I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1253

The Celestial Court is so powerful that few forces in the world can compete with it.

If you want to get some confidential information from Celestial Court, you have to pay a great price!

After all, no one wants to provoke Celestial Court. If Celestial Court’s confidential information is leaked, once Celestial Court knows it, it is tantamount to provoke killing.

Therefore, anyone who provides confidential information from Celestial Court will pay a high price!

Even wealthy people like Jiang Chen went bankrupt because of a news about Celestial Court.

Even, still owes money to the black market!

Jiang Chen, he has always been a rascal. It is normal for him to owe money.

However, this time, Jiang Chen dare not owe money to the black market!

Just because the black market is too complicated and the water is too deep, there are who are there!

Sometimes, when you meet a little child in the black market, it may be caused by the Old Ancestor of a certain Peak force!

Since ancient times, no one has dared to mess around in the black market, let alone owe money in the black market!

And this time, Jiang Chen owes a large sum of money to the black market. In a hundred years, Jiang Chen is the first one!

“If the money in the black market is not returned, I am afraid my life will be gone.” Jiang Chen muttered, leaving this World, moved towards an ancient world in the southern Star Domain and flew away.

This World is called Dark Sky, and the black market is in this World. It is very hidden. Even the creatures in the Dark Sky native seldom know the existence of the black market.

Jiang Chen learned of the black market only by accident.

Half a day later, Jiang Chen entered the dark world, passed a small Inn, and entered an Earth Palace.

Earth Palace is not big, only the size of a basketball court, but it is such a small place underground, but it is the most chaotic and muddy place in the entire Great Thousand Worlds-the black market!

After Jiang Chen entered the black market, he changed his face, changed his clothes, and used Myriad Transformations Tianzhan and Primal Chaos Qi to change his breath.

At this moment, he is like a skinny old man, with white hair, hunched over his body, looking old and aging, half of his foot is about to step into the loess.

And this image is the first time Jiang Chen entered the black market.

“You finally came, owed that many money, and thought you ran away!”

At this moment, a fat-eared fatty saw Jiang Chen, I ran over in a hurry, with a killing intent in my eyes, said solemnly: “Where is the money?”

“There is no money for the time being, so come over and discuss with you. Can the remaining balance be delayed?” Jiang Chen coughed a few times, which really made people feel like an old man.

However, this fatty is not good to be deceived. He stared at Jiang Chen with bright eyes, and said, “Come on, although you can’t see through your true face, your breath of time cannot be changed. You won’t be a hundred years old if you live!”

“In the black market…even if you know the identity of the other party, you can’t tell it clearly, right?” Jiang Chen jokingly patted the fatty shoulder and said: ” At the beginning, you came to this transaction yourself, and I told you in advance that the money is not enough.”

“Now, you don’t want me to slow down, then… do you want me Pay for my life? What use is my life for you?”

Hearing this, this fatty’s face is even more ugly.

If he hadn’t received a deal in the black market for a long time, how could he have done Jiang Chen’s credit sale!

“Then you said, what should I do about this? The black market has the rules of the black market. If you owe money, you have to pay it back. When the time comes, even if I don’t ask you, several giants in the black market will ask you Yes, after all, for every transaction, the black market giants will draw a large sum of money! Now, that sum of money has not been paid to the black market giants!” Fatty wiped the sweat from his forehead.

He has been in the black market for a long time, and he dare not offend the giants of the black market!

Now, if Jiang Chen can’t come up with the money, he will have to pay for the money!

However, Fatty doesn’t have so much money to cover it!

“You go to discuss with a few giants on the black market, give me ten days, ten days later, I will pay for both principal and interest!” Jiang Chen expression straightened, and said: “Don’t worry, I am Jiang Aotian Old Ancestor always speaks for it!”

“Go to your sister Jiang Aotian, I know you are disguised, but your name…can you change it for a snack!? What’s this name?” fatty rolled the eyes, how about Aotian? What about Old Ancestor?

I’m not old, but I’m pretty deep.

“Wait, I will go to discuss with the black market giants, if the negotiation is not good… Then I won’t hold on to you, when the time comes, I will find you a cemetery at most. Buried you.” Fatty said.

After that, fatty left in a hurry. He was really worried that the black market giants would be blamed.

After fatty left, Jiang Chen was not idle either, touched his space ring, there was a little rare treasure left in it.

He feels that he is out of money anyway, and this last bit of rare treasure is simply used!

As the saying goes, flowers are clean and live freely!

“Qianjin asks for news about the Head Disciple of Celestial Court!”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen stood in a corner of the black market with a small wooden token in front of him. What I want is written on the wooden token.

After only a few breaths, a woman came over, looked Jiang Chen up and down, and asked in a low voice: “Ten thousand first-class natural materials rare treasure.”

“Oh? Can you give me some news?” Jiang Chen asked.

“I know where the Celestial Court has a foundation level dísciple.” The woman said.

“Really? Then tell me first.” Jiang Chen patted his chest and said: “Don’t worry, you have money!”

In the black market, almost no one dares To deceive, let alone cheating blatantly.

Because this woman knew about this, she didn’t think much about it. She secretly sounded the transmission and told Jiang Chen the whereabouts of the Celestial Court dísciple.

After she finished speaking, she looked at Jiang Chen blankly, and saw that Jiang Chen took out a piece of paper from her arms.

After the woman took this piece of paper, her face turned black instantly!

Because, what is so special is…a promissory note!

“You! Do you know where this is!?” The woman was so angry that she rolled her eyes!

She has seen horizontal, but never seen Jiang Chen so horizontal!

Dare to play promissory note on the black market! ? You are really a show!

In the last ages, you are still the first one!

“Don’t worry, I’m Jiang Aotian Old Ancestor, everyone knows that this promissory note is always valid!” Jiang Chen said resolutely.

“I’ve abandoned you!” The woman roared, as if she was blown up with anger, and her voice became male when she spoke!

“Oh? A man!? You are more disfigured, a man disfigured into a woman!” Jiang Chen was stunned, and then saw that “woman” moved towards Jiang Chen with a palm down!



In an instant, Transcender’s imposing manner broke out, and the whole black market was alarmed in an instant!

“Stop it!”

But before this palm fell, the fatty suddenly rushed over and shook the “woman”‘s palm open, then shouted angrily: ” What about you are courting death!? If he dies, you will pay the debt he owes the black market giant!?”

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