I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1254

No one knows how strong the black market giants are, just because they are too mysterious!

Some people have speculated that the black market giants are most likely from the world’s most peak sect!

Even if Transcender is here, I dare not impudent at will!

At this moment, the creature disguised as a woman shivered as soon as he heard what fatty said, and looked at Jiang Chen with a surprised look, and asked: “You still dare to owe money to the black market giants? “

“If you owe it, what’s the matter?” Jiang Chen serene said, and at the same time pointed to the hand of the man disguised as a woman, and said, “I still owe it to you.” , Owe everyone the same.”

“Don’t talk, the third giant on the black market called you over.” Fatty said solemnly, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, and said: “Wait, don’t talk nonsense! Annoyed the Big Three in the black market, you just wait to die!”

“Yes, I will not talk nonsense.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

At the same time, the creature disguised as a woman directly tore off the promissory note, glared at Jiang Chen, and left immediately.

He thinks very clearly. Jiang Chen hasn’t even paid the money from the black market giants. How can I pay him back?

This promissory note, don’t worry, it’s just a message anyway.

“In this era, my promissory note doesn’t work anymore?” Jiang Chen whispered, thinking that he was in Atheus Continent, or in Nine Heavens God World, his promissory note…cough cough… At least it works.

“Perhaps I have changed my face, otherwise, as my identity…promissory note will not work?” Jiang Chen is self-comforted, but he does not know that the money he owed in the Six Realms at the beginning is just Never paid.

After ten breaths…

In a small tea house in the black market, fatty brought Jiang Chen into this place.

This is where the black market giants live, no one dares to make trouble here!

But today… I am afraid it is a little different.

After Jiang Chen entered the small teahouse, he saw a creature shrouded in black mist, sitting in a seat by the window of the teahouse.

Apart from him, there is no one else in this teahouse.

Want to come, this person is the third giant in the black market!

“Hello Fellow Daoist, this seat is Jiang Aotian, known as Aotian Old Ancestor.” Jiang Chen opened his eyes and said nonsense. No one knew his identity anyway.

However, the third giant in the black market is hearing this, and the black fog on his body can not help but rise and fall, and then coldly said: “In front of me, I call myself Old Ancestor…none of them will end well.”


As soon as these words were said, Fatty burst into a cold sweat and turned pale in shock.

He poked Jiang Chen on the shoulder and reminded him: “Speak well!”

“That…just tell me, I will pay the money owed to the black market. But give me ten days.” Jiang Chen said: “After ten days, both principal and interest will be returned to you.”

“Why should I trust you?” The third giant said solemnly: ” Do you know how much money you owe the black market? That’s not a small sum! Can you make it up in ten days?”

“Of course.” Jiang Chen promised, patting his chest: “Ten days, Enough!”

Be aware that Jiang Chen has already thought about it. When he leaves the black market, he will find someone to borrow some, and at the worst, ask Paragon Temple for some!

When the time comes, wouldn’t it be appropriate to return the money from the black market?

However, the black market does not know the identity of Jiang Chen, and will not believe Jiang Chen at this moment.

After all, if Jiang Chen ran away, it would be difficult for them to find him in a short time!

“I think you might as well stay and work on the black market.” The third giant said: “After three years of work, it is considered debt cleared.”

, Jiang Chen’s face suddenly turned black.

He glanced at the third giant, and then at the fatty next to him. In his heart, ten thousand fuck your mother were running past!

Jiang Chen realized at this moment that he has been pitted!

Since the third giant has said this, the meaning is very obvious. The black market is not bad for money, not bad for Jiang Chen’s money!

What they want now is Jiang Chen!

And Jiang Chen is not stupid. After a few breaths, he stared at the third giant in the black market, with his mouth turned up slightly, and jokingly said: “You should know who I am? Right?”

“Little Brat, my mind is clever.” The third giant nodded and said: “Paragon Tiandian dísciple, Jiang Chen, right?”

“Oh, now that you know, you still think about it Force me to stay?” Jiang Chen asked rhetorically.

The black market is strong, but Paragon Temple is not weak!

I really want to make Jiang Chen anxious, and Paragon Temple will not leave him alone!

However, the third giant in the black market is not afraid at all.

He chuckled a few times and said: “It’s not that I look down on the Paragon Temple, but since the establishment of this black market, no matter who it is, no matter which force it is, dare not come here to go wild!”


“The rules here, such as the Grand Dao Law order, no one dare to break!”

After all, the third giant in the black market suddenly got up, and an extremely violent breath emerged. !

Under this breath, Jiang Chen trembled all over, and his face turned pale!

Even, an oppression originating from the soul appeared!

This shocked Jiang Chen. You must know that he never felt this way when facing Transcender!

“I’m just the third giant in the black market. If you have seen my two big brothers, you will understand the power of my black market.” The third giant quickly put away this share The breath seemed to be worried that Jiang Chen could not bear it.

And Jiang Chen is very quiet at the moment and very obedient.

With a slight smile on his face, he looked towards the third giant, and asked facelessly: “I work in the black market, so am I a person in the black market?”

“En? What do you mean?” The third giant asked in a daze.

“If someone wants to kill me, the black market can’t ignore me, right?” Jiang Chen joked.

As soon as these words came out, the black mist on the third giant was ups and downs, and seemed very upset at what Jiang Chen said!

Immediately, he pointed to the outside of the teahouse and said: “Who dares to come to the black market to kill people!? Even Celestial Court dare not!”


However, as soon as this was finished, a loud noise suddenly came from the entrance of the black market!

Immediately afterwards, a childlike Elderly rushed into the black market.

As soon as he came here, he lifted a decree into the air, and said coldly: “The black market sold my Celestial Court news, causing my Celestial Court to lose a lot of Peak dísciple. This matter… You can come to the black market and give an explanation!”

After all, without waiting for everyone’s reaction, the childlike Elderly spoke again and said: “My Celestial Court’s methods are not what you people in the black market can think of. Yes! Today, the black market not only wants to give me a statement from Celestial Court, but also to hand over Jiang Chen!”

As soon as this word came out, Jiang Chen, who was standing in the small teahouse, expression changed, his heart became even more tense. Up.

He knew that Celestial Court must have used some means, and he learned that it was he who killed the dísciple of Celestial Court!

“That…I am willing to work for the black market! From now on, I am a member of the black market!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen has no morals at all, and even hides Behind the third giant, teased: “Boss, you said the Celestial Court didn’t dare to come a second ago, and as a result… he came. It seems that in the eyes of Celestial Court, the black market is nothing!”

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