I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1252

Dragon Race refused to give up, and Celestial Court did not agree to the conditions. As a result, the matter was completely upset.

Dragon Race and Celestial Court can be regarded as thoroughly put aside all considerations of face.

But the following days, the world was very surprised, because Dragon Race no longer shot Celestial Court, and Celestial Court seems to have disappeared, not seeing the people of Celestial Court.

A battle that was going to be desperate, suddenly stopped.

However, many people know that with the background of Dragon Race and Celestial Court and their style of doing things, this matter is impossible to end!

Perhaps, this is the calm that’s all before rainstorm comes.

And during this period of time, Jiang Chen, who left the ancestral land of Dragon Race, was not idle either.

He alone, came to the southern Star Domain!

The southern Star Domain is very big, with countless stars and complex world. From other Star Domains, the starlight of the southern Star Domain is very bright, illuminating this dark and cold universe.

In a remote Small World to the west of the southern Star Domain…

“I really don’t understand why we are here. We Celestial Court can still be afraid of Dragon Race?”

“Trifling Dragon Race that’s all, except for the old dragon, the others are not on the tabletop.”


A verdant hills And limpid water, outside a Cave Mansion, a group of youngsters surrounded.

Some people are cultivation, and some people are discussing recent events.

From what these youngsters said, we can know that they are all dísciple of Celestial Court!

These youngsters, the cultivation base are all out of the ordinary, some have reached the emperor, and some are in the gods’ cultivation base.

There are even a few, the breath that exudes, vaguely with a hint of transcendence.

All of them are showing off talent, and they have extraordinary meanings in their conversation.

Obviously, these youngsters are all Peak-level dísciples in Celestial Court.

At this moment, they are very depressed, why Celestial Court wants them to come to this remote world.

Could it be that you are afraid of Dragon Race?

“en? Who!?”

When everyone was discussing, a cultivation base reached the emperor’s youngster expression and looked towards an ancient tree not far away. , The cold glow flashes in my eyes!

He felt someone peeping at them!

“tsk tsk tsk, worthy of the Peak dísciple of Celestial Court, so keenly aware.”

At this moment, I saw one wearing Bai Yi, with long hair casually split across his shoulders. The young man walked out from behind the old tree.

He has a smile on his face, but this smile gives people a cold feeling!

Especially in his eyes, with endless and violent killing intent!


“You are so bold, dare to trespass into the world of my Celestial Court!?”


A group of youngster stood up, staring at the boy one by one, and one of them even raised his hand and moved towards the boy!

“Celestial Court’s dísciple, so majestic.” This young man lightly said with a smile, letting that palm hit him, but it was completely motionless, and even his shirt was never broken.

At the same time, after the voice fell, this Cave Mansion all around, a Formation rose, and everyone was locked up!

“I’ve heard something. Some time ago Celestial Court chased and killed a man named Long Song, and Celestial Court’s dísciple also took a big shot and killed several of his subordinates.” This boy He narrowed his eyes and asked: “You…those who made the move, are you?”

“You are talking about the person who claims to be Changan Old Ancestor? Huh, a trash that’s all, and delusional It’s really act recklessly to dominate the Southern Star Domain!”

“What about me waiting for the shot? Since he is an enemy of the Celestial Court, what’s wrong with me waiting for the shot?”


Several youngsters look aloof, some of them even more contemptuously, with their hands dancing in front of them to break the Formation.

In this regard, the young man laughed, nodded and said: “Yes, what you said is correct, since it is an enemy, then there is nothing wrong with me.”



When the voice fell, I saw the young man suddenly thrust out like a tiger!

Behind him, the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow manifested together, and the sound of dragon’s cry tiger’s roar broke out, and the void around him was shattered under the dragon’s cry tiger’s roar!

His speed is extremely fast, before everyone else reacted, he came to one person.

After that, fists up and down, directly smashing the youngster’s fleshy body!

After that, the youngster swept out with a palm and wiped out the youngster’s soul!

“Do you really dare to do it!?”

“Who are you!?”


At this moment, Everyone was shocked, and even more chilled!

Because they can see clearly, this teenager’s cultivation base is only Divine King that’s all!

And a Divine King, just now, it is very easy to suppress and kill a god!

“Jiang Chen.”

This young man finally revealed his identity, it is Jiang Chen!

However, these Celestial Court dísciple do not know Jiang Chen, after all, they rarely walk in the world, most of the time, they are secluded cultivation.

“Never heard of it!”

“Boy, don’t you look at what this place is, I’m waiting for an emperor!”

“One Divine King, how strong is the battle strength!? You can still shake the sky or not!? Today, let you die!”


Several emperors immediately stood up , And even more moved towards Jiang Chen between words!

In this regard, Jiang Chen smiled contemptuously. For these emperors, he really didn’t take seriously!

next moment, I saw Jiang Chen wave a big hand, and another Formation rose under the ground!

This is a big Killing Formation!

At the moment when Killing Formation rises, this place seems to be torn apart, whether it is time or space, it is all turned into powder in Killing Formation!

Even the emperors who took them fell on the spot in this Killing Formation, and there was not even a trace of residual ash left!

“Are you prepared!?”

“Hurry up! Otherwise you can’t bear the anger of Celestial Court!”



The remaining people were terrified. Even the emperor could hardly survive in the Killing Formation, even more how it was them.

However, Jiang Chen remained silent and urged Formation, blade light and sword shadows fell in pieces, like mowing grass, harvesting the lives of these people!

Until more than ten breaths later, the Cave Mansion was transformed into nothingness inside and outside, and no Celestial Court dísciple survived!

“I call myself Celestial Court, I really think I can be the lord of the world and take the lives of others?” Jiang Chen coldly snorted, glanced at the cave mansion that turned into nothingness, and turned around and left.

In these days, Jiang Chen has inquired from various sources and even went to the “black market” to find clues about Celestial Court.

Finally, today he found this place and killed the Celestial Court dísciple here!

Of course, Jiang Chen didn’t kill indiscriminately, but he had already inquired clearly that the Celestial Court dísciple who stayed here had done something to Nian Changge and his subordinates!

“Oh…I don’t know what to do on the black market.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen doesn’t care if Celestial Court will come to him for revenge, but hesitates the black market. What should I explain over there?

Be aware that the news that Jiang Chen got from the black market was all bought with money!

Even, he exhausted all his financial resources to find out the news, and…not enough!

He still owes a lot of money to the black market!

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