I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1255

Facts? face?

Heh, in the face of life and death, what are these! ?

After Jiang Chen is reborn, he can live to the present, not all of his strength, mainly shameless and unscrupulous!

Now, the third tycoon in the black market is a little confused. He didn’t expect Jiang Chen to be such a person!

“Only you? How did Paragon’s Temple like you?” The third giant asked in confusion.

“Boss, this is not the time to ask this question!” Jiang Chen was a little anxious, because the Elderly of Celestial Court had moved towards here!

Wherever he passed, people turned their backs, even the emperor could hardly stand!

He is very strong and calm. When his gaze passes by everyone, he looks like an ant in seconds!

The horror of the imposing manner on his body is not weaker than Hongyun!

“hmph, Celestial Court has not been born for a long time. It seems that I don’t know who is in charge of the Great Thousand Worlds now!” The third giant in the black market lightly said, a hint of contempt flashed in his eyes.

However, when he said that, he didn’t do anything.

“Big brother, won’t you take action? I am a black market worker now! If I die, I won’t be able to pay off the money I owe the black market!” Jiang Chen was sweating and he could feel Elderly’s killing intent to him at Celestial Court was too terrifying!

“Need me to take action?” The third giant curled his lips, waved his hand, and said to the fatty, “What are you doing? Go and greet the guests.”

“Yes Yes, I’m going now.” This fatty wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and the expression was quite strange.

After that, I saw this fatty walk out of the small tea house and came to the front of Celestial Court Elderly.

I didn’t see him doing it either, it seemed to sound transmission secretly.

After a few breaths, this Elderly expression from Celestial Court suddenly changed, and there was shock and fear in his eyes!

He saluted the fatty and left directly!

Besides, before leaving, he also put down a lot of rare treasures, which is regarded as an apology to the black market!

This scene really shocked Jiang Chen!

What the hell! ?

When I came here, I was so strong, my tone was bigger than athlete’s foot, and the result… Before I started, I was scared away by the fatty! ?

This fatty is very strong? In other words, the true identity of this fatty is very scary! ?

“The youngster nowadays is really irritable. Even the black market dared to go wild.”

After a few breaths, this fatty came back, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and faced the The Big Three bowed their hands and said: “Big brother, it’s been solved.”

“It’s solved? Destroy my black market building, trespass my black market site, and dare to speak wildly, leaving such a little sky. The rare treasure is over?” A killing intent burst out of the third giant!

And this killing intent turned out to be aimed at the fatty!

Puff! !

At this moment, Fatty’s face turned pale. As a Transcender, he actually knelt down on the spot!

I saw him constantly kowtow, begging for mercy: “Boss, it’s my fault! Celestial Court bought news about the black market from me, and also bought news about Jiang Chen.”

“hmph! Don’t think I don’t know what you did behind your back! The next time, let alone you, even the forces behind you will be annihilated!” The third giant coldly said.

And Jiang Chen was surprised at the side!

He didn’t expect, the black market is so chaotic!

At the beginning, the person who sold the news to Jiang Chen Celestial Court was this fatty!

But who would have thought that this fatty would sell Jiang Chen after changing hands! Even sold on the black market!

Good guy, you are such a business man!

“I’m a worker, I can’t compare with you a businessman.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“You have to work in the black market for three years. Now let you go back, take care of the funeral, and come back in ten days.” The third giant handed a token to Jiang Chen, saying: ” With this token, all major black market branches of Great Thousand Worlds can enter at will.”

“This… take care of the funeral? I work in the black market, is it possible that there is mortal danger?” Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment. How did it feel that the third giant said something strange.

“Do you think it is easy to work in the black market?” The third giant said angrily: “Maybe you will die someday.”

After all, the third giant He waved his hand and said: “Let’s go quickly, don’t waste time!”

“Good…” Jiang Chen didn’t dare to say more. After nodded, he moved towards the black market and walked outside.

As he walked to the exit of the black market, Jiang Chen glanced at the token in his hand, which read the five characters “the strongest wage earner”!

“Good fellow! Think of me as a wage earner!?” Jiang Chen’s face turned dark, and of course he was unhappy.

But what if you are unhappy? He didn’t dare to go against the black market!

Finally, Jiang Chen passed the Transmission Array and drove one after another, and returned to Heavenspan Garden a day later.

After returning, Jiang Chen found Hongyun and asked about the black market.

Hongyun’s expression is very serious and warned Jiang Chen that he would rather provoke Celestial Court than provoke the black market!

Just because the black market forces are too complicated, you provoke the black market, it is very likely that you provoke several Peak forces at once!

According to rumors, the Three Great Giants on the black market are all Old Monsters who have lived for countless years!

Their cultivation base, deep and unmeasurable, it is said that the strength of the No. 1 giant in the black market is only the thickness of a piece of paper from becoming a fairy!

“That…it’s too late to say anything now.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, and gave Hongyun a look at the token of the strongest wage earner, and said: “I am now provoking the black market. It’s.”


When Hongyun saw this token, his expression couldn’t help but congeal, his face was pitch-black as ink, and a trace of anger flashed in his eyes !

He stared at Jiang Chen. After a few breaths, he let out a long sigh, and said: “You have been scammed by the black market!”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Chen asked .

“Perhaps the black market will provide you with news, and the Elderly of Celestial Court will be arranged by the black market.” Hongyun said solemnly: “The black market did this to let you join the black market! They… …This is robbing people in Paragon and I!”

“Ah? Am I so popular?” Jiang Chen was stunned, secretly thought with the strength of the black market, just open a mouth, Jiang Chen Without even thinking about it, of course they will join the black market.

So, why bother to plot against him in the black market?

“The person who holds the strongest wage earner token belongs directly to Three Great Giants, and other high-level black market leaders will treat you with three points when they see you! You think this is the strongest wage earner. The token is very general? Actually, the weight of this token makes even Transcender a headache!” Hongyun’s face became darker and darker, and he said dullly: “It’s really didn’t expect. The black market will even grab my Paragon Temple. People!”

“By the way…Am I really that popular?” Jiang Chen asked with a smug look.

“What did you say?” Hongyun said grimly: “The ninth reincarnation, the return of the tenth, anyone who knows your past wants to take a bet on you in this life! By the way, don’t say this world, even Great Thousand Worlds are theirs!”

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