I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1256

Few people know about Jiang Chen, but it doesn’t mean no one knows!

Those who have lived for countless years, have witnessed the great turmoil, and have seen the ancient cultivator in the great darkness!

Some people firmly believe that Jiang Chen can return for the tenth generation, and others think that this is impossible. After all, in the tenth reincarnation, if there is an accident, there will be no such person!

Those who believe in the return of the tenth generation, once they learn that Jiang Chen is still alive and have reached the tenth generation, they will make two choices!

One is to help Jiang Chen and take a gamble on Jiang Chen, betting that he can return for ten generations and rule the world!

The other is to kill Jiang Chen, lest Jiang Chen return!

The Paragon Temple and the Black Market are the former!

They firmly believe that Jiang Chen will return, and they are willing to gamble on Jiang Chen!

However, compared to Paragon Temple, the black market will not help Jiang Chen unconditionally!

At least before Jiang Chen comes back, they have to make Jiang Chen give something!

When the time comes, even if Jiang Chen dies, he has paid, and the black market will not lose!

“The water in the black market is very deep…” Hongyun has a weird expression. Looking at the “strongest wage earner” token in Jiang Chen’s hand, the corner of his mouth is also chuckle.

He is wondering, this time plot against Jiang Chen in the black market, whether the Paragon Temple is also included in the plot against! ?

Or…this time the plot against the black market, Paragon Temple also intervened! ?

You must know that the forces of the black market are too complicated. No one knows which forces the top leaders of the black market come from, and no one knows the true identities of the three giants in the black market!

Hongyun is thinking now, is it possible that one of the Three Great Giants in the black market is from Paragon Temple?

If this is the case, then… the water in the black market is deep and unmeasurable!

“Then what should I do now?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Listen to the destiny.” Hongyun helplessly said: “On the black market, my Paragon Temple really doesn’t want to intervene. Unless you reach the time of life and death, otherwise… the black market won’t do it to you, I Paragon The Temple of Heaven does not want to provoke the black market.”

“The Temple of Paragon is afraid of the black market?” Jiang Chen questioned.

Although Jiang Chen doesn’t know how deep the Paragon Temple is, he is sure that Paragon Temple is not afraid of Celestial Court and should not be afraid of the black market!

“It’s not a question of fear, but it’s too deeply involved.” Hongyun sighed: “This World is so complicated. It is because it is so complicated that it is called Great Thousand Worlds.”

After all, Hongyun frowned, as if thinking of something, couldn’t help asking: “When are you going to burial at Daqian Mine? The Holy Heaven has come to urge it several times.”

“Go today!” Jiang Chen lightly said: “After going to the Daqian mine, I went back to the black market to work…”

Rather than waiting for Hongyun to speak, Jiang Chen asked: “I can Do you want to take Pingba with you?”

“This is your right, you can take anyone there.” Hongyun said.

Jiang Chen wanted to take the three great virtues with him, but now the three great virtues don’t know where they went, and they won’t be able to find them for a while.

And Heihachi has always been in Heavenspan Court. Although it is not an Official Disciple, it can be found at least.

At the beginning, the Pingtian clan made too many sacrifices for the Six Realms. As a person of the Six Realms, as long as the conscience is not clear, they will not care about Pingba!

Finally, Jiang Chen took Pingba, and under the escort of Hongyun, came to the burial of Daqian Mine!

The so-called Daqian mine burial is actually an interstellar ruin.

This place does not belong to any world, it is an area composed of endless meteorite fragments and star fragments!

It’s just that, looked towards here from a distance, the entire Daqian Mine seems to be buried in an endless abyss, it’s pitch black, and no light is visible!

It seems that this place can swallow everything, not even light can escape!

At this moment, Jiang Chen, Heihachi, and Hongyun are standing outside the burial of the Daqian mine, with the Holy Emperor Lord and the Sanfeng of the Holy Heaven Dynasty next to them.

On the other side, there are many sect people here.

After all, entering Daqian mine burial is not a trivial matter, everyone wants a piece of the pie!

“Jiang Chen, as long as you are willing to take my people in, you can mention the conditions!” A Great Family Elder from the Western Star Domain said.

The outside world is rumoring that immortal medicine was buried in Daqian Mine, so many family forces want to go in!

“Little friend Jiang Chen, as long as you are willing to take one of my people in, these three divine medicines will be given to you!”

“I am willing to pay a big price, as long as My little friend, make a request!”


At this moment, all Great Family, sect, and powerful figures of the Great Family, sect, and power have spoken one after another. Behind the fortress!

“Everyone, a bowl of soup is not enough that many people drink, even more how… It doesn’t matter whether this bowl of soup is broth or poisonous soup.” Jiang Chen lightly said, the corner of the eye could not help. looked towards the Holy Emperor!

In the previous battle of Star Domain Academy, Jiang Chen had a feeling that this big thousand mine burial is not simple, maybe it is a game!

But Jiang Chen has no evidence!

“Little friend Jiang Chen, are you refusing to wait?”

“I know you are now the dísciple of Paragon Temple, but… Paragon Temple It’s not invincible.”

When everyone saw that the back of the plug couldn’t do it, then they simply started to threaten!

As for threats, Jiang Chen is really not afraid now!

“Your words…Can I think that I am provoking my Paragon Temple?” Hongyun said immediately, his body melted into the avenue, giving people a feeling of impermanence.

At the same time, the breath on his body radiated, and a suffocating imposing manner emerged!

There are also a few Transcenders all around. At this moment, after feeling the imposing manner emitted by Hongyun, their body instantly tightens, and there is even more shock and fear in their eyes!

The same Transcender, they know how terrifying Hongyun’s imposing manner is!

“My Celestial Court also wants to enter the burial of Daqian.”

Suddenly, a white mist rushed in the distance, and within a few breaths, it turned into a childish Elderly with crane hair.

He has a Dao Child by his side, about the same age as Jiang Chen, and he is looking up and down at Jiang Chen with a hint of contempt in his eyes.

“Oh? Is it you?”

Jiang Chen’s face turned black when he saw the old man with a childlike face.

Isn’t this old fellow the one who was frightened by the fatty in the black market?

Didn’t expect, this guy was so arrogant in front of outsiders in a blink of an eye.

But after thinking about it carefully, Celestial Court has just been born now and has a great reputation. There are really few forces that dare to compete with Celestial Court!

“old fogey, who was scared away in the black market before, now he came out to dominate?”

Jiang Chen was not polite to him, not only teasing, but also deliberately revealing Scars!

The identity and strength of this Elderly are there, and it is natural that Jiang Chen cannot tolerate Jiang Chen to say that!

For a moment, his imposing manner exploded, like a Great Desolate ominous beast awakening!

He moved towards Jiang Chen and saw that Grand Dao Law condensed in his eyes, as if he wanted to do something against Jiang Chen!

But, at this moment, Jiang Chen waved his hand from his waist, and a token fell to the ground. At the same time, Jiang Chen seemed to be surprised and exclaimed: “Ah, this token Why did it drop?”

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