so angry this time!

For Dragon Race, the battle with Celestial Court this time is because of Dragon Dade, and the other is to tell the people of the world that Dragon Race is not afraid of any forces!

As the three largest Monster Races and the leader of the Monster Race clan, Dragon Race has always been very strong and powerful since ancient times!

They don’t want to cause trouble, and it doesn’t mean they are afraid of trouble!

Of course, there are some people wondering, even if Dragon Race is not afraid of things, is it necessary to fight Celestial Court?

Be aware that Celestial Court is deep and unmeasurable, even if it is Dragon Race, it is not necessarily Celestial Court’s opponent.

In the end, it is very likely that both sides suffer and even the entire Dragon Race will be destroyed!

However, for Dragon Race, it is normal to have a battle with Celestial Court this time!

Just because, Ancestral Dragon is a kind of belief and a will for the entire Dragon Race!

The entire Dragon Race can be wronged, but Ancestral Dragon can’t!

“I waited too much. I only gave him a face, but didn’t give him enough strength.” The old dragon sighed.

And this time, he wants to tell Dragon Dade, and also tell the whole world that Dragon Race Ancestral Dragon is the deck and faith of the entire Dragon Race. No one is insulted!

Half a day later, someone saw a lot of Monster Race powerhouses, walking along with the Void, descending into the southern Star Domain.

On this day, Celestial Court also sent out many powerhouses, and even many Transcenders, and started a fierce battle with Dragon Race and various Monster Races!

This battle was covered up by the powerhouse with Great Divine Ability, and it was simply difficult for outsiders to see the battle.

And this battle didn’t last long, only lasted ten days.

Ten days later, the fog on the battlefield disappeared, and many people were watching from a distance. When they saw the picture of the battlefield after the war, many people were moved!

On the battlefield, there are hundreds of Dragon Race corpses resembling a mountain, many of them King level, and even a True Dragon of Transcender level has fallen!

As for other Monster Race powerhouses, the casualties are not less than 1,000!

And for these monster races that died in battle, each is a great power, and the worst cultivation base is the emperor!

Everyone is really unimaginable, how fierce this battle is, how many Young Emperor Kings have died, and how many Transcenders have fallen! ?

“Dragon Race is defeated? Most of the corpses here are Dragon Race and other Monster Races. The corpses of Celestial Court are not seen!”

“As expected of Celestial Court, by the strength of oneself, hard to shake the Monster Race crowd!”


Many people are amazed, and they are more and more afraid of Celestial Court.

However, only half a day later, Celestial Court declared that the world must make peace with Dragon Race!

“What!? Make peace!?”

“Dead that many Monster Race and Dragon Race powerhouses, Celestial Court is not dead, why ask for peace!?”

“This…what’s going on?”

Many people are surprised that the corpses of Celestial Court are rarely seen in the battlefield. , Most of them are Monster Race and Dragon Race!

In theory, this battle is Celestial Court gained the upper hand!

However, Celestial Court was the first to speak for peace!

“From ancient times to the present, even when the Ancient Celestial Court and the ancient land were still there, my Dragon Race still has no fear of everything!”

“as time goes by, the vicissitudes of life are not there, And waiting for the trifling Celestial Court, I want to humiliate my Dragon Race crowd!? Today, the matter of peace, don’t talk about it!”


On this day, Dragon Race’s The old dragon manifested itself, and a true dragon body that spanned half of the Star Domain manifested!

The dragon scales on his body have grown out, and his body is majestic with blood energy, especially in his eyes, it seems to hug all things in the world, and even Grand Dao Law!

He is like a world, lying in the southern Star Domain, wherever he passes, the stars shake and the Milky Way breaks!

And under his feet, there are eight Transcender bodies!

And these eight Transcender corpses, don’t have to think about it, they must all belong to Celestial Court!

At this moment, everyone reacted. Although Dragon Race and Monster Race suffered heavy losses in this battle, few Transcender died!

As for Celestial Court, eight Transcenders died in World War I!

And, looking at the look and posture of this old dragon, these eight Transcenders should have been killed by him!

“This old dragon…is it the foundation of Dragon Race!? Strength of 1 Dragon, suppress and kill eight Transcenders!? What level has his cultivation base reached!?”

“Half a step to become an immortal!? Or is it…really about to become an immortal!?”

The senior leaders of Great Influence felt cold, They are not sure whether there are immortals in the world.

However, they can all see that the strength of this old dragon is a bit wrong, too terrifying, far beyond the ordinary Transcender!

“My Celestial Court is not willing to fight again. As long as you set a condition for Dragon Race, my Celestial Court can compensate for the loss of Dragon Race.”

On this day, someone saw a whole body The man shrouded in white mist came to Lao Long’s body.

He is very calm, his expression does not fluctuate, even his feelings are like stagnant water, dead silent!

He is like a dust in front of the old dragon, and he is too small for the old dragon’s body that spans half of the Star Domain!

But everyone knows that at this moment, those who dare to stand in front of the old dragon are definitely not ordinary people!

“From now on, the Celestial Court people will retreat three feet and bow down wherever my clan will go!”

Lao Long made a condition not to allow Celestial Court to compensate What Dragon Race? Just let them respect Dragon Race!

However, this is too difficult for Celestial Court to do!

If it is to compensate Dragon Race for some treasures, even some divine medicine, or even immortal medicine, Celestial Court may be able to give it!

However, Laolong’s condition is undoubtedly stepping on the face of Celestial Court!

How powerful Celestial Court is. Although this time is the first to speak for peace, it does not mean that they are really afraid of Dragon Race!

“Dragon Race is strong, but this world, it is not your Dragon Race can be the master.” The voice of the man covered in white mist changed, it became gloomy and cold, and with killing intent!

The old dragon is fearless. As a Dragon Race patriarch, he commanded several Monster Races. He has experienced baptism over time, he has never seen anything! ?

For him, when Ancient Celestial Court was still there, he dared not treat Dragon Race like that!

“Since you disagree, then fight!”

At this moment, Lao Long had nothing to say, and under an angry shout, he actually acted directly at the man under the white mist Up!

The old dragon shot very cruel, opened his mouth, and swallowed the man directly!

However, after a few breaths, the man tore Laolong’s stomach, rushed out of his within the body, dragged half of the Fleshy body and escaped here!

“His…Is this old dragon really that strong? Almost swallowed the opponent in one bite!”

“The man in Celestial Court shouldn’t be weak, and he can escape… …”

“Here is a good show. Celestial Court has just been born and confronted Dragon Race. Maybe… this time Celestial Court is going to be planted!”


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