I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1257

Everyone can tell, Jiang Chen, this is intentional!

However, everyone didn’t expect. What is the use of dropping a token at this time?

However, when everyone saw the words on the token, the expression of a group of people suddenly changed!

Even Elderly from Celestial Court hurriedly took her hand!

He stared suspiciously at the token at Jiang Chen’s feet. The words “The Strongest Worker” were written on it!

“You…have entered the black market?” Celestial Court Elderly was surprised. When looking towards Jiang Chen, there was a sense of fear in his eyes!

It’s not just him. After seeing the token, the other people’s expressions have become weird. There are also fears and fears, and even more people look confused.

At this moment, Jiang Chen slowly picked up the token on the ground, and said with a melancholy expression: “Oh…no way, I owe a large sum of money to the black market. I’m working on the black market.”

As soon as this was said, everyone’s expression became even more weird!

Are you acting like a force?

To know this token, how many people dream of wanting to get it!

“Everyone, I won’t accompany you.” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile, and then greeted Heihachi to enter the Daqian mine burial.

But, at this moment, the Emperor Shengtian stepped forward and suddenly stopped in front of Jiang Chen, pointing to Pingba, coldly said: “The burial of the Great Thousand Worlds belongs to me, he What qualifications does this creature from the six realms have to enter?”

“My Holy Emperor Dynasty is in charge of the burial of Daqian, I don’t agree to this matter!”

Hearing this, it doesn’t matter. Jiang Chen spoke, Pingba sighed, as if afraid Jiang Chen would be embarrassed, and sighed softly: “Forget it, I won’t go in.”

“If I let you in, you can enter.” Jiang Chen He patted Pingba’s shoulders, and his eyes condensed, looking towards the Emperor Shengtian, coldly said: “What? Do you have an opinion?”

“Naturally have an opinion!” The Emperor Shengtian’s attitude is very tough, pointing Holding Pingba’s nose, he said: “The burial of Daqian mine belongs to my Great Thousand Worlds, and the contents in it belong to my Great Thousand Worlds! He, a person from the Six Realms, naturally can’t enter!”

“Then I have to let him in?” Jiang Chen’s face gradually became gloomy, and pointed to himself, saying: “I am from the Six Realms too!”

In fact, many people know Jiang Chen’s identity is indeed from the six realms.

However, Jiang Chen now has that many forces behind him supporting him, and many people will not turn their faces for Jiang Chen’s identity.

It’s just that Jiang Chen said it face-to-face, the meaning is different!

“Since you are also a person from the Six Realms, then…you are not qualified to enter the Great Thousand Mine Burial! This is the rule!” The Holy Heaven Emperor coldly said, eyes open, there was a killing intent. Ups and downs!

This makes Jiang Chen very puzzled. This is obviously different from the Holy Emperor that he met in the Star Domain Academy battle!

At this moment, the Holy Emperor has a very tough attitude, and he has also moved a killing intent against Jiang Chen!

“What are the rules? The rules set by your holy heaven?” Jiang Chen expression condensed, before he finished speaking, Hong Yun had already come to him.

Just because the killing intent of the Holy Emperor is too strong, anyone standing in the distance can sense it!

Hongyun was worried about Jiang Chen, so he walked over and looked towards the Holy Emperor with a look of anger, coldly said: “The Holy Emperor is floating?”

“I Only speak frankly, not a creature of Great Thousand Worlds, can not enter the burial of the Great Thousand Mine!” The Holy Emperor’s attitude is still strong and tough!

This makes all around people also puzzled. Is it secretly thought that the Holy Emperor Dynasty is really so strong? Dare to openly fight Paragon Temple! ?

“Daqian mine burial is not your holy dynasty’s, your holy dynasty’s rules, I won’t recognize it!” Hongyun’s imposing manner surging, eyes open and closed, there seems to be a universe Reverse, the sun and the moon are sad!

He stretched out a finger and pointed it in front of the Holy Emperor, coldly said: “Don’t talk nonsense, if you don’t agree, then call it!”

“Don’t I thought that the Paragon Temple was very strong, and my Holy Heavenly Dynasty could dominate the central Star Domain. Naturally, it made sense!” The Holy Heavenly Lord did not step back, and after the voice fell, the void in the distance suddenly split, and three of them wore dragon robes. The man came out!

The three people soon came to the side of the Emperor Shengtian, but they didn’t speak, they just looked at Hongyun quietly.

The most surprising thing is that the appearance of these three people is exactly the same as that of the Holy Emperor!

“Today, if you want to fight, I will accompany you to the end!” The Holy Emperor squinted his eyes, pointed at the three people around him, and said, “If you force me to merge the three Taoists, Even if the third ancestor of your Paragon Temple is here, it is not necessarily my opponent!”

Everyone was shocked when these words came out, and even Hongyun was stunned for a while, obviously. Scared!

“Is it true that the rumors are true!? The Holy Emperor divided some of his own cultivation base into three Avatars!? If these three Avatars merge with the body, they will return to the Peak state. It’s only a half-step away from becoming immortal!”

“I heard it before and thought it was a rumor. Now it seems…”

” It makes sense to take sole control of the central Star Domain.”

all around, many people are amazed, and even others are speculating, if the Holy Emperor integrates the three ways Behind him, what degree will its cultivation base reach!

Is it really a half-step to become immortal! ?

“The battle of the Star Domain Academy has ended, and the leader has been decided, but now you use this excuse to prevent Jiang Chen from entering the burial of Daqian…” Hongyun lightly said with a look of contempt. : “It seems that the so-called Star Domain Academy battle is just a decoration for the Holy Heaven Dynasty.”

“No matter who wins the first prize, the Holy Heaven Dynasty will not let others Enter the burial of Daqian!”

As soon as these words came out, the emperor of the holy heaven was directly nodded, and raised his eyebrows, with a provocative appearance, and said: “Yes, so what? This burial of Daqian This is my Holy Heaven’s control, why let others in?”

“old fellow, if you don’t let me in, I still want to enter!” Jiang Chen stood behind Hongyun, shouting angrily Out.

As the voice fell, Jiang Chen turned around, took Pingba’s hand, and moved towards Daqian Mine Burial!

“You dare!” The Holy Emperor shouted angrily, stuck out his palm, his palm prints bypassed Hongyun, and went straight to Jiang Chen!



next moment, a burst of noise suddenly came, I saw Jiang Chen next to him, I don’t know when there was an extra quilt A creature shrouded in black mist.

With just a snap of his fingers, he shattered the palm prints of the Holy Emperor, and then an extremely terrifying imposing manner broke out!

“Do you really don’t know what the black market’s part-time job token means?”

The creature shrouded in black mist shouted: “Could it be that I’m the black market Three In the eyes of your Holy Emperor, Great Giants is just a display!”

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